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Pisces New Moon: March 15, 2010

Channeler:Barbara Hand Clow

see chart:http://www.handclow2012.com/newmoon.htm

It is the New Moon in Pisces, the time to evaluate access to the spiritual worlds. This urge is very intense now because Chiron was conjunct Neptune during the previous New Moon in Aquarius; this released a piercing wave of pain that caused many people to feel profound separation from the divine. After a century of war and scientism and the recent accelerated takeover by technology, the spiritual worlds have mostly been forgotten. However, spiritual contact and communication are the only source of true happiness and joy, the only source of consolation amidst the sadness and pain of life. There is no meaning in life without sharing spirit's joy, so with this Pisces New Moon, we need to awaken just before the Sun blasts into don't-look-back Aries during the Spring Equinox. This New Moon is especially compelling with five planets in Pisces, four of them very close together. Retrograde Saturn in early Libra opposes the group in late Pisces, a hard and unavoidable reminder of how much we need balance now.

During last month's Aquarian cycle, Earth began to vibrate in a new way. This process began during the January 12 Haiti quake a few days before the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. Energy flows intensified during the Aquarian cycle that culminated during the February 28 Full Moon, when Jupiter was conjunct the Sun in Pisces opposing the Full Moon in Virgo. Just before this Jupiterian Full Moon, on February 26, there was a 7.0 quake under the sea south of Japan, and the Canadian, American, and South American west coasts were put under tsunami alerts. On February 27, the Chilean plate released an 8.8 magnitude mega-quake just before the Full Moon, just when Mercury came to Chiron/Neptune in 27 Aquarius. During the Full Moon, the area affected by the 8.8 quake south of Santiago shook and rolled. On March 4, there was another strong quake near Japan as well as a 6.6 quake north of Santiago, which was not an aftershock for the 8.8 quake. On March 5, a 6.5 quake occurred off the coast of Sumatra, and on March 8 there was a pre-dawn 6.1 quake in Eastern Turkey. Rumors abound that the American HAARP project is being used to trigger earthquakes, just when a consortium of doctrinaire geologists put out an announcement that there is no more tectonic activity than usual. [BS!] Whoever or whatever is causing this shaking, our species is on alert.

Wild and chaotic weather was also in the news during the previous lunation: England and France suffered horrible winter storms; the Baltic Sea was choked with ice that trapped ships; the canals in Amsterdam froze and people skated through the city; record setting blizzards shut down the Eastern US and many airports; the island of Madeira suffered catastrophic floods; and three "super waves" on the Mediterranean nearly capsized a cruise boat. Nature is awakening our planet with new waves of energy, which are also stirring up subconscious fears. These great earth changes are awakening our connections to divine levels because our highest levels of emotions are spiritual; we need to be in touch with our souls during these challenging times.

Bringing time acceleration into the discussion, we should not be surprised that earth changes are intensifying right now. Here we are in Night Six of the Galactic Underworld (November 7, 2009, to November 2, 2010). Our current moment corresponds to Night Six of the Regional Underworld (13,800 through 5900 BC), a time of constant cataclysms that peaked in 9500 BC. The real story of the past 100,000 years has been strangely withheld from the public, so these hidden memories are stirring up deep subconscious fears in our minds. [See Catastrophobia, and pages 76-80 of The Mayan Code, by Clow.] Many people are suffering with an unnamed, hideous, inner terror right now, as if they can hear boards creak under the feet of a creepy killer lurking in the basement. But, we are different now, and the current changes offer new things for us to learn. I think we are being prodded to reprioritize how we handle pain, which may finally push our species to realize it is an obscenity to engage in warfare amidst great natural disasters. Casualties and injuries overwhelm medical systems, and whole societies can't even care for their own citizens because the resources go to warfare.

This Pisces New Moon heralds a great spiritual crisis for our species, and the earth changes are a sign of what is coming. The whole Aquarian lunation with Chiron conjunct Neptune ripped open hidden wounds lurking within our denied shadows; many people wonder if they even want to be alive. I seek a new vision for how we can live in joy and trust, as James Cameron did for us in his blockbuster film, Avatar. We must remember our traumatic past in order to remove our quarantine from the rest of the universe.

It is possible to plan how to handle these great changes; and as they build and build, we will. Weak politicians who procrastinate all day waiting for the cocktail hour disgust everyone, now that we are in such dire times. For example, the weather in the northern latitudes may indicate that the warm ocean currents that temper the Eastern US and Western Europe are slowing down and getting ready to stop. Yet, all we hear is that El Niño and/or global warming is the cause, while the new carbon-credit millionaires pocket the sales. These issues are coming up now because: 1) the New Moon chart and Night Six call for our attention to them, and 2) because the most intense reckoning period will be during May/June 2010, the dates that correspond to the peak of the Regional Underworld cataclysms. We've got to keep pushing for ending wars, as well as redirecting energy use and cultivation planning; otherwise, we won't have the energy or resources to handle acts of nature.

It is time to sort out and face the fears you've been feeling. Is fear and terror coming from ancient memories that are awakening in your mind, or is there something you need to pay attention to right now? Find that place in you that demands your right for responsible leadership-instead of putting up with fools and their lame excuses. Keep your attention on what leaders are doing, such as noticing how quickly Obama ran out of influence when he lost his vision. Never forget to ask for divine assistance, divine intervention, even if the leaders have forgotten this. For my part, let's see what the New Moon chart can tell us about what is coming up this month.

The New Moon joining Mercury/Uranus/Sun in an exact stellium in Pisces lifts the veils to the spirit worlds. Last month the New Moon conjoined Chiron/Neptune exposing our inner wounds that block spirit. You now have access codes in your body/mind that can dial up cosmic consciousness. Advanced spiritual agencies can move into your body/mind when the New Moon removes the veils to spirit. This process will be very subtle and probably not registered until an hour after the New Moon; your lower and higher minds will merge when Mercury exactly conjuncts Uranus in Pisces. Then a few hours after Mercury joins Uranus, the Moon comes to Mercury/Uranus, which will awaken you to the merging of your lower and higher minds. The Sun exactly conjuncts Uranus the day after the New Moon, when your whole being will be flooded with these higher vibrations.

The Sun was exactly conjunct Jupiter during the February 28 Full Moon, when the Moon was very close to the Earth. This is could be what set off all the earthquakes. During the Pisces New Moon, Jupiter is in 13 Pisces, sharing the Piscean resonance with the stellium, but Jupiter is not aspected. This suggests we will be processing the damage from the quakes that have already occurred, since Jupiter is so often involved in earthquakes. Meanwhile, Saturn retrograde is in a wide opposition to the stellium. When the Sun makes its exact opposition to Saturn right after the Spring Equinox, structures will crumble but not necessarily because of earth changes. For example, financial structures may be shaken, since we are building up to a July opposition between Saturn in Libra and Uranus in Aries. Saturn opposing the stellium is tense, compacted, and determined. With the world so distressed during Night Six, I have been amazed by leaders who fritter away our money and refuse to change. Well, this New Moon might change that. Saturn squares Pluto, so the need for deep structural change is ongoing.

Mars in Leo went direct on March 10; and during the New Moon, Mars is in favorable aspect to many planets. Mars trines the New Moon/ Mercury/Uranus/Sun stellium in late Pisces, which could mean we are about to see great courage coming forth on the planet. Mars exactly trines the Spring Equinox Sun, which indicates rising courage all spring. Mars was uneasy while it was retrograde in Leo, but now he charges ahead to get the job done. Mars sextiling Saturn in Libra offers patience and a tendency for wise action instead of impetuous foolishness. Mars forms a quincunx to Chiron/Neptune, which fosters the need for spiritual direction. Mars quincunx Pluto in Capricorn favors contentiousness and overt aggression, and this long-lasting aspect (October 2009, and February through April 2010) has not been good for peace making. Venus has moved past a square to Pluto, but the influence is still in play, so women are encouraged to wake up the world.

Overall, this is a tight mystical field of energy, like a shaman working an activated power point for days and days. For me, the piercing of old wounds during the Aquarius lunar phases was almost too much to bear. Perhaps the lifting of the veils during the Pisces New Moon will feel like a welcome relief. The Spring Equinox comes in a few days when the new longer-term field moves in, so tune in for that reading in just a few more days!


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Moving Ahead With New Energy

Channeler: Selacia

Messages from The Council of 12
Transmitted through Selacia on 3/12/10 - March 2010

(A Council of 12 message about changes in energy at the equinox.)

Your human life is like a flower. You exist in a field of energy, surrounded by other flowers and by other living things. You are alive!

You are also changing continuously. You may look similar to other flowers, yet you are also unique. You are a creation of the Divine! There is no separation between you and other living things. There is oneness.

Today, as you go about your day, think of yourself as this beautiful flower. Imagine the oneness and the connection you feel with others who are similar and yet different. Allow yourself to feel your own aliveness.

A Choice to Welcome Change

Make the choice to welcome change, and to allow shifts in energy to be catalysts for your spiritual advancement.

There are energy shifts now on an ongoing basis as the revolutionary paradigm shift moves into the next stage. You may feel these more tangibly when there is a change of seasons, a full moon, or an eclipse. That is normal. Do not be concerned. You are not losing your mind.

In order to move ahead in the most positive way, you will need to become skilled in finding your balance, finding your inner voice, and finding your heart's truth. It will become easier, too, when you can begin to live your life as though it is a gift. This is different from intellectually knowing that your life is a gift. When you learn to live fully from this perspective, you embody
the gift. There's no need to question it.

The next step is your decision of what to do with your gift. When you take that step, you have decided to use the gift of your life for good, and to create a more love-filled world.

Your Life As a Gift

When you view your life as a gift, you also see these times of great change as an opportunity. You remember that it was for this opportunity that you came to Earth. You want to use it fully. You desire to fully embody your role as Divine Changemaker.

What does that mean? It means that you are on Earth to be at the forefront. You in fact have a front row seat during these times of shifting. You have that seat because you are energetically encoded for it. This is in your DNA. This is your energetic destiny.

The ones like you in the front seat are those who pioneer the changes. The Divine Changemakers are making the changes required to transform the fear-based world into a light-filled one. To create something new involves experimentation. To experiment involves risk and trying things you have never attempted before. It can be scary.

The fear can stop you in your tracks. If you have tried something before and it did not lead to success, your fear can stop you from experimenting with a new vision for the same task. Do not allow your fear to be in charge. Face it head on and choose what your heart is telling you to do. Your heart will not lie. Allow it to guide you into the unknown and unproven territories.

The Path of Collaboration

When you meet fellow light workers on the path, remember that you are joined in a collaborative effort to birth a brand new type of world. You are not meant to do this alone. Reach out to others, including those you are meeting for the first time. Make your best effort to connect at a heart level, and to be supportive. Remember that it is often the simple things that will guide you and help you to feel more comfortable being at the forefront.

Experiment with smiling. To smile costs you nothing. What you receive back from a smile is priceless. Experiment with smiles today, giving them to others and also taking a moment now and then to smile at your life and at the beauty around you.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

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Channeler: Maureen Moss

Dearest Hearts,

As always I pray you are well. Typically I don't write mid-month newsletters, however after witnessing in tangible ways this week, the shift in action, new energies being downloaded into many, the obvious resurgence of the Divine Feminine, and the ‘seemingly' impossible made possible, I couldn't help myself. (Plus I wanted to extend the invitation you will find below.)

There was an amazing opportunity this past week for millions to witness that anything is possible, when the 2010 Academy Award for best director and best movie (The Hurt Locker), went to a woman for the very first time, for a movie whose theme was no more war!

Most expected (as humanity tends to), that the one with the most money, the most power, the most influence and the most popularity would receive these awards of recognition. No he didn't. She did. She, Kathryn Bigelow, was the portrait of a humble fully conscious feminine goddess accepting a powerful and meaningful award. I wish I had a picture of the looks of shock and awe on hundreds of faces as it happened. I wish I could have captured the split second moment when I noticed an energy that was overlaying the audience, that I know shifted perception in a fraction of a second.

The moment it occurred I had chills throughout my whole body and I heard, "anything is possible, and don't you forget it!"

Adding to that, one of my dear friends, really a sister, was in a ferocious car accident with an eighteen-wheel truck. She was in her little Honda when the driver of the huge truck changed lanes without looking, clipping her car so hard that it spun and crashed against the rig repeatedly until it rested inches from the massive grill, glass shattered all over her.

Remaining calm the entire time, she and her Guardian Angel stepped out of her demolished car, and she was taken to the hospital and several hours later released with a few scratches. It was the wide-eyed trauma nurse that drove her home. No kidding. This was the kind of collision that could have easily killed anyone, or at the very least put them in a coma with a litany of broken bones.

Kris shared with me that she clearly heard Spirit tell her to prepare for the new energies that had been deposited inside of her. Her entire internal grid had been replaced. Her life, she was told, would never be the same. Anything is possible.

For two weeks, my meditations have frequently held the same theme, that anything is possible. There are no limitations, no former contracts that bind, no karmic debts. Everything is possible when created at soul level, not personality level. Everything and anything that we so desire, that we hold the unwavering intention of love and appreciation toward and are in full alignment with, is possible, now, in the new dimensions we are living in.

During one meditation earlier this week I was asked, “Are you ready to go beyond your own limitations and your former logic that hypnotized you into attracting experiences that you truly did not desire? Are you really ready to step into a new dimension of experience that has no relationship to your third dimensional logic? Are you ready to fully connect with who you really are, all ego aside?” “Of course I am, I replied, “I've already been doing that. (Apparently there was more to do, or deeper to go, or I wouldn't have been asked the question.) Spontaneously I then stated, with conviction, the following:

I Am no longer bound to logic, born of third dimensional consciousness.
I unplug right now from all former logic.
I will not succumb to the power of suggestion that comes from my mind.
I call forth my Higher Self to be in charge at all times.
I have no limits. No limits!
Anything and everything is possible and I let it be so.
I Am God in form. I know who I Am and will act and Be in accordance to that Truth.
I commit to being a clear and connected channel daily.
I consciously accept these Truths and I ask for activation now.

I sat for minutes breathing those words into my heart, basking in their power knowing they would necessitate my full devotion and unwavering commitment.

At that point energy started pouring into my crown chakra. I felt as though I was being lifted up, and I was. I was told that my former energetic configuration was being re-directed to return me to a state of right order and flow, however it would be my choices and actions that would anchor this configuration in. Clarity, via my higher heart, was my key. I simply sat and bathed in the energies claiming and re-claiming my deep appreciation and commitment.

Beloveds, it is so clear that we are truly engaged in a new realm of consciousness that is fully supported by higher energies. This is a blessing for each of us, a blessing that asks for our co-operation in order for it to be able to expand evermore, leading us into higher frequencies, home frequencies that at long last feel right.

In this realm of consciousness we are still responsible for continuing to deprogram the lower consciousness whenever it appears. We do this sacred act out of pure Love for Who We Really Are. My friend Jim Self continues to say "we must release all of who we are not, in order to be all of who we are." It is so.

The veils of deception, limitation and separation have dropped. Your reach is vast, your capabilities epic in both scope and purpose, though you must consciously confine the mind and ego along with beliefs and assumptions that keep you plugged into third dimensional constrictions. No need to live beneath yourself anymore!

The 12th dimensional energies that house Original Thought, along with the 11th dimensional energies that house Original Feeling are open to us now to tap into and play with. In perfect symmetry thought plus feeling equals manifestation. In perfect symmetry anything is possible, so why play small? Let's play together in a big way.
Let's be big Gods in form. It's time to have fun and go far beyond every single limitation we have ever believed in.

The energies are on our side and beings of magnificent Light are waiting to serve us once we sync up with them. They know anything is possible, now we must come to know it in our hearts and experience it in our realities. And so be it!

Copyright Maureen Moss, 2010. I welcome your passing this forward while keeping my name and websites in tact as this is part of a larger body of work.

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Awareness, Internet, Time, Karma, Joy – Emmanuel

12 March 2010 - 9:25pm
Channeler: Langa

Random questions from readers.

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth, I AM Emmanuel and I welcome you to this moment.

Question: You said that two people -even close neighbors- would experience different outcomes from the 2012 events, like one will experience ascension and the other one catastrophe. Could you please elaborate on this?

For two individuals to experience the same event they have to share the same portion of the vibratory spectrum. All possible combination of frequencies, including all planes in all universes exist within your consciousness, but are only the vibrations that passes through your awareness are the ones you perceive.Many of you believe that previous to incarnation you choose the life-events you wish to experience in order to learn certain lesson and grow as individual, but in fact you did not choose the life-events but the vibrations you want to experience. After incarnation is all up to you. It is you, acting on free-will, who creates the events that occurs in your life, and if those events lead you to experience the vibrations you choose to experience as part of your spiritual growth, you have achieved. Then you can move on, otherwise you will have to try again.

So after incarnation you have two ways of succeeding, the first one is to create the right life-events, and the second one is expanding your awareness. It is up to you to choose the way with which you the greatest affinity and therefore the greatest chance of success.

The frequencies of all the universes can be seen as energetic lines or strings.

Like the strings on the guitar, and the sound-hole is your awareness.

The larger the sound-hole is, the more strings will resonate.

When you expand your awareness the world you perceive expands, allowing more energetic lines through, expanding the segment of the vibratory spectrum accessible to you, hence increasing exponentially the chances of experiencing the group/kind of vibration you came here to experience.

Awareness can be seen as circles, two individual’s circles may intersect or not. Two individuals will share the same world only in the area of intersection.

When one of those individuals expands his/her awareness and the other one’s awareness remains the same the intersection area become smaller because awareness expansion moves the center of the circle away from the two intersecting points, until there is no more intersection. And when this happen these two individuals will be living in different worlds, vanishing from each other reality.

In human history have been thousands of individual ascensions before, but this time is different because never humanity as a collective has been where you are now.

Your planet is increasing energy, expanding awareness, and hence increasing her vibratory frequency rate. It is a monumental change, a universal happening. Observers from many planets and distance constellation are here to witness such unique event in Galactic History.

But the higher your planet raises its frequency, the greater the separation will be between Gaia and those individuals with no awareness expansion. The centers will be further and further apart until the two intersecting points disappear and there is no more shared intersected area.

Those individuals whose awareness is in harmony with Gaia’s frequency will continue living on the new 5th density Gaia. The rest will have to repeat the cycle in 3rd density.

Gaia is changing, if you do not change with her by means of expanding your awareness, you will experience the 2012 outcome as highly negative events. On the other hand, if you change with her and keep your awareness expanding, you will never be in harm’s way.

Many of you believe that the soul grows through difficulties, when the real growth is through responsibility. Awareness expansion is your responsibility, in all four levels of consciousness.

Every new day brings the opportunity to be responsible. Life is an adventure into the infinite, viewed this way it is easy to continuously expand your awareness from every new experience gained in the course of living.

Causes do not exist outside your consciousness, they are all within you. You are the cause of your life, only when you understand this and take responsibility for it; the journey of divine transformation begins.

From this moment start taking total responsibility for your own being. This is the meaning of being a Lightworker.

Question: My awakening started when watching a series of video interviews from Project Camelot on the Internet, and I read dozens of post in forums saying the Internet helped them to awake. I know it has bad things too, but so far is helping many people to find some truth. What can we do if the Internet is shut down?

The Internet is far more important than you can imagine.

It is the physical manifestation of the collective consciousness, therefore cannot be shut down. If for any reason the existing Internet disappears a new one will be created in the formative plane through the collective consciousness.

For thousands of years individual consciousnesses have been activating subtle energetic fibers and structures that enable direct and easy communication between human consciousnesses, as well as accessing collective knowledge.

The Internet is the manifestation of all those quantum energetic fibers in the material plane, and although is controlled by few, belong to everyone.

When individual thoughts become collective thoughts, the vast majority of human awareness shares the same group of frequencies and their personal awareness’s circles intersect the same portion of the vibratory spectrum, sharing the area where those thoughts will manifest the same aspect of reality. The Internet is a clear example of these energetic structures in motion.

The groups in power know this and they are using the same mechanism in reverse with certain results, they try to control the collective consciousness by controlling the Internet.

Question: I watched a video…, it says that exist more than one ‘creator’ of the universe, actually it says there is more than one ‘main’ God and many ‘creations’ or universes, could you please tell me if this is correct?

This is incorrect and partially correct at the same time.

There are many Universes, many Gods and many creations, but at the beginning and at the end there is only one Infinite Creator, there is only one God, there is only one Soul, there is only one Being, there is only one Thought, and there is only one Creation.

Question: I’m seeing that most of the theories about the end of the world in 2012 are based on the Mayan calendar, I’d like to know if the Mayan calendar is correct and accurate.

The Mayas used three separate calendars, and no one of them predicts the end of the world.

The 260-day based, the 52 year/Venus based, and the Long Count 1,872,000 days based. These calendars have been given to the Mayan people by a very advanced extraterrestrial civilization and the Long Count (13 periods of 144,000 days each, starting on August 11, 3114 BC and ending on December 21, 2012 AD) is the most accurate calendar ever found on Earth.

Question: You mentioned that time doesn’t exist, but in fact we can measure it. How is this possible? What is time?

Time does not exist. It is an agreement.

Before incarnation you agreed to the rules set by the Logos, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. This means that one portion of your awareness is focused upon the frequencies that create the illusion of time. These frequencies are shared by every single individual consciousness/awareness in your planet, fulfilling the collective agreement, thus manifesting time.

The Infinite Creator gave to every Central Logos the freedom/choice of creating collective agreements in order to help you in your evolution process.

Time is one of those agreements, as is gravity.

Gravity –like time- does not exist. Your scientists can measure it, but it is simply a collective agreement.

After physical death, these are the first two agreements that you do not have to honor anymore, only then you will understand that Time and Gravity do not exist, and you will have a big laugh about the whole concept of your Time.

Question: You said that unconditional Love is the Key, which will open all doors. Also you said that the power of one who is in this state of consciousness counterbalances for thousands of unaware individuals. Where can I find the key? How many of the existing population on Earth have founded it? And how many people counterbalance each one of them?

Love is the master-key, but is a key you cannot possess, it posses you. Approximately 25,000,000 individuals have achieved the unconditional love state of consciousness in your planet.

One Individual with this level of awareness atones for almost 900,000 individuals in the ‘absence of Love/Fear level’ state of consciousness.

Question: You said enlightenment happens when the human consciousness merges with the higher-self consciousness, how can we do that? And how ‘high’ in the universal hierarchy is our higher-self?

Higher refers to a state of consciousness, not to a position in any hierarchy.

The actual merge of your consciousness with your higher-self consciousness is the peak of enlightenment, and is the divine attainment of the ultimate truth of existence. But enlightenment starts much earlier, with the simultaneous realization of Compassion with Wisdom. This is soul-alchemy and leads to permanent Joy. Joy is another name for enlightenment. Each moment of existence is a source of Joy/Enlightenment.

Question: Does karma really exist?

The realm of Karma is where your human rebirth begins.

Before incarnation you choose which frequencies you wish to experience in your next life in order to continue growing as an individual consciousness. But you cannot choose just any vibrations but between a limited number of options. Your karmic record sets the limits. The more negative oriented karma you carry from the past, the less options you will have. On the other hand, when you live a life with good heart you automatically expand the number of groups of frequencies you can choose for your next incarnation.

You see, nobody else is imposing the decision on you, you are totally free before choosing, but once you have decided, your very choice brings in the limitation.

This is a natural process that every human being has to pass through prior incarnation.

Question: I see bad things happening all around the world to people, more frequently and with more intensity, and at the same time many like you talk about hope, love, light and ascension. What is going on!?

The night becomes very dark just before it is going to end. In the same way negative events coming with great force is an indication that soon they will end.

Question: Why we have to live so many lives before going back to the Source?

Because unless you find your real home you have to go on traveling.

Question: What exactly is death?

Death is nothing but a change of frequency.

Question: You said everybody has a reason for being here on Earth at this time, a duty to fulfill. What about if I don’t know my reasons or duties?

Your only duty is to be happy.

Your soul knows the reason for you being here, look inwards.

I will give you a hint: Joy.

Joy flows vibrations of the highest frequency through your system; it brings knowledge that transcends space and time. True Joy sets in motion powerful love/energy/forces that outpaces the earthly understanding that comes from third-density learning. Joy creates its own momentum and enables you to acquire all answers from within.

I AM Emmanuel

©2009 Langa www.emmanuelmessages.com

Permission is granted to copy and share this information only in its entirety, including this copyright notice and without altering content information.

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S333 – Our New World Order

Hello Dear Ones,

Soon will come the time described in some way as the ‘End of Times'. But of course that is not what it really is, and a better description would be the ‘Beginning of Times'.

It will be the age of new civilisations, on Earth and other planets. Earth is a seed planet, and your present civilisation was sown there some time ago, and what you see around you is the end result of your hard work over many thousands of years. Disappointing, isn't it?

Pick your highest rating TV shows where you live, and decide if you think that is the very pinnacle of many thousands of years work? Then focus on the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, and all the other military killing sprees; is that what you have aspired to?

Have you healed the sick, fed the hungry, ended poverty? No you haven't; so what is there to be proud of? Not very much really, for the results are disappointing to the Spiritual Hierarchy. Even in the area of the great religions of your world, people are worshipping false idols, and their leaders are laughing all the way to the bank.

What then of the charitable work carried out on your planet? The situation is pretty dismal here as well, with the majority of people's free-will donations ending up in the organizers bank accounts. There are many small scale projects which are of high spiritual ideals, but all of the big ones have a fraudulent aspect to some degree. I'm not going to name them here, as the list is so very long that we'd be preparing this text for weeks. Let us just say, "We know who you are".

So, the crop of Humans who have reached the spiritual level required to become inhabitants of an upgraded, remodelled and ascended Earth; is quite small when compared to the present global population, and that is a pity. It has not been a waste of time, although we wished the elevated ones had been greater in number. We just have to be thankful for the numbers we have, as that will allow us to go forward with establishing our New World Order.

Now, do NOT confuse our New World Order with the pathetic and evil creation of the Dark Elite, for they are not connected to the Source of All That Is. Their scheme is to rob you of all of your resources, both material and spiritual; so that you will be further enslaved by them.

Our New World Order is based on Spiritual Principles and Divine Law, and is being created under a Divine Decree. Anyone who does not qualify to inhabit the Ascended Earth; will go to alternative planets to carry on further development aimed toward s further soul growth. Others have chosen further options according to their beliefs and /or their past activities.

This will leave Earth as a much upgraded Seed Planet, and the jewel in the crown, where our New World Order will be built. It will take time to build this Spiritual Society, and a great deal of hard work over many centuries; but it will be free of the lies, greed, corruption and downright evil on Earth at present.

Soon the people of Earth will see how they have been lied to, robbed and ill-treated by the Dark Ones; and they won't like it. Many of you will find that the truth is very far from the fictional construct of your present reality, and will wonder how it could have been made like that, right under your noses. Well, you looked the other way, Dear Ones.

Only hard work will build a Spiritual society, and many of your people wanted an easy life. So the Dark Ones gave you an easy life, where you left the big thinking to them, and over time they took your reality away from you and gave you a Distorted Reality, where only they stood to benefit. Over the millennia they refined the process, because they took a long term view, where humanity only took the view of their own lifetime. Even now the Darkness is looking many hundreds of years ahead, and it is only as a result of this Divine Decree, that you will be free of this false reality.

The time is here and now; the wheels and cogs are turning away behind the scenes, and then very soon my Dear Ones, nothing will ever be the same again.

And so it is................

 This is a message from David S333 of the Spiritual Hierarchy received and transcribed by Vince.


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Synchronicity: How We Relate To This Mystical Law

As most of you can tell by now, I love a good conversation. To me, dinner with people who know how to discuss delicious topics is one of the great pleasures of life. I don’t even have to include dinner – I just threw that in. A great conversation can take place anywhere, anytime. What makes a conversation “great”, as it were, at least for me – is that my imagination is animated, or I am inspired to think about something in a way that I had not considered it before, or I learn new facts, or I discover a whole new field of information, or I encounter someone who thinks in a way that is so unique that I just want to listen and observe his or her mind in action. So the other day I had the opportunity to have one of those great and delicious conversations with someone who had imagination and depth and wisdom, and so off we went into a discussion of the nature of mystical laws. The conversation didn’t start out exactly on that topic. It began with this question that he asked me, “Are you more fascinated by what you can see or by what you cannot see?”

Now how many people would think to ask you that?

As soon as I heard the question, I almost swayed into another dimension: Am I more fascinated by what I can see or by what I cannot see? I replied that I was more drawn to the dimension of the unseen. He asked for an example and that’s when I submitted as article number one: The Mystical Law of Synchronicity. I said that I was fascinated by that law and how its alchemy comes together within each of our lives. As a visual, imagine this law as an alchemical dynamic comprised of several chemicals that may or may not create a spark overhead. Conditions have to be perfect – but what exactly are those conditions? Imagine, then, that you want to interact with those conditions – you want to become an active variable in the creative dynamic of the law of synchronicity. Is that even possible and if so, what would you have to know and become – not do – but become in order to interact with the law? How intriguing is this? (Said another way, how could such a question not intrigue someone?)

Carl Jung brought the mystical law of synchronicity into common parlance and then it made its way into mainstream awareness. Commonly understood, it refers to a coming together of events that happen to coordinate or parallel with something that you are experiencing at that same time. Sometimes a synchronistic event is localized, meaning that the psychic event and the physical event occur in the same place at the same time. Jung called that the first category of synchronistic events. Thinking of someone and then seeing that person one minute later or receiving a phone call from them five seconds after you thought of his or her name are examples of what he would call the second category of synchronistic events; that is, two people having mutual thoughts of each other separated by distance.

We have all experienced synchronistic events – some on a small scale, some on a grand scale. They happen all the time. Can a person influence the Law of Synchronicity? How fascinating is that question? What makes a synchronistic event or moment come together? And are some people more receptive to synchronistic events than others? All of those questions are worthy of an afternoon’s lecture (which is why I’m doing a workshop on the Mystical Laws in April), but I’ll address each one in brief. (Other Mystical Laws include the laws that govern Fate and Destiny, the Mystical Laws of Healing and the Mystical Law of Transformation).

Why is knowledge such as this so important? Because you interact with these laws with every breath you take. Nothing about your life is casual or happenstance. On the other hand, literature abounds about how you can “create your own reality” just by thinking “positive thoughts”. How many positive thoughts? One? Two? Is creating your whole reality really that simple? What about all your negative unconscious thoughts – what happens to them? The tendency in this contemporary spiritual society is to take these extraordinary Mystical Laws and reduce them to a user’s guide to happiness - not that there is anything wrong with happiness. But you miss the whole galaxy by focusing on only one planet, if you see what I mean. These laws govern the invisible universe and suggest that an ideal harmony (not happiness but harmonious balance) coexists between the soul realm and the physical. That same relationship in the macro realm is what each person contains in the micro as an individual and thus these laws operate as a mini-universe within each human being.

We are born knowing this truth, though not in the intellectual detail with which I am now communicating it. Rather, we are born with an inherent awareness of these Mystical Laws. We are born with a type of yearning to experience awe and to be blown away by greater-than-ordinary events. And if they do not happen naturally or supernaturally (as in Divinely inspired), then we create them just to get our adrenalin going at max speed because that part of us longs to break through the barrier of “earth speed” in order to touch mystical weightlessness. Ask anyone who pushes the envelope why they risk their lives doing the most outrageous sports, for example, and their responses hint at a longing for a mystical experience. Many speak of “losing themselves in the moment” or “feeling weightlessness” just for a second, as if time stands still. That’s a description of a mystical experience, not a physical one. It’s the best a person can achieve on his or her own without the addition of maximum “grace speed”, but it’s most certainly a taste of the thrill of “mystical weightlessness”. No wonder athletes get addicted to the “high” of those experiences. They literally and symbolically are “highs”.

The Law of Synchronicity, then, is one of many Mystical Laws that govern the invisible world. These Mystical Laws work in partnership with the laws of the physical realm, such as motion, speed, gravity, etc. The Mystical Laws work in subtle ways, but they are as intimate as our breath. When are we not “thinking” or “emotionally reacting” or stressed or unstressed or creating or angry or not angry or in love or broken hearted? We are, in other words, always “in psychic motion” and our energy is at least a part of the substance these laws use to function within our lives.

Just like the athletes experiencing a weightless high during a peak experience, it’s possible to sample that same sensation when you become aware that you are in the midst of a synchronistic event. Immediately your senses become more alert as you shift from just glancing over the environment you are in to scanning in for miniscule details, each one on reserve for potential symbolic significance. Instantly you begin to wonder about the “meaning” of that particular moment over the other ordinary moments of that day when nothing synchronistic occurred. Such questions lift your thinking above the ground. Where? To mystical heights – a synchronistic event ultimately makes you wonder about purpose, meaning, significance, fate, and destiny. Granted, your wonderment will not always be overwhelming with each synchronistic event but because these are, in essence, mystical sparks – a merger of the psychic and physical realms coming together – you are experiencing a mystical law in motion acting directly through the corridor of your life. And that is awesome.

As I briefly describe my own observations about the Law of Synchronicity, I want you to think of yourself as an active variable. You are the X-factor in your own life, an active ingredient that can initiate a synchronistic event or dispel the energy of one. You are the object, then, that needs to be understood in addition to the Law of Synchronicity.

  1. Can a person influence acts of synchronicity; that is, are some people more likely to experience synchronistic events, and if so, why? We can and do influence all the Mystical Laws, including the Law of Synchronicity. This particular law seems to be far more animated around a person who lacks a heavy emotional/mental/psychic history. Said another way, a person who lives primarily in “present time” is living in harmony with the natural energetics of this law.
  2. Adaptability and respond-ability are two qualities that seem to magnetize synchronicity. A person’s willingness to adapt to the opportunity that a synchronistic event presents with minimum hesitation jumps right into the magic of the moment. That person has “respond-ability”. This is a big deal as most people hesitate out of over-caution and fear of the consequences of their actions. As a result, most people continually look to their past for inspiration as to what to choose next, and many times they end up stuck. The ability to recognize an opportunity as a synchronistic “Divine set up” and then respond to that moment in a way that grounds that opportunity ensures a person of a “follow-up” synchronistic experience, if not a series of them. This is a person who is now living in the flow of a mystical law.
  3. A person cannot make a certain type of synchronistic event happen. We have no control over the types of events or the timing of them.
  4. Why and when synchronistic events happen seems to be connected to greater or lesser choice points in a person’s life. The significance of these choice points varies but the common thread is that a synchronistic moment or experience is a choice point.
  5. You as the active variable should take time to reflect upon whether you are a psychic anchor in your own life or someone who is capable of an immediate and dynamic response. That is a question worthy of hours and hours of reflection and not just as regards the Law of Synchronicity, but all the other Mystical Laws as well. Specifically, someone who fights change, who fears the unknown and new ideas and suggestions weakens or depletes the energy field required for synchronistic events.

Continuing on with my conversation:

My friend and I chatted for quite some time about the Law of Synchronicity and my observation about how being in present time increases the likelihood of synchronistic events. How can that not happen? It’s so energetically logical. Of course, our conversation had to include this question: Can and do people know when they are sabotaging a synchronistic event? Fascinating question. I’ll have to ponder that one and save the answer for my upcoming workshop on the Mystical Laws.

Meanwhile, let me leave you with this insight: When a synchronistic event/moment occurs, it does so because certain elements of the psychic realm and the physical realm match. I always take that as a signal that I am standing at a crossroads, a choice point. That choice may not be huge – or it may be. But I always ask myself during a synchronistic moment, “What choice occurs to me?” and then I act on it.

This Universe is a mystical wonderland, to say the least. So I will leave you with the question that started my conversation with a dear friend, “Are you more fascinated by what you can see or by what you cannot see?” Reflect upon that, now imagining that there is no such thing as empty space.

Love, Caroline

© 2009 Myss.com - Caroline Myss is a New York Times best-selling author whose books include Anatomy of the Spirit, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, Sacred Contacts, and Entering the Castle. Defy Gravity: Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason, will be published by Hay House in October 2009.
Listen to Caroline every week on www.HayHouseRadio.com

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TRUTH Is In The Perspective

Channeler: Hansabubbles

Staying within the guidelines of a current lifetime requires you to constantly re-evaluate the state in which you find yourself. If you are desirous to understand the purpose, there is a method which assists you in identifying the message. Stand within an inner circle of inner beings or inner masters and feel what each is offering you on a vibratory level.

You can identify the level by how you feel. The better you feel the higher the frequency. With the palm of your hand upward, extend it toward one of these inner beings. Now request with your heart to know the messages and lessons to be learned in your space time. Allow the energy to permeate your entire body as you feel the messages enter your body and subconscious.

If you want to know more from this particular master or being, then request additional information via your heart center or feeling center. Ask with the feeling. When it is perceived by the master, it will be readily acknowledged and returned to you with an understanding. When you are satisfied with the conclusion of this being, go onto the next one and repeat the process. If you feel it necessary to reposition yourself in front of one previously questioned, do so.

Trust yourself, follow your feelings and continue the process until you feel a satisfactory conclusion has been reached. This is a very powerful method for receiving explanations for predicaments you create from human behavior. It creates a link between your human experience and the higher intent or spiritual lesson involved. If you conclude it has been worthwhile and you have learned what you need to know, you will receive a feeling of finality or closure on the matter. Many times this only precedes the next step involved in the same letting go of an attitude or belief that has held one attached to the human experience.

The fear that is held in the human vehicle prevents much spiritual evolution and as it is released, spirit is allowed to take control and lead the human into a more peaceful existence while maintaining a spiritual perspective. This type of experience can only be made through the human instrument. It is one of living in the human form, complete with its incredible range of emotions and keeping a spiritual vigil on every thought and action. It is an amazing experience and can be immensely fulfilling once the love for the self, that divine part of the self, that eternal force within one is allowed to express through this marvelous machine we call the human body.

What a grand experience it is to glimpse the depths of negativity and in the same lifetime acknowledge the spirit within every act and every word. In Truth there is neither good nor bad if one lives in this world of duality but not of it. To rise above the judgment is to truly live above duality.

It is more than just living; it is accepting the god or supreme force in all that is. It is accepting that everything that happens has a reason and a purpose to serve us, that there is love in all that we experience. In times of adversity and pain, there is love so great from the creator, one is allowed the experience of growth and given the freedom to struggle through to an enlightened awareness of the reasons.

Within you lies a great energy of intense gratitude for the creator. The creator provides the elements for growth, the human individual makes the choices for experience and in the final chapter, they merge to become whole. This wholeness cannot be experienced fully unless the full range has integrated into the experience. Until the bowels of hell can be recognized as the love of the creator, can one experience Truth. To know that this is indeed god allowing us the full range of human experience only to learn it is all god.

To have experienced the entire spectrum is to become whole. To be grateful for the experience is to win Grace.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010 . Those six planes…

Channeler: Kris-Won

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

Those who expect quick results in our advances towards dissipating the darkness on Mother Earth, waiting for others to do all the work required to cut short the effort the dark ones make to maintain their hegemony and power over humanity, we say to them that the New Earth will not be for those who wish to have a better world while at the same time are lazy and make no effort on their part for that new world to come together and truly materialize on the physical plane. This idyllic world exists already on the astral plane, because before things materialize on the physical plane of matter, they take shape on the astral plane, and even before that on the mental plane - and before that on the causal plane, and so on. Why is that? Because the Will of God materializes first on the highest planes, which we could name the "celestial planes" where the monad resides and who is the purest Spirit of the multidimensional being, that is, man. After that, the plans of the Creator gradually descend until they are matter, as if they were crossing the layers of an onion starting from the inside and finally reaching the outermost layer, which is the densest of the seven bodies that make up the human being.

Well then, we have this advancement towards a new world and the new humanity is already a reality in the six internal bodies of man, which correspond to the six planes enveloping and including the physical plane which are, from highest to lowest density: the astral plane, the mental plane, the causal plane, the buddhic plane, the atmic plane and the monadic or divine plane. Those six planes are already living that luminous and resplendent new reality, which must also come to materialize on the physical plane or the outermost layer of the "onion", following this simile.

For the lifting of your three-dimensional physical/material reality, it is necessary for the indigenous human being of the planet to intervene, who has been called to raise his/her vibration to move onto a higher, new density. Otherwise, we who have come to visit you from outer space to help lift you to a new dimension, would be violating your "free will." It is not possible for us alone to propel your quantic leap. Your cooperation is necessary also, which we have from some of you (all of those who have volunteered, they know who they are and in which way they can partake in this task of lifting humanity). However, there are still many amongst you who had been called to help us lift humanity from their "sleep" state and into their new awakening stage but they continue to be distracted in the world of dense matter. Even though many of them believe in the existence of older brothers from other worlds, they remain "asleep" playing with the toys of the phenomenal and misleading world of matter, and keep on playing the game with the dark ones without supporting us, we who have come precisely to save you from the clutches of these regressive and speculative forces.

What they do is so illogical and foolish, like a child insisting on playing with other children who do not want to go to school in spite of the fact that its mother and father sent the child to school to learn what it will need to become a cultured and refined person and assist in some way society. But that child has older brothers who know it has not done its task of learning, and so they go to that place where the child is playing with those other children who do not want to learn, rescuing it from its ignorance and explaining to the child that the best thing it could learn from life to become an ideal and useful citizen is to go to school and follow the indications of their mother and father, for the child's parents are the same as those of its older brothers.

Humanity living at this time on the surface of the Earth is like that child, and it must now decide whether to keep on "playing" or if it prefers to make the decision and follow the advice given by its older brothers, and to follow the loving and wise indications of its mother and father who only watch over their child so that it grows and is educated in the correct path.

Many of you get demoralized because you claim not to know how to contribute to overcoming the current situation you are living in and to be able to get out of the chaotic situation the world finds itself in. In order for a person to be able to heal, it is necessary that before the healing takes place this person must go through a stage where the symptoms get worse and there is a "peak" point with more pain and more suffering before the organism returns to its natural state, that of not being sick. That is why you must be patient and wait until Gaia, who is also a living organism going through that same crisis before "healing", reaches her optimal state of health after liberating herself from the viruses and bacteria that had undermined her health. Do not despair, for the celestial doctor has already prescribed the necessary medication for her body to recover and become healthy and strong.

Do not stress yourselves thinking that you have to contribute to the planetary healing, which is undergoing huge rescue actions; it is not asked of you to do great deeds to achieve human Ascension. You only have to sit down and go within to connect internally with the Divine Plan, and you yourselves without outside help will be able to know how you can cooperate with us to manifest the New Earth. Doing something simple would be enough, because if one and another and another of the humans who are awakening cooperates in a small way, no matter how small it is, we will reach our objective of definitively taking away power from the dark forces who have dominated you for so long. They will not be able to continue deceiving the human beings who inhabit this planet in much greater numbers than them, for they represent only a handful of humans in comparison to the world population.

Continue following us through the multiple channels that we use to get to you our information. Follow our advice, do not stop reading our messages and cooperate in the way you feel from within is right for you and through which you can contribute to bring about this new stage that planet Earth and all the beings who inhabit her will live.

Peace and Love

Channeler: Kris-Won
Source: Commander Sohin of Alpha Spaceship
Translator: Gloria

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