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About the Freedom to Be Me

{mainvote} a message from Saint Germain channeled by Alexandra Mahlimay and Dan Bennack Thursday, 24 February, 2011  at Cluj-Napoca, Romania  (posted 7 March, 2011) Dear Saint-Germain, I am a neurologist in an inner city h...

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Pisces New Moon: March 4, 2011

{mainvote} 3 March 2011  Channeler:  Barbara Hand Clow astro chart for pisces new moon march 4,2011 at 3:46:50 pm EST: www.handclow2012.com/newmoon.htm The New Moon in Pisces has arrived just in time to help us integrate ...

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Planet Alert March 2011

{mainvote} By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on February 28th, 2011 How have you been dealing with the intense energy we have been experiencing since the first of this year? Does it feel like the world has gone mad? Are you caught in the drama, ...

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Fresh February Energy!

{mainvote} a message from Dana Mrkich Wednesday, 16 February, 2011 A powerful surge of energy has been swirling throughout the planet since February 11 - the beginning of a new, and final, Mayan Calendar cycle. Notice what you are being...

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SaLuSa 18-February-2011

{mainvote} We continue to draw nearer to you, not that you may necessarily notice as we keep many of our craft shrouded in a cloak of invisibility. How exciting it will be when we can at last be open in our activities on and off your Earth. Our ...

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Planet Alert February 2011

{mainvote} This is a bit late, but still interesting. EagleEyes   By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on February 2nd, 2011 Today is February 2, 2011 and tomorrow is the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit. This will b...

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Jesus and Egypt, An Answer to a Prayer

{mainvote} I asked this question after recovering from an extreme illness caused by what is known as chemtrails. For those who do not know what chemtrails are watch the movie, What on Earth Are They Spraying or Toxic Skies. Also Google Clifford ...

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