fail; it is a success to be one.”
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The arch started out with a conversation I had on with a tree, I know, the tree really did talk to me, he said grab your camera an I will show you how to photograph tree & plant spirits and he did.  These photos can be found HERE.  So then I was playing around with the and I noticed that some of the buildings had spirits as well.  The tree explained to me that reality is just folded up onto itself and by unfolding so to speak or repeating you can put a more tradition human form on their world as you unfold it into ours.  I hope this makes .  I am by no means a I am a in every of the picture.  But I got so hooked on taking photos and unfolding them and watching time and time again human formed faces unfold I have created well over 110 faces so far with very little plans to quit.  I felt an explanation might help others understand my art a bit more I hope this helps.  Oh Yes and you can view the whole collection at my page.


Seth Dennon


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Spirit of the Forest: Tree Tales From Around the World