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Our Galactic Family Of Light Sfhs 21 May 2012 Clarification On The Message Of 20th May

Laura: a few people found it confusing when you have said that not everybody has a Higher Self, but that it is possible for all to develop one. Would you care to clarify more, please.

Sfhs: Of course I will. It is important to understand that there is an evolution of souls going on through experience, but also a development for every individual soul.

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Laura Tyco – TAUK with Sfhs – Celestial and Hearts Alignment 20 May 2012

Dear friends, we are here all together on this magical day where celestial bodies, as well as human bodies and hearts align in hope and love for a better world. We are with you, from our spaceships, and energetically we are around you, even though you may not sense our energetic presence. We are surrounding you with love and so much hope.


Today is an important day, so please make sure you are enjoying it and are doing your scheduled meditation.» › › Read the full article by clicking here » › ›

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