Seth D8 Free Art

+ FREE !

I have made the decision to start the way I wish operated sometimes.  I am now a large collection of my art in hi-resolution format for free!  The only catch is you have to pay for the print. (ranging from .19 to 19.95 depending on size and stock)

I also like this because it involves you in the creative process by having you choose exactly the size, stock and you want.  Then you can hang it, it or do whatever with it!  The service I am using even allows you to custom art and several other neatto products by combining more than one piece of art into a project.

I create enough through my commercial art outlets to meet my needs, I do all of my art as a reflection of what any one thing makes me feel and think.  So as my universe unfolds, so does my art.  DISCLAIMER: This is for personal use only, for commercial use, please contact me directly for a commercial license!

I will be uploading the months work around the end of the , you can access my hi-resolution at . Have fun and let me know if you use their service and how it goes!

+ Nameste!

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