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As of today, many of you will be assigned new levels of interaction. Let us explain. For a very long time now, you have been followed very closely by a whole host of benevolent beings, all set up to make this journey of yours as little complicated as possible. That may sound like an overstatement, as "uncomplicated" is mayhaps not the first word that comes to mind regarding this process. However, let us just say that this labyrinth would have been an even more complicated maze to navigate did you not have the assistance of this ground crew, or rather, esoteric crew, to keep you going ahead despite all of the hardships you have had to endure this far. But now, as you have all risen to a new level of vibration, this "ground crew" has been replaced by a whole new one. They will accompany you on the next stretch of this journey, and we invite you all to connect with them in any way you can, and trust that you are indeed in good hands, even if they might seem a little bit unfamiliar to you at first. You see, they all know you intimately from before, as they have been following you from afar whilst others have kept up daily contact with you, so they know you literally to the very core of your being, and they will be well equipped to help you handle all of your needs from now on.

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Energetic Synthesis ~ April 2012 ~ Settling Accounts

  Lisa Renee     8 April 2012 Dear Family, During the course of entering the current Astrological year, which commences around the Equinox on March 21st, we have been host to a variety of explosive energies and important shifts in the planetary body and its relationship to the Solar, Galactic and Universal bodies.  The result of that [...]
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Parasitic fly creates "zombie bees" — a new factor explaining Colony Collapse Disorder

by Tara Green

(NaturalNews) Researchers at a California university have found a parasitic fly which causes honeybees to become disoriented and abandon their hives before dying, behavior which made one of the researchers compare them to zombies. Scientists believe this may be a contributing factor to Colony Collapse Disorder, which has decimated honeybee populations, affecting the honey market and the pollination of crops as well as raising concern about environmental toxins.

The insect version of a horror movie

The parasitic flies were discovered by chance when John Hafernik, professor of biology at San Francisco State University, collected some dead bees, found under a light on campus, as food for a praying mantis he had just captured. "Being an absent-minded professor, I left them in a vial on my desk and forgot about them. Then the next time I looked at the vial, there were all these fly pupae surrounding the bees."

The flies were later identified as Apocephalus borealis. The female A. borealis fly deposits its eggs into the bee's abdomen, and about a week later, mature fly larvae emerge from the host's head and thorax. Infected bees move their limbs in a jerky limb fashion and walk in circles. They leave their hives and seek bright lights as if they were moths rather than bees. They die shortly afterwards and as many as 13 parasite fly larvae may then crawl out from the body of their host.

One member of the research team, biology graduate student and study co-author Andrew Core, observed that the bees "kept . . . falling over. It really painted a picture of something like a zombie." The researchers found that bees which leave the hive to forage at night, rather than those that forage by day, seem most likely to become infected. In addition, the researchers believe the parasitic flies may multiply within a hive, infecting other members of the swarm, even pregnant queen bees.

The research team analyzed several hives in the both the Central Valley and Bay areas of Northern California and also some hives from South Dakota. Seventy-seven percent of the hives they sampled contained evidence of A. borealis. The scientists believe this may be a recent change in the behavior of this particular species of fly. The A. borealis fly has been known in the past to be a parasite of bumblebees and paper wasps but has not previously been known to inject its eggs into honeybees.


Double parasites, viruses and more

The researchers' findings add another clue to the mystery of CCD but also reveal how complicated the origins of that disorder are. Infected bees and their fly parasites were found to hold genetic traces of another parasite, Nosema ceranae. Analysis also revealed both parasite and host have a virus which causes wing deformities. These findings suggest that A. borealis may weaken hives in multiple ways.

The research team plans to use video monitoring and tiny radio tags to monitor hives for further research. Since they have so far only sampled hives from two states, they want to learn if the new parasitic behavior of A. borealis occurs in other areas. They hope to learn whether the "zombie bees" choose to leave the hive or if other members of the group sense their disease and drive them away to protect the swarm. They also hope to pinpoint the location in which bees become infected "We don't know the best way to stop parasitization, because one of the big things we're missing is where the flies are parasitizing the bees," stated Hafernik.

"We don't fully understand the web of interactions," said Hafernik. "The parasite could be another stressor, enough to push the bee over tipping point. Or it could play a primary role in causing the disease." Hafernik and Core's study was published in early January 2011 in the open access science journal PLoS ONE.







The Astral Collapse and Humanity’s Greatest Challenge

31 October 2011

Sacred Group at Pyramid!
Beloved Community of Self-Ascension!

The heartbeat that is pulsing through all of humanity is anchoring Unification! Those who choose to connect to the cosmic beam of love that has revealed itself again are experiencing unprecedented flow and miracle energy! As we allow the energy of presence to fully enter our life experience, we begin to notice that the gift of Unification is everywhere! We are free to witness the greater experience of our life journey: the blessing of seeing with Divine eyes the extraordinary gifts that are playing out in all forms now!

The amazing events that unfolded while in Egypt are beyond words. On October 25, joined by hundreds of loving people worldwide, we entered the Kings Chamber for our Divine appointment and the message from the Blue Starborn was so profound we are still harnessing it. Moving to the Sphinx we felt the love and support of those awakened to Unification and the energy was close to overwhelming. The Sphinx herself was beaming blue energy and prepared a sacred chamber for us to offer the final ceremony that would open the greater anchoring points for the planet.

Anchoring the gifted energy of Unification is a blessing and a commitment. It sends a clear signal to the universe that you have awoken, and that you are truly ready! As the people of Gaia are adjusting to the collapse of the 4th dimensional astral field into the third, more and more challenges are coming forward! This is divine timing and your choice to be awake through it has called you to be reading this article…right now!

Historic gatherings are gaining momentum as complacency is losing its grip and community is re-birthing in all forms. Each being is finding their expression and to witness this gift while holding the presence of Self-Ascension through Unification assists all to awaken once again. Our collective energies in Egypt were just the beginning as we usher in the cycle that is unfolding before us now.

Universal WorldTo fully understand the energetic re-alignments on the planet is a profound key to freedom through the shift! Please open your heart to the greater possibilities that are all playing out and click here (below) to read the full article on Astral Collapse.

There is much to share! As we enter November the full expansion of mastery will ignite ALL..regardless of intention! None will be left out. It is HOW we each ignite this energy that is the choice before us.

Astral Collapse
The Astral Collapse and Humanity’s Greatest Challenge!
by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa
Dimensional Overlays
At this moment of astounding awakening amongst humanity, there is simultaneously an "energetic dis-ease" that is sweeping across the planet. This ‘virus’ is unseen, yet exists almost everywhere. It has become part of the very atmosphere we breathe. This subtle energy penetrates its willing host with a sense of ’self’ that offers a perceived benefit to the ego of the host. It is non-physical and as such, those it inhabits are often oblivious to its influence. That is, it is an energy which empowers the ego, and if the host welcomes the initial sense of security that accompanies egoic empowerment, then it will anchor in the 7th chakra of the host and interfere with their authentic divine connection.

This energy cannot enter one’s experience unless it is called in.

With the collapse of the fourth dimension and the proximity of the fifth, this energy was triggered by the astral "collapse" which is now closely overlaid with current third dimensional experience. The 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions are tightly over-laid at this time and are often confused. it is possible to experience of any of these vibrational states while engaging a seemingly normal life. This is one of the greatest gifts of our moment and one of the greatest challenges!

We call in this disruptive energy from the astral by holding certain states of consciousness. Typically, a sense of righteousness or need to find fault in another opens the doorway to its presence. Anger, fear and judgment are signals to the astral that the ego-self is seeking reinforcement. This is literally food for stray astral energies that are seeking a new sense of "stability" and will harness your light as the gateway to do so.

Please bring a hand to your heart, take a deep breath and understand that there is nothing to fear! We are at a profound moment of spiritual maturity and the presence of this energy is offering the great gift of discernment. Fear, anger, righteousness all can be triggered through our interactions. However, your natural state of being, the energy of your soul, is peaceful, loving and joyful. The impulse to control others simply cannot be present when one is in soul consciousness. This is the state of softness that introduces greater connection and flow into your life experience.

Our hearts simply offer you this gift by sharing this revelation to sharpen your discernment. When fear or anger arise, it is a signal that your ego needs are not being met. These emotions offer a signal to breathe deeper and become mindful. These emotions remind us that we have a choice; we can anchor in the limited experience of the ego, or we can use the ego to help us choose an expanded experience.

The collapsed astral field is an energy that is supported by those who fear reunion and unification. Unification is a natural result for One who has resolved the individuated experience and aligns soul consciousness with Oneness. Reunion offers an embrace of all perspectives as consciousness expands beyond the preoccupations of fear-based ego.

Your consciousness is your domain, your playground of divine experience. Any who would seek to interfere with your path of awakening, your authentic divine reunion, are simply acting from impure motives stimulated by the collapsed astral energies seeking to self-perpetuate. This interfering energy is offered as a seduction, not a demand. Like the classic ‘deal with the devil,’ those who invite this energy into their consciousness discover an immediate sense of freedom because they will feel stronger or more empowered. This initial sense of empowerment is actually an entrapment…the seeming benefit is only a benefit to the ego.

The ego is an important ingredient in the human condition…it is fundamental to our existence and the ego has an important job. Its job is to keep us safe while we enjoy our individuated experience in a body. Yet, the ego was never intended to be the soul governing energy for the life experience here. The ego itself was enlarged or engineered to have greater governance by those known as the Illuminati.

The ego allows humans to be more easily controlled….it is a tissue that disconnects us from direct mystical connection with our Divine legacy. The ego is the self-identified limiting energy that people refer to as the veil. Yes, your ego is your veil. And it will gather around it those who also have the same veil as a means to self-perpetuate.

Those on a spiritual path recognize that fearful self-preoccupation will entrap one in duality. The ego is an individuated sense of self that identifies with the body, believes in separation and is empowered by pain. It is a powerful veil and only one who is truly dedicated in their spiritual surrender will master the ego.

Mastery is very tricky, for the ego can not be dissolved….it is needed to have a healthy life on earth. So the ego itself must learn that the soul, the authentic Self, is loving, wise, and a non threatening companion in consciousness. Over time, the ego surrenders its need to govern the life of the person as it surrenders to the unconditional love of the soul.

The immature ego thrives on control and attention. It welcomes the seduction of the astral energy. The ascended ego experiences the trust of knowing that its needs will be met, for this ego has witnessed the spiritual path of the person and seen the healing first hand. Your ego is useful when you confront the creations of density, for it affords you a vehicle for interaction. Later, when enlightenment is recognized, the need for the ego is lessened. Then the ego simply rests.

Life is a journey and a gift. If you are aware of your soul, then you must chose to champion your awakening or your awareness will become a concept that is talked about, not a reality that is lived.

We are literally experiencing the birth of a new cycle, a shift of the ages. This transition stimulates great energy and with energy comes great creativity. Already many on this planet are using this energy to feed their wallets, to capture natural resources and to discount the worthiness of other beings. And many on the planet are using the energy to expand creation and harnessing the energy to dissolve their legacy of separation and embrace oneness. All options are available, and as a consensus is reached, the qualities of the next cycle are set in motion.

There is an astral "virus" spreading across the globe. The gift is that you can use this information to WAKE UP … to enliven your resolve to unplug from density. Otherwise the virus will support you to perpetuate the essence that has entrapped humanity for millennia. The virus offers a strong and powerful spiritualized ego to those who want spirit. It will empower fear and struggle for those who believe that they will never be good enough. By encouraging the ego, this virus offers the continued experience of what the ego has already demonstrated, namely duality, suffering and endless rebirths.

There is no one to save. There are only discernments to embrace and choices to make.

Self-Ascension is a loving choice that has been re-gifted to the planet for those who choose it. To fully awaken to your spiritual maturity and claim your spiritual Self-Ascension is a slender thread easily lost from view when the hypnosis of emotion and ego color our vision. Be with those who are awake to nourish your own awakening and you will discover that the most beautiful gifts are still ahead and ready to anchor now.

We love you.



The Planet X Debacle: Overcoming the Armageddon Scenario

Patricia Cori /4 June 2003 I have been asked on several occasions to elaborate a Sirian perspective on the latest Armageddon scenario, the projected arrival in June 2003 of the so-called Planet X (Nebiru). With it, according to a host of ominous forecasts, is to come a range of dreaded outcomes such as the reversing of Earth’s poles, nuclear winter and the eternal ‘end of the world’ scenario. T…