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Message from Ra


1 May 2012

Channeler: Rosalie Muir

I Am Ra

Greetings dear Beloveds, I am honoured to be manifest within your energies at this time of the year 2012. What an exciting and grand time you have chosen to incarnate at this ti...

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Self Mastery-I Am Ra


27 July 2011  

Channeler: Rosalie Muir

I am Ra and I come today to say “Well Done” to so many who are dedicated to their path ,the path you chose to be here at this time......the efforts & int...

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Isis ~ Heart to Heart


29 May 2011   Channeler:  Rosalie Muir

I am Isis ,

Beloved ones I wish to confirm for you the way of the heart as it was in Ancient times of Egypt. I often hear from people that to feel ,think or act from the...

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Messages from Ra !


Rosalie Muir

A Prelude leading up to this Channeling I would like to share with you as it may help others this happens to ......... Yesterday my Sunday I awoke got up & cooked breakfast and suddenly all...

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