A man’s silence is wonderful to listen to.

– Thomas Hardy



"Earthquake Rose", image shared by Rachel F.

Welcome Beloved!

For our 42 Day World Gratitude (and beyond!),

let’s use the following practice to connect with our world

wide family of Gratitude:
Focus on Gratitude just before drifting to sleep,

and immediately upon awakening. Beyond words,

allow this source force energy-in- (emotion) to

each cell in your body, feeling wave after wave

of Gratitude immersing you in an energetic elixir of

timeless NOW.
Let go, release, and breathe deeply.

Ahhhhhhh …….
As you drift in and out …
Giving and receiving …
Pure Gratitude for NOW.

Forget wondering how long is long enough

~ for Gratitude IS.

As our gathering is World wide, this practice will create a

daily wave of Gratitude through hearts and minds

alike.  Beyond a static time, flowing with our natural

rhythms, a unified connection through Gratitude will open

and each day.
Here – we meet as One,  in Love – with Gratitude.

Plus!  This practice will flood our bodies with serotonin

and dopamine, assisting our ability to sustain a state of

peace, relaxation and present moment awareness. This

discipline may be the simplest, easiest most

effective means of co-creating through


Moving from sleep to waking, waking to sleep, is a state

change … a phase transition.
Using Gratitude One by One, to move through a state

change, we will charge our collective consciousness with

this energetic pattern – effecting a global shift as we

vacillate between here and NOW.
" … Sudden transitions hold the key to a deep question

about how nature works, of equal interest to

and philosophers alike:  How does order emerge from

disorder? … Right at the transition point the system is

poised to choose between these two phases, like a

climber on a crest choosing which side to go down.

Undecided which way to go, the system frequently goes

back and forth, its vacillations increasing near the

critical point.
… In the vicinity of the critical point we need to stop

viewing atoms (US) separately.  Rather they should be

communities that act in unison.  Atoms must

be replaced by boxes of atoms, such that within each box

all atoms behave as one."
~ Linked, by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi


World Gratitude Gathering ~

~ Aligning with the Heart’s calling and Embracing the
Great*full*ness of Life! ~

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