Bashar: To the images we are imparting to them, telepathicly, that you look of course very different then they do, and actualy they are even wondering how you can even stand up.
Men: I wonder that myself.
Bashar: its not that they have not encountered other by penal forms, but because they are so initiatly 4 legged, it always seems a little bit mysterious to them and curious to them that something can actualy balance on 2, and so they wonder it that, and it is part of theire appreciation of the differences.
Men: Now tell me this for that creature to be that type of creature, it had to start from some level of consioussness first right, just like we started from a level of consioussness, that then produced my being?.

Bashar: Well if you mean it that way yes, altough remember that on the spirit level we are al the same kind of consioussness, choosing to experience incarnations in a variety of forms, but as you mean the consioussness of the material evolutionary world it self yes, there where what you would call primary forms, before the form that is now in existence.
Men: I see, and that primary form is the same for all species throughout the entire universe.?
Bashar: No no no no no, i'm saying that in theire environment there was an initial form that actualy had 8 legs, and over time evolved into that wich has 4, and has grown larger in its domain, and has become in your terms capable of supporting incarnational spirit mixed pressing inteligence in a way that you would recognize, as a civilization.
Men: Ah okay!! well its true that everything is expressed from consioussness first?
Bashar: Well everything is Consioussness, of course on that context yes, if you wanna call that the primal form then yes, everything starts from the same primal consioussness, but it doesn't realy express itself as one form ,per say, Its formless, does that makes sense?.
Men: Yes, then it could choose the form that wants to matter.
Bashar: Yes and it chooses all forms, The primal Consioussness chooses all forms that it can choose.
Men: So thats why there is no limitation to it.
Bashar: Correct!!.
Men: You know thats the one thing i was getting from your talk earlier that, We are Un-godli , Un-limited and its so.
Bashar: Un-godli?!!.
Men: Well you know what i mean, and its so interesting that we realy boxed ourself into this quote on quote corner of humanity.
Bashar: Yes.
Men: Why, when we are so much bigger then, Its amazing.
Bashar: Thats the mystery of it and the fascination of it and the beauty of it and the power of it, is that you can do that, being such unlimited beings, thats why you are so fascinating to so many species, cause thats why we call you the Masters of Limitation.
Men: Yea i heard you say that several times.
Bashar: Theire are not many civilizations we have encountered that have imposed the same degree of limitation upon theire experience of life and this to us is a form of mastery
Men: Because the default behavior is to not be like that?.
Bashar: In that sense you can call it the default behavior yes, The default state of being is to be unlimited but also at the same time to experience absolute limitation asswell thats the polarity, and everything in between, but as you meant it yes, Recognizing that puts you in a state of higher awareness yes.
Men: Wow, cool, this has been a very interesting seminar so far so thank you.
Bashar: Thank you.
Men: Have a good day.
Bashar: I will.

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