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Suzanne Lie: Your Future SELF


Channeler: Suzan Caroll Ph.D


Now Future SELF would like to give you a personal message:

My dearest ascending one,

I AM your fifth dimensional future/past self. I AM your heart, your mind, your spirit and your b...

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25 January 2012

~Lynette Leckie-Clark, Channel

I Kuthumi come forward to speak to you at this time. A time of great remembrance. Cellular remembrance, brought forward through the changing vibrational energies of the ethers, th...

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A Message from Gatekeeper & Master Alphas: Mastery of Yourself


Channeler: Julie Miller September 15, 2011

Greetings dear ones of Earth. I am Alphas. I am Master and Gatekeeper of the retreat known as the Royal Teton Retreat. It is an honour to hold this position and an honour to speak throu...

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Expect Wonderful Digest: Re-booting


12 August 2011 

By Meredith Murphy

Hello you beautiful being ♥

The energy of the last couple of days has been VERY difficult.  Early this week began with solar flares/solar winds, and of a magnitude quite ...

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The Nature Of Energies


18 April 2011 GODDESS-OF-LIGHT

The nature of energies Thine own understanding of the natures of energies. A short introduction to the varieties of energies which pour through each of us, in and out and flow with the essence of t...

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Melchizedek 2011 – March 1-7, 2011


Arise, Beloved Lightworkers!

The glory of your true Light is beginning to shine through your physical vehicles and is readily discerned by those who have ‘the sight’. Continue your practice of visualizing your etheric ...

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