Observing Silent Stillness

Observing the Silent Stillness!

This morning while doing my regular A.M. ritual, I was going to get my morning caffeine from DD’s. I was walking down the street on a beautiful sunny morning, then with on , the world went completely silent. There was not a sound in the air, anywhere, it was completely silent. The street, trees everything was in a state of stillness. I could observe some cars down the street, even a police car zooming by, but I couldn’t even here them or have their motion take my awareness away from the silent stillness I was experiencing.

I immediately started my thought clearing meditation to truly enjoy this moment of pure bliss. I brought the silent stillness of my outer world within. I felt so loved and so in with everything around me. Especially living trees, flowers and the air around me, I also felt a sense of understanding a connection to mother earth and all she has provided us. The wood for the houses, the granite for the curbs, the soil from which everything and is nourished. Then my connection shifted towards the manmade objects around me. The harnessing of the power in the power lines, the connectedness achieved with the telephone lines, shelter built to protect, transportation so we can travel great distances. But all of this still in one way or another has been at some level from mother earth providing the ingredients to make such things possible. I felt such a deep connection with her and the glorious job she is doing providing me with every need before I ever needed it.

Then, I would say about 1 block later, I began sounds again. And as quickly as the stillness came it was gone. I know I truly needed that moment of silent stillness to go within and recharge my batteries so to speak. I have been a very busy man, creating, creating, creating both personally and professionally. Down to it I am working or creating something a good 12-16 hours a day and I often forget to take a moment and observe the silent stillness provided too us every moment. I often am running on the high of manifesting my inner outwardly through my art. This was a very refreshing moment I had today. And the lesson is sometime, no matter what’s going on in my life, I should into observing the silent stillness which exists there for me to perceive.

Have you perceived any silent stillness lately?


Seth D8