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Saving Energy, Reduces Warming Pollutants!
This week we had NSTAR, our local power , come out and a check of our meter because our power has been escalating out of control for several months now.  They where very helpful, when they came out they brought our power usage, year over year, and of ways we could save a bit on our bill.
At this point my roommate and I where willing to do anything because our bill had doubled, so for the most point this out as a financial savings not a green one.  The representative told us we could save about 5-13% of our power by switching to energy efficient compact florescent bulbs.  He said they where more expensive, but they lasted allot longer and save energy.  Then he told us, just imagine if every household would switch to these bulbs the amount of energy saved and pollutant created to make that energy would be astounding.
WE SWITCHED!  I know it may not seem like allot, but this little energy savings adds up globally, quickly.  Want to start getting with our reality, let's start with what change towards a more conscious of living.  Re-member, it all starts with you!