Humor is just another defense against the universe. – Mel Brooks
Our next 42 wave of World Gratitude begins on Sept 18, 2009.
We are at (a great time to start new
projects, set intentions and begin again!) and will be celebrating
Equinox together, as well as World Gratitude Day – Sept.21st.

We are planning a special World Gratitude Day this year.
Our intent is the world with a googolplex of blessings
and Gratitude, while Aligning with the Hearts calling and
embracing the Great-Full-Ness of Life.  More on this as the
day draws near — we’re sooooo excited! 😉

If this is your first time joining — be to dive into
the heart of Gratitude. If you’ joined us for previous waves,
lets re-connect and ride this wave together, too!

For more info and to sign on for this wave of World Gratitude,
go here:

"The way in IS the way out"
a timely article addressing the how-to’s of moving gracefully
out of a disappearing world and into the NEW – by turning
to the power of Gratitude!

In-Joy the article here:

We’ve the sweet world of tweeting with Twitter and
invite you to connect with us there.  We send out a daily wisdom
snack to feed your soul, inspire the mind and empower an
Attitude of Gratitude.

us here, and we’ll you … creating world wide circles
of twitterpated Love and Gratitude!

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