The Great Awakening ~ The Prophecy Fulfilled

By Alaenura

This is an Activation Tool Designed to Align you to your Evolution…

The Shift is taking Place…

This Indeed is the Time of great Change…

All is perfect and in Alignment with Grace…

11:11 gateway of 11/112011

The Last 11:11 Portal is on the date 11th November 2011

This Activation ~ Will Open the floodgates of Heaven and inter dimensional existence…
We have an opportunity to collectively Ascend and transform Life Love and Living as we have known it…
Duality is shifting and we are now at the threshold of a new paradigm…

The Old will be No More

As more and More people wake up to this knowing, we step into our sovereign selves and activate our Divine Inheritance..
And by so doing so we Completely raise the vibration through out the planet…

Take time to be silent and in your heart

Much will be transformed to make way for the NEW

Remember your Wings

Together We Fly Information
The tantric language of light…



"Our Beloved Ascending Ones,
You notice that we no longer call you “grounded ones.” We have changed your names because you have changed your frequency of resonance.

It is because of this shift in your resonant frequency that you are all having symptoms of transformation. These symptoms are particular to each person, as each of you has a “weak link,” which is the function or area of your earth vessel that resonates to the lowest frequencies.

These lowest freuqency areas of you body are places in which you have habitually stored your stress and fear-based emotions.
It is time now for you to “empty the trash.” It is release of stored stress and fear that is causing your many symptoms and physical sensations of discomfort.

We want to tell you that from our perspective, many of you are almost completed with this process. Your journey through the 11.11.11 Portal will assist you completely release all that resonates to a frequency lower than love. In fact, most of you are preparing for this release in your daily life by choosing to focus on what you love and finding that it is extremely tiresome to perform certain mundane tasks.
What is actually happening is that you are “putting in your order” for the reality to which you wish to resonate. You see, New Earth is not far away in another place. New Earth is a resonance, a frequency of Earth.

This frequency has been “held in place” so to speak, for the entire “time” of physical earth. New Earth is the bookmark that holds the frequency Path back to your Multidimensional SELF. Due to the extreme challenge of the Kali Yuga, Dark Night of Gaia’s Soul, many of you have lost your way.

The 11.11.11 Portal, which will be opened and experienced by our Ascending Ones, will be held open within your consciousness.
With your Path Home to New Earth open, all of our Openers will progressively activate higher and higher states of consciousness. Let us explain the term “Openers.”

YOU are the Openers. All of you that consciously and unconsciously, via dreams and imagination, will be the first ones to open your own Inner Portals. We say “Inner Portals,” for all roads to the higher dimensions are traveled from within. Once you have opened your Portals, you will hold these Portals open until the NOW of Gaia’s Planetary Ascension.

If you think you are having symptoms now, wait until you are holding open a Portal to the fifth dimension. However, with this immensely increased flow of multidimensional light and unconditional love, your process will swiftly be completed.
In other words, 11.11.11 opens the Door/Portal. Some of you will hold this Door opened to assist Gaia in Her ascension process, and some of you will go through the Door to prepare the way for others.

However, usually, those who open the Portal, will hold that Portal open for as long as possible. This means that, “The first shall be the last.” Or “The Captain stays with the Ship” until the very last moment.
There will be no sense of sacrifice for these dear Openers for they will simultaneously be experiencing both the reality of closing 3D Earth AND the reality of blossoming 5D Earth.
The process of consciously experience two realities at once, will fully activate your Multidimensional Operating System and put you in constant contact with your Multidimensional SELF. Will you be able to always be conscious of this constant connection? That will be your next challenge. For those of you who have volunteered to hold the Portals open, your powers of creation will be greatly amplified. In fact, we see that many of you are already having this experience.
With your thoughts and emotions becoming manifest at a increasingly immediate rate, you will need to focus on BEING the Master of your Energy.

Remember, your energy is the state of consciousness that you have created for yourself by allowing certain thoughts and emotions to be held within your aura. Furthermore, by standing in the “opened doorway” your energy will be emanating out into the aura of Ascending Gaia more than ever. We tell you of your challenge with complete confidence that you will be able to successfully fulfill your chosen Mission.

In fact, we know that in the reality to which you are ascending, you have already fulfilled this Mission. If you listen to our last sentence with your 3D, time-bound thinking, you will be very confused.

Your third dimensional thinking is one of the first things that you will need to release.
The best way to release this outdated thinking is to accept the Flow of unconditional love that we send to your NOW! Unconditional love is the healing force of the Multiverse and the highest frequency of transmutation.
You are told on your airplane rides, “In case of emergency, place your oxygen mask on your self first so that you can place it on others too.” In the same manner, we say, unconditionally love your self first, so that you can better unconditionally love others.

The Council of Twelve via Radio Ann: Keep Calm and Carry On

21 October 2011

Channeler: Ann A.

The Council of Twelve to me, Oct. 20, 2011:
We are the Council of Twelve. We see that you are in a better place today, and we would like to comment on that. Many lightworkers are experiencing mood swings; periods of feeling connected and disconnected. This is to be expected. There is so much going on in the inner planes that the manifestation in your physical reality is something like a bumper car ride at the amusement park-only it's not always entirely amusing.

No one said the transition to a higher plane of consciousness would be completely smooth and without difficulty. The changes that are underway are monumental. There is no denying that for some people on some days, ascension seems like a distant dream, or worse, like some sort of scam. We can assure you that your cadre of fellow aspirants experience all sorts of things, and this is natural.

Not every aspect of life will change upon ascending; you will still have good days and bad days. But your bad days will be as good as your good days used to be, if you follow. The entire human family is getting an upgrade. But all is relative. You'll soon be used to a new paradigm in which a bad day may be a slight lowering of vibration and not a complete breakdown of emotion, relationships, finances, motor vehicles, etc. Do you understand?

Your new reality is already underway. When you feel a bit out of sorts, a bit disconnected, perhaps doubting the entire construct of ascension, just breathe it out. Let doubt blow through you like you're a chain link fence. Soon you'll all be used to the new world. The bumps and bruises of birthing this new reality will be like a child who falls and scrapes a knee – nothing to get excited about, no big reason for concern, and certainly no need for drama. Just live each day with gratitude and love. A year from now, you'll look back and see how far humanity has come. We are so full of . . . we don't even have a word for how we feel. We're just full. We love you. Stay strong and carry on. The Council.

Inelia Benz: Agreement – our choice.

By Inelia Benz

Create your realityWe don't walk in reality, we agree what reality is, we then have an experience in it.

And since we moved paradigms into the next "level", this fact has to be part of our basic education.  At this new paradigm, it can no longer be an unconscious game.

Our agreement is personal, at a singular being level, and also collective at various levels.  We, each, belong to different collectives.  One is our immediate reality shared by others who live, or are, close to us at a physical level.  Another could be ideological agreement, another could be national, and another could be species collective.

Even at a species level, we could form part of various collectives, the ones who added genetic material to our "evolution".  Or, the collective where we spent most of our evolutionary path on.  Many concentric circles (circles inside circles), which "forms" our reality.

What we experience, from a personal point of view, as well as social point of view, is what we agree with others is "real".

One might say, "well, I don't agree with the war in XYZ, so why is it still happening?"  And that is an excellent question, you see, we just moved away from a reality where those who knew how the game worked, worked very hard to make a very specific type of game.  One based on fear.  And, everyone being born inside that particular game, was sucked into the fear.  So, some will experience war, either in their own homes, or hear about it on the telly.

The blind following of the "masses" with regard war, murder, fear, paying for living on the planet, or whatever other ridiculous belief they hold to be necessary, creates the consensus of the human collective.

But there is something else that is happening and not being reported for fear, on the part of the powers that were, that it will annihilate them.  And they are right, it will.


The awakening, and disagreement of the masses to being led where they don't want to go.  There has NEVER in the presently accessible history of human kind, ever been so many awakening teachers, or individuals deeply wanting to advance in their own personal evolution.  NEVER.   There has never been such free access to information to anyone who wants it in the history of human kind.  There has never been so much disagreement with having to pay to live on the planet, having to "accept" war, famine, or pestilence, or natural disasters.  There has NEVER been so many individuals and groups actively focusing their attention and intention on natural events, human created disasters and other potentially catastrophic happenings, and STOPPING THEM.

The powers that were are trying harder than ever, trying to create disasters, using the Fear Machine to the max, but it is not working for them.  Individuals are saying, "NO", and opening their hearts instead.  The tremendous movement to create a society that only cares about personal survival above all else has collapsed.  More and more individuals will put themselves on the firing line to give a chance those who are cannot help themselves yet, to give them enough time to wake up.  Enough time to see that they are not victims after all, that they are in fact powerful eternal beings who can take charge of their own experience on the planet.

One might think, well, if we are influencing others, by casting our agreement or disagreement vote, are we not dictating what happens to them?  And the answer is "no".  You see, they are as powerful as you are. And guess what, they will move into a reality where your agreement doesn't win, but their does.  And you move into one where your agreement rules.  Multiple timelines.  Compatible vibrations congregate in compatible realities.  There are not "right" or "wrong" realities, there are just different ones.  Eventually this will mean that we move into a new form of experience, one based on a type of cosmic dance where we are the choreographers.  At the moment, of course, there are those who are fighting tooth and nail to stop us from casting our vote.  And… from teaching the masses that each person, each man, woman and child is an EXTREMELY POWERFUL INDIVIDUAL.  An individual that, when he or she finally accepts this fact, process all his or her fear around it, and around others being just as powerful, will be able to move through time and space in all directions, and no longer create an unconscious, or fear reality based on someone else' vision of what their life should be like.

I agree with an empowered collective, where each and every individual has the power to CONSCIOUSLY create his or her reality.  It's a big ability which comes with a huge response-ability.  Are you ready for it?  If that question gave you a twinge of fear, go and process that fear right away :)

Choose a person, situation, location, personal topic, or worldwide event, that you do not agree with.  Then, draw a red circle around it, and a line across it.  Say the words, "I do not agree with this".  Next, visualize what you would like to see, what you do agree with, and place a green tick next to it. It is very, very simple, and quick. So much so, that one might think it is not life changing, but it is.  Try it.  Try it with the big things, and the little things. Use it every day, and watch. Inelia Benz 

Pleiadian Light Force 9/11/11

11 September 2011

Channeler: El Anora


Once more, from The Pleiadian Star Cluster, my name is Ja-Shahn, and it is with joy, and the most humblest, sincerest, and grateful respect, and admiration, that I am able to participate in this experience with you, in this way, and at this time. Thank you, dearest sentient life forms, for allowing all of us, this beautiful opportunity.

If you would permit me, to communicate humbly, on some of your subjects, and on various philosophies present on your home station, I would be most grateful to do so.

One of the discussions that was had by myself, Tarlasha, and Sorrana, consisted of possibly implementing a new layer of energetic construction over top the current layer that exists here on earth. A layer, in a less dense part right above your current awareness, which would allow those whom chose, to move more easily into the new paradigm being prepared for you, but we would like your input on such a change, as we are here only to assist you in this process, never to interfere.

We have not quite moved into your Solar System yet, and we do not have plans at this time to do so, but we are in contact with you, and will continue to monitor, and guide your process. We send out what are called "pulses", that are frequency ranges that can be picked up if you are attuned to them, very much like encoded messages. And these vibrational "pulses", help to unlock certain frequency ranges in your life-source energized expression on earth in the 3 dimensional convex, bilateral, duality, plane.

A model of comparison, to decide where you are in the progress of your conscious direction toward The Universal Cosmic Love, is to examine your thoughts about self, the way in which you love self will be a reflection, of this experience.

Subjects defined as Joy, Humility, Compassion, and Universal Love, are expressions, within, our experience, and we share these teachings with heartfelt gratitude, and the sincerest respect.

Questions that have been offered to us are: "Will this be the end of the world? How can I feed my family? Will compassion be enough? What if this is all in my head? Are there really alien civilizations? What is the agenda of the new Shadow Empire? Will this come to pass? Who are you all really? How do we know if we can trust you? And how does what you teach fit into the new paradigm system?"

A very small sample of the questions in our database, we thank you sincerely for such thoughtful questions, and we are grateful to you for creating them, that we may answer them, and if I may, with sincere love and the most humble peace, answer them here, I would be grateful to be able to do so.

"Will this be the end of the world?"

It is a suggestion, that, if a one would be willing, then we pose re-direction and re-examination, to focus on the thoughts, perceptions, and patterns of hearts expression, and to stay "heart-space" at all times. It is, not in our capability, to answer directly such a question, for knowledge of the future is limited, even in our capacity, and we would rather, not express, "This will be so or this shall not be so, or maybe", as we are aware this could potentially be a violation of free will.

"How can I feed my family?"

When a one enters "heart-space", and this one comes to experience all as without "lack", that experience of fulfillment within, brings to a one, all that a one desires.

"What if this is all in my head?"

We would simply, and most humbly say, examine a one's thoughts about such feelings, and in the light of such thoughts, an answer will come from "heart-space".

"Are there really alien civilizations?"

Yes, we are present. Thank you for this question, as it is not intended to prove our presence one way or the other, as this would be in violation of free will, only to participate in the experience of those who are open to that experience.

"What is the agenda of the new Shadow Empire?"

We advise, that if one is interested in this subject, that there are many authors who talk heavily on this area, we are not "personally", or directly, involved in this pathway to enlightenment.

"Will this come to pass?"

Every expression has potential, but it is always in the realm of choice. We humbly suggest to adopt a "wait and see" approach and allow one to re-focus on intention.

"Who are you all really?"

Sentient, Cosmic, Life forms, developing and expressing, our continued growth and evolution, in Universal Cosmic Love. We do not have form that, humbly, one could understand. We simply express form, through the pathway of one's highest thought, and highest self, to provide communication potential.

"How do we know if we can trust you?"

We humbly thank you for this question, and we would point to a teaching on one's home, "Trust is earned". We would like the opportunity to earn "Trust" through action, expression, humility, love, and communion.

"And how does what you teach fit into the new paradigm system?"

Thank you for this question. We designed several new paradigms before 2000, some after 2000, and some re-published toward 2011, and we would guide one to examine this body of knowledge, channeled through kind, loving, and generous ones, who gave us the opportunity to communicate through them. At this point in expression, we are most focused upon Universal Cosmic Love, and assisting in the process of helping one to achieve such an experience.

Thank you, dear Sentient life forms, for allowing this one to speak to you today, and to humbly answer questions pertaining to continued expression and experience.


Why Is Addiction The epidemic of Our Time?

Caroline Myss a message from Caroline Myss

Friday, 19 August, 2011

Why has our society morphed into a society of addicts? You may balk at that question, thinking, “I’m not an addict,” but if that is your response, then you need to redefine your understanding of what qualifies as an addiction. In addition to substances, addictions include attitudes and actions. Addictions are, in effect, a choice to remain unconscious in an age rapidly moving toward a new paradigm of consciousness. This approach to addictions is wide enough to encompass a spectrum of human behaviors that should rightly be thought of as addictive: The need to control; The need for vengeance; The addiction to procrastination and excuses; and The need to blame others, present or past, for one’s personal actions. These are all forms of addictions, behavioral patterns we automatically fall into and indeed rely upon on a daily basis to get us through our stressful moments. That’s exactly what the more obvious addictions such as drugs and alcohol or over-eating do, only these addictive patterns are far less costly, at least so far as the dollar is concerned.

To be clear, addiction and the addict have always been part of the human experience. History is replete with stories of great excesses in many societies. Ancient Rome stands out as almost the template of the excessive society, with endless everything – from sexual slaves to any type of entertainment the ruling class wanted, to endless banquets of endless goodies. Ancient Rome knew how to have a good time, no doubt about it – until the good times ran out.

Throughout history, the mainstream culprit was alcohol, which could be found anywhere, at anytime. Alcohol was not limited to a particular social class. During the Middle Ages and later centuries in Western Europe, wine and beer were the drinks of choice because the water within towns and cities was toxic due to human waste. Alcohol was no different from water – imagine that. But then water systems were purified and the custom of drinking tea was introduced into society, giving people alternatives to wine and beer. Coffee made its way into Western Europe, though not so successfully into Britain as it did continental Europe. But tea and coffee would hardly reduce the social appetite for wine and beer, rum and gin, and other such delights, now well ingrained into the human DNA.

Fast forward to serious drugs: Later centuries saw the rise of opium dens in Asia, thanks to the British, and then throughout aristocratic Russia and the rest of Europe and the 19th Century world. Opium and its derivatives changed the social and financial fabric of the world and these drugs continue to have a hold on it. But in the early days, such drugs were the delicacies of the elite, who viewed them as high-risk pleasures and the dark side of society. They had not penetrated into the mainstream public and they would not until after World War II, the war that changed the world. In other words, though drug addiction existed, it was contained.

So, what makes us naturally inclined toward addictions? Whether alcohol, drugs, sex, technology, Internet communication/emails, gossiping, power, cruelty, exercise, or food, the fact is we are by nature addicts. We are always seeking some way, some method, some means through which we can escape our ordinary state of consciousness, if only for thirty minutes of distraction or a temporary physical buzz brought on by a glass of wine or a candy bar no one sees us eat, or drugs that make us feel good. We can’t stop ourselves – and that is a fact.

I recently parked my car in a small parking lot near my home because I needed to take my dog to the groomer. I glanced over at the car next to me. I didn’t want to stare but I couldn’t help it. A woman suffering from morbid obesity was jamming a Burger King Whopper into her mouth with her left hand while holding a handful of fries in her right. On the dashboard was positioned a second burger, ready to be striped of its wrapping in a nano-second and consumed in two minutes. I wondered what excuse she had told her co-workers for having to step out of the office at 10:00 AM? Did she tell them she had a doctor’s appointment or that she forgot something at home? Did her coworkers actually know she was charging off for a midmorning snack? Would she even remember, come lunchtime, that she had just consumed enough calories for two days? Who knows? But is this woman any different from the politician addicted to power? Or the Wall Street banker addicted to money? Or Rupert Murdoch, addicted to control of the media and political influence? Addictions are, in the end, all the same.

Today addictive consciousness thrives. It is an epidemic out of control. And it is a paradox in that we live at a time when “consciousness” – which is to say, becoming “conscious” – is a much sought after goal within the very societies in which addiction is most prevalent. The addicted consciousness is the antithesis of the “consciousness” of someone on a path of liberating oneself of the very anchors of illusions that weigh one into the illusions of physical matter. From the perspective of this turning point of the times we are living in, however, nothing makes more sense than this paradox – the two polarities of consciousness pulling against each other like the opposite sides of a stretched out rubber band. But isn’t that typical of the nature of change? Just as war arises, so does a peace movement? Just as awareness of our need to care for an environment in crisis emerges, so do politicians claiming climate change is nonsense. Oppositional forces are the agents of change – they always have been.

In our society, the popular belief is that addiction is an illness that needs to be treated. Going into a treatment center and proceeding through the now very familiar 12-Step program is thought to be one of the most effective methods of helping a person withdraw from their addiction. It is effective for many people. For others, the addiction is so powerful that a 24-Step program would not be enough to break the hold. That type of hold is more than just an addiction; it is a possession. A person’s consciousness is absent and the replacement is a type of artificial intelligence that is madly driven by the appetites of the five-sensory world. It is virtually impossible, if not totally impossible, to communicate with a person whose consciousness has entered into the “realm of cravings.” Those of you who have lost people to addiction know exactly what I am talking about. 

In this workshop, I will introduce a model that examines addiction as a journey through Ten Worlds of Consciousness, one of which is the “realm of cravings,” There are nine other realms, all of which speak of the depths and complexity of human nature. Addiction is a stage of consciousness that every single human being progresses through – make no mistake about that.
I hope you’ll consider joining me and for those who cannot attend, I welcome your questions on Facebook.

© 2011 - Caroline Myss is a New York Times best-selling author whose books include Anatomy of the Spirit, Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, Sacred Contacts, and Entering the Castle. Defy Gravity: Healing Beyond the Bounds of Reason, will be published by Hay House in October 2009.
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