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HEAVEN #4071 It Is Blessed to Give, January 17, 2012

{mainvote} God said: So long as you require other people to be what you believe you need them to be, you will be let down. Love does not come from need. It may feel like love to you, this need you feel, yet love comes from giving, not from n...

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HEAVEN #4067 A Dream You Haven’t Quite Awakened From, January 13, 2012

{mainvote} God said: Beloveds, you see big things in life and you see little things in life. You have even been known to make little things big and big things little. You transform events into space, and so call them big or little. You c...

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HEAVEN #4065 Life Is Like a Shepherd, January 11, 2012

{mainvote} God said: You are being stretched. There is no doubt about that. Life is stretching. By hook or by crook, life is going to make you flexible. It is also going to make you solid and strong. Right now you are learning to bend to lif...

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HEAVEN #4062 Dream and Claim, January 8, 2012

{mainvote} God said: On God, you can depend. You may not think so, for you have had the experience of being let down. Life may not have given you all that you desire. It may, on more than one occasion, have given you the opposite of what you...

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HEAVEN #4061 Love Is Like a Kiss from God , January 7, 2012

{mainvote} God said: It is true. Everything unto its season. And, yet, love is always in season. Love is never out of season. Love in your heart is already given, you understand. Love has its own rules, and one is that it gives of itself w...

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HEAVEN #4060 Opening the Front Door, January 6, 2012

{mainvote} God said: You are certain that no one, and certainly not you, would ever want to suffer. And yet there is something you get from suffering that seems to compensate for all your suffering. Have you ever felt: "Look at me. Look...

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HEAVEN #4057 Within Silence, Come Closer , January 3, 2012

{mainvote} God said: Let Us speak without words. Within silence, I speak to you. Within silence, We come closer. That is the whole purpose, isn't it? That We come closer? We come closer in the silence of Our love. We come so close th...

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HEAVEN #4055 Doing Your Best , January 1, 2012

{mainvote} God said: Everyone is doing the best he or she can do at the moment. Everyone. Whatever it is that someone did, at the time, he or she was doing the best he could. It doesn't matter if he knew better, for, in that moment, he d...

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