Love D8 Art?

Then the Artisantastic RSS for you!

Announcing My First RSS Feeds!

Do you love Seth D8 Art?  Do you want to always keep up to date my ?  Then my Artisantastic RSS feed is for you!  Everytime I create a new image, which is nearly , I it to my feed.  This means you can add my Artisantastic feed to your reader and always see my latest art, litterly hot off the presses.

Not familiar with what an RSS feed is?  Just , rss client, and you will get a wealth of information to get you all set up.  I recommend useing the “sage” extension in FireFox, it seems to be working great for me.

My Feeds are listed below:


Dimensional Bliss:

Be sure and let me know if you my feeds, as always trying to improve them!


Seth D8