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Bruce Cathie – In or Out of Harmony?

{mainvote} Source: www.bibliotecapleyades.net One summer evening in 1952, a young New Zealand pilot and several friends stood outside at an Auckland airfield watching what could only be described as a UFO. For Bruce Cathie it marked the ...

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We Once Powered the Whole Planet

{mainvote} Adama through Diane Robbins, Jan. 2012 http://lovelightwithin.blogspot.com/ Greetings, our dearest soul daughter on Earth. We are the Crystal Kingdom [Agartha] yearning to continue our dialogue with you. Know that we do rememb...

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The History of MIT’s Blatant Suppression of Cold Fusion

{mainvote} A stunning report written by the late Eugene Mallove details the efforts of professors, researchers, and even the former President of MIT to squash cold fusion at all costs. If you have any doubt that Pons and Fleischmann had enemies ...

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Weekly LightBlast: Quality of Life

{mainvote} a message from Jamye Price Thursday, 5 January, 2012  (posted 6 January, 2012) 2012.  Can you believe we’re really here?!  What is it truly all about?  Ultimately, that is for you to decide.  Yo...

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Wes Annac ~Played~Upon Separation and the Distrust of the Galactic Federation

{mainvote} By Wes Annac Picture left: A Female-Human Extraterrestrial This post originates from a comment I posted on Ashtar Command, on a blog post entitled ‘GFL Cover Up’. In my opinion, that blog post is jus...

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Joy and Happiness

{mainvote} A Message from Lord Ling Channeled by: Julie Miller January 05, 2012 Hello dear children, I was filled with exquisite JOY when I knew I was coming forth to deliver a message to all of you. Many of you know me better as Moses. ...

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{mainvote} 4 January 2012 Channeler: Ute By Ute Posegga-Rudel   Dear Friends and Readers of my Blog! In my report “The Elohim and the Ascension Plan for Earth and Humanity” I have been referring to my connect...

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Wheel of the Year Reading for 2012

{mainvote} 2 January 2012 Maryann Introduction: I do readings for people (have for many years) this year I have been doing a wheel of the year reading which is a month to month look at the upcoming year, the year 2012 - world events and ...

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