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Power To People Now ! Lightworkers Unite !

8 May 2012

Laura Tyco

I feel so privileged to be one of the witnesses of the massive world awakening we are all here for. It has been a long journey for us all I feel and if you are anything like me, you must feel just about ready for a long vacation in the warmest, sweetest spot in the Universe, where nothing ever has to be done!

Over the past 4 months I had a very trying time: university, family ill, friends died suddenly, have avoided being blown up, avoided car crashes, various disappointments in friendships, the list goes on…

However, I still feel uplifted by the latest updates coming from people like David Wilcock, Bill Brockbrader, Drake and Benjamin Fulford, and of course I am delighted with the love and support from all light beings.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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Major Mind Expansion! My my entire self.

30 April 2012

I'm so excited to report an awesome ascension experience. Like many lightworkers, for years I have been taking in energy through my various chakras, and also releasing energy through my crown chakra, sometimes through my feet down to the earth. I feel these energy exchanges in a very powerful way. I have experienced the opening of all chakras, and have also felt vertical connections being created between the chakras. Several other lightworkers have posted their experience of becoming a light post, a beam of light, a pillar of light, etc., connecting heaven and earth.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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The Recalibration of "Shoulds"

Lee Carroll a message from Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll

Thursday, 26 January, 2012  at Patagonia  (posted 26 April, 2012)

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Have you started to feel it yet? There's a difference in your perception, which makes it easier for you to come along with me to a quantum place. The ship [Cruise Ship] isolates you from the land just enough to suspend the reality of your everyday life. By the time you end this cruise, you will have bonded with the family with an energy of joy.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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Angry, Snarly, Sad? YEAH!

Welcome to Brenda's Blog

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s April 22, 2012 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at Your recent sadness, anger and fear are not a return to the Old Age. Those feelings are your physical Lightworker being shifting dramatically – birthing itself.

The Creation Energies BlogTalkRadio show contains different material than that channeled for Brenda’s Blog even though both may be on the same or similar topic as is true this week.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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SaLuSa 16-April-2012

When we speak of our allies we generally refer to those who are Lightworkers» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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Empathy, Sympathy and Compassion—Do You Know the Difference

Mastering Alchemy     By Roxane Burnett Many “Lightworkers” believe they are contributing and helping others by offering sympathy or empathy to those in trouble or in pain. There is a vast difference between empathy, sympathy and compassion. I would like to suggest you choose compassion the next time someone you care for is not doing well. [...]» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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SaLuSa 09-March-2012

What a journey you are having through duality, and one day you will be able to bring to mind any lifetime that you wish to check out. Your present consciousness level is such that very few people can do it in a controlled manner, but sometimes you get a short recall out of the blue. It can occur when you visit places or countries that have a past life meaning to you. Occasionally it is something simple like a smell, or a familiarity with a certain period in your history.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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