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Transform Your Reactions to Quantum Reactions a message from Kuthumi

{mainvote} Feb 19th 2012 Channeler: Lynette Leckie-Clark   Yes, what an interesting title is it not? As you read it do you - can you- see the great significance of these words? The implication can transform your very existe...

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SaLuSa 17-February-2012

{mainvote} With sufficient faith there is nothing that you cannot do, and you have yet to understand how powerful you are. You are creating all of the time whether you realise it or not. Through many lives it is you who have created all that you...

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Galactic Federation "Galactic Symphony"

{mainvote} 14 February 2012 Channeler: E-Galactic Our dearest brothers and sisters, blessing to you beautiful souls… How have all of you been? really ask yourself how have you been? Do you feel you have been living all of your lig...

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Don’t Give In… – the Buffalo Diaries

{mainvote}  If there is one thing I have seen over the past several months, it is that we can’t give in to the old ways. In the midst of these experiences, the deep mantra now is towards divinity. I have recognized this, taken into my...

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Luminous Being: Entry into 2012

{mainvote} a message from Meredith Murphy Tuesday, 28 February, 2012  (posted 10 February, 2012) I am still humming with awe at my entry into this auspicious year of 2012, and astonished by what can be accomplished by forgiven...

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Galactic Federation Of Light Horus February 09 2012

Galactic Federation Of Light Horus February 09 2012 http://lightworkers.org/channeling/152524/wake-call-horus I am here today to give you a lowdown on many things that will be part of your world when the time comes for the changes that will be takin...

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Revise Reality to Experience Your Heart’s Desires

{mainvote} Message from Elohim of Grace Channeled by Meredith Murphy http://www.expectwonderful.com Telepathic Transmission - 6 February 2012   Many of you find yourselves wondering at times if you're on track. If you&#3...

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{mainvote} 6 February 2012 Channeler: Maureen Moss Dearest Hearts, Here is what prompted this article and conversation with the Divine, after previously experiencing a profound experience with Oneness immediately following The World ...

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