This book was written by Sol, a I met over on . This book is awesome, it is great for exploring the possibilities of your existence. – Seth D8

Who would you be if you could be anyone? go anywhere? do anything? Well, you can! Luke Soloman show you how.

Luke is more than merely self-conscious. He is sui generis, literally believing himself into being. Beginner’s Luke is the first novel in a of madcap adventures that, collectively, make up the imaginary life of this lovably irreverent modern-day Walter Mitty.

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A respected New York publisher, whose authors a Book Award finalist in to dozens of prestigious award winners, the author a contract (subsequently declined) for the Beginner’s Luke Series, which made it out of a yearly “slush pile” of nearly 8,000 manuscripts.

While titillating in the rambunctious of Henry Miller and Jack Kerouac, this extraordinary début to become a “cult classic” equally impresses as a work of literary art. Luke’s signature obsessions with self, sex, satire and slapdash highlight a serious point: consciousness creates. The point is there is a point to living in the imagination—for only through it can we reinvent ourselves and our world.

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