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Heart @ Work – Childish Christmas Joy

I found her perched on my work bench the moment I came in and gently laid Netty on the opposite desk. Since she needed to preserve her strength to play with me on the road home, which as I found out just now will probably be long and winding..... No...

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Thank You Thursday: Our Divine Purpose

a message from Hillis Pugh Thursday, 14 October, 2010  Be thankful this day for divine purpose. As we go through life we carry out multiple purposes and experience various lessons for each purpose. Through life, each experience ...

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Joy of the New Earth

We must start practicing feeling the Joy of the New Earth. We must touch it, breath it, feel it.  Since we don’t have any background knowledge from this Earth of what the Joy is that is to be felt on the New Earth, we will need to us...

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Game Theory One oh One

OK, it's done now: my slightly peculiar view on those nasty computer games and their effect on our kids.....   Love your patience,  Dre' I said it before: whenever I don't mind where my next bit of inspiration comes from, it ...

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The Next Sound You Hear Is the Other Shoe Dropping

9 August 2010 - 5:34am Channeler: Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan Your world has become a strange place over the past several months. What is going on, you wonder? The dissolution of reality as ...

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Eckhart Talks About Presence in Conversation

a message from Eckhart Tolle Monday, 9 August, 2010    Question:  How do I maintain a sense of presence when I’m in the company of another person?  How do I bring presence into conversat...

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The Epiphany of Self

a message from Kuthumi channeled by Lynette Leckie-Clark Wednesday, 30 June, 2010  (posted 12 July, 2010)   Rise in Soul Light now for your time is near My Greetings to you once more as I ente...

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July 2010: Divergence

a message from Polaris channeled by Karen Murphy Saturday, 10 July, 2010    We spoke last month about a divergence in energy — internal vs. external — which continues on in the present...

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