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Ships of song: Potential

{mainvote} Wednesday, March 14, 2012 Celebrate the miracle of today and each miracle that comes thereafter. Do not allow self-doubt of choices hinder the possibility and the potential in your life. You are not predestined to a...

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TAUK Message from God – 13 March 2012 – Use your Power of Creation

{mainvote} Posted: 13 Mar 2012 11:05 AM PDT Laura: This message is a channeled message, please use discernement with all channeled material. You are now beginning to realize why there have been so many efforts being made in order t...

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Heavenletter #4127 Be Like the Moon, March 13, 2012

{mainvote} God said: When it is very hard for you to remove anguish from your heart, picture that there are wooden beads in your heart. For every anguish, take out a wooden bead and throw it so far away that it is never seen again. You can d...

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Scientists Learning to Control Antimatter

{mainvote} By Chris Capps 3/8/12 The story of antimatter has been a long and arduous one, with the precious and apparently rare matter in such small trace amounts that humanity may have difficulty gathering it for its more ambitious use...

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St. Germaine, To Whom It May Concern

{mainvote} 12 March 2012 Channeler: hilarion To Whom It May Concern 3.11.2012 You look to your leaders, the " authorities ", for God within them, greatness within them, consciousness and goodness within them, or...

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Cosmic Awareness Newsletter 2012-01

{mainvote} 7 March 2012 Channeler: Will Berlinghof Well...Anasazi1 just made me realize that there was no Cosmic Awareness message posted here recently,so here's the most recent one avaiable right one,as the CAC newsletter is for mem...

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The Divine Spark

{mainvote} 6 March 2012 Teacher: Orneaha De Paoli Inhale, deeply into your core. Follow the breath. Feel clearly and be aware as your body naturally accepts the breath as it enters and glides gently down through you. The breath ...

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Angel of March is Trust

{mainvote} By Kathy Inspirational Message Move from a place of knowing within you rather than as a result of adaptation to outer experience. Let go of you assumptions and need to control life's creative process. It does not ma...

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