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HEAVEN #3895 A Knowing Heart , July 25, 2011

{mainvote} God said:   I inveigle you to come to Me with heart in your hand, like a hat, or like an offering, as a guest brings a box of chocolates or a cake. You bring your heart to Me, and you hold it out, and you say: “Here, ...

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Hilarion’s Weekly Message – July 24 – 31, 2011

{mainvote} Beloved Lightworkers, As the days of summer go forth one after the other, you will find yourselves feeling ever greater effects of the energy upgrades that will be occurring which can have the effect of making you feel overwhelmed...

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HEAVEN #3894 Cupid May Shoot His Arrow without Aiming , July 24, 2011

{mainvote} God said:   Sometimes you attribute world success to you, and sometimes you attribute world success to your lucky stars. World success is not always fortunate, beloveds. It may increase your dependence upon ego. I a...

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Plaedian Council of Nine – message for 23rd july

{mainvote} This is remarkable: after David Wilcock's article: "1950s Human ETs Prepare Us for Golden Age", where is mentioned that the negative ET's are coming from Orion, this channeling change from "High Council of ...

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{mainvote}     I AM YOUR MOTHER OF THE ONE  HEART...     ~ letting go of the wounded child ~   Greetings holy child ... one child of the One Light... one ray of the Only Ray....

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The Time of Awakening has Come – A message from the Council of Nine

{mainvote} Channeled by: Julie Miller July 22, 2011 We are the Council of Nine of Sirius B and it pleases us to speak again through this kind human soul. We have come again to speak much about what is going on on your planet involving it...

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Lady Nada, Come Home Unto the Waters of Your Essence

{mainvote} 19 July 2011   Channeler:  Ray Dawn Hello to you Dear Ones, it is Lady Nada here to speak to you in this way. I and the feminine energies of divine love are here and wish to speak to you this message. Come...

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