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Inspire HOPE and Rekindle FAITH

{mainvote} Message from Ascended Master, Lady Magda Channeled by: Julie Miller December 05, 2011 A new year is almost upon you, giving time reflect on the year you are leaving. Look at all that you have overcome, and see that you have a...

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HEAVEN #4029 A Beautiful Chorus of Flowers, December 6, 2011

{mainvote} God said: You are a flower that issued from My heart. You know that flowers are beautiful. You are always struck by their beauty. Imagine the miracle of a flower. How beautifully it raises itself up. A flower rises to the sun. It ...

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High Council of Orion message for 4th December

{mainvote} 4 December 2011 Channeler: Karen Doonan We come to guide and support at this time of mass cleansing and clearing across the planet and we guide that all is now unfolding across the planet earth. For many of YOU the last few we...

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Melchizedek’s weekly message: Finding PERFECT Peace

{mainvote} Channeled by: Julie Miller December 04, 2011 I greet each and every child of God within my embrace of PERFECT Love and Light that is sent from my unconditional heart. I see and hear much that goes on around this beautifu...

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HEAVEN #4028 Therefore, You, December 5, 2011

{mainvote} God said: Let your heart which is My heart be in tune with My heart. Then there will be no room in your heart for what may be consumed in your heart now. Too much data in your head has been transferred to that heart of yours, ...

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Wanderer of the Skies – December 4, 2011

{mainvote}   Greetings from the Federation: We have been in council of late discussing your human condition. You know that we are not perfect, as you are not. We are not gods. We have trouble from time to time understanding your hum...

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Sanat Kumara: The GIFT of LOVE

{mainvote} Message from Sanat Kumara Channeled by: Julie Miller December 02, 2011   It pleases me beyond any measure to be able to speak through this fine soul once again and to so many dear children of God.   We are m...

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HEAVEN #4027 Come to Another Layer of Self-Discovery, December 4, 2011

{mainvote} God said: You question everything. Why do you question? What difference does all your questioning make? Why do you have to know all that you think you have to know? When you find out, then there is another question that gets in li...

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