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Benefit from 2012’s Opportunities

{mainvote} Selacia's Message from The Council of 12   The year 2012 will be full of opportunities and options you didn't have before. After all, you are living during the planet's most radical paradigm shift to date. Thi...

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BLUE RAY: 2012 Transcending Linear Time, Higher Frequency Resonances & Ascension Symtoms

{mainvote} 4 January 2012 Channeler: Shekina Rose   The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive, empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of ...

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2012 Predictions

{mainvote} Channeler: Jennifer Hoffman Sunday, 1 January, 2012 (posted 3 January, 2012) As I have done for the past several years, I have released the predictions for 2012. Although I don't like to make predictions, I know that by gi...

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Galactic Federation Of Light Ascended Master El Morya January 3 2012

Galactic Federation Of Light Ascended Master El Morya January 3 2012 http://lightworkers.org/channeling/149899/ascended-master-el-moryas-weekly-message-january-03-january-09-2012 Welcome dear children to a wonderful day and a wonderful new year. A N...

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Thank You Thursday: Being Committed

{mainvote} a message from Hillis Pugh Thursday, 29 December, 2011   Be thankful this day for Being Committed. Being committed is taking a stand for the choices made. The life we live is all by choice, and unfolds through divine pl...

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Always Live Through Your Pure Heart

{mainvote} Message from Archangel Gabriel Channeled by: Julie Miller December 28, 2011 Your divine and life purpose dear ones is progressing at your own pace back to merging once again with God. So far it has been a windy road that seem...

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HEAVEN #4050 Get into Your Truth, December 27, 2011

{mainvote} God said: There is nothing you have to do but to be true to Me. Yet what does this mean, you wonder, and you really aren't sure, not exactly sure or clearly unsure. It means that you are in your Truth, yet what that means ...

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soluntra king Planetary Meditation link up world-wide for Peace. There are many times of the day that have been set aside for meditation and connecting around the planet for Peace. This particular link-up has been going for almost 20 years. As we all ...

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