Channeler: Barbara
Hand Clow

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The Spring Equinox has arrived, the beginning of the solar year in
the Northern Latitudes. It is time to decide what you want to create
this year, and then use manifestation to empower these ideas. If you
want to have an ordered intentional life, choose your projects in the
spring, deepen this work during summer, and then balance these creations
with the other aspects of your life during fall. From the Winter
Solstice until spring, we naturally fall into deep contemplation about
what we are creating in the world. If you live this way, you will find
yourself moving into attunement with .

Since Christmas 2009, many of you have let go of old judgments and
sureties about what you want to do with your life. Now, you are
pristine, you are a fertile field for new intentions. This is especially
true this spring because Mars went direct in Leo a few weeks before the
ingress of the Sun into Aries. This "popped" many hidden things into
the light that will be cleared away, which will make space for new

When the Sun into Aries, the potential for manifesting new
realities is always very powerful. Whatever you intend during the Spring
Equinox tends to happen easily and forcefully. And, whatever is in your
mind tends to happen without you even intending it, so it is wise to be
very clear about what you are thinking about right now. Sort out what
you’d really like to be involved in this year, now that you are emerging
from deep winter contemplation. You are an empty wineskin waiting to be
filled. Our ancient ancestors discovered that they could create almost
anything by using the powers if the Spring Equinox. In modern times the
Easter Bunny and/or the Resurrection draws our attention away from this
opportunity. Meanwhile, choosing three things you want to create during
the Spring Equinox really ! So, begin a few days before spring
actually arrives by making your list of three and have them ready for

About fifteen minutes before the solar entry into Aries, sit alone or
in a circle with friends, and then bring out your list. Writing things
down ahead of the time is a good idea. My favorite manifestation
technique is described in detail in The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions on
pages 131-32 of the first edition and pages 133-34 in the -released
second edition. Here is a quick summary: Beginning with the first
intention you think you want to create, read it, then close your eyes
and yourself actually having it; feel what this would be like.
Then say to yourself, "If I could have it, would I take it?" You may be
to discover that sometimes you don’t want something, while
knowing what you do want clears your head. If you honestly can answer
yes to having this thing, then go on and manifest it. Otherwise, drop
the idea.

With your wish in mind, do three visualizations of scenes that
portray this creation actually happening in your life. Never include
people who might make this possible for you because that is influencing
others, or conjuring. First of all, it doesn’t work, and secondly, you
are interfering with others. As you visualize each scene, see each image
in front of your third eye. Once it is clearly visible in your third
eye, transfer this picture to the back of your skull right above the top
of your spine (medulla oblongata), and see your medulla as a television
screen and transfer the image onto it. See it as clearly as possible,
make it crackle, and then go right to work on the next scene. Once
you’ve visualized all three scenes, say, "So be it!" Then use the same
visualization process with the two other things on your list. Put your
list away somewhere for reference during the year. I have a special box
for mine.

You may also want to have the Spring Equinox chart and this reading
with you during the Equinox meditation. For some people, understanding
the quality of the energy that exists enhances their manifestation
powers. The Spring Equinox chart describes an energy field that will
have great influence over the next three months, leading up to the
Summer Solstice. First a creational field sets into the planet during
the Equinox, and then it just keeps on developing and recalibrating
during the three New Moons that follow. Nature invents new worlds during
the spring, so by manifesting things at this time, you are putting in
your "order" on the hot list, so to speak. Most people who use this
technique for a few years are shocked by how successful it is. So, watch
out for what you ask for!

This year’s Spring Equinox is very formative, because Mercury/Sun in
Aries conjuncts Uranus in Pisces and opposes Saturn in Libra. And, Pluto
in Capricorn forms the head of a T-square to this opposition of
four planets. The energy intensity is the strongest between the close
opposition of the Equinox Sun to Saturn in 1 degrees of Libra. Saturn
retrograde in Libra is pulling away from its exact square to Pluto on
January 31, and its final square will be on August 21. There is also a
very close square to Pluto from Mercury in Aries, which locks in the
intensity of this T-square and accentuates the developments inspired by
the great Saturn/Pluto squares.

This means spring 2010 will be a tense, combative, change-oriented
time that will shift many entrenched realities. I will discuss a few
specific issues that suddenly popped into the limelight when Mars went
direct. In my reading for the Pisces New Moon (March 15), I noted that
recent earth changes are going to pressure our species to stop wasting
resources in warfare, because so many people on the planet are
suffering calamities. Well, this Equinox T-square is going to push
relentlessly for the end to this profligate waste.

Saturn-square-Pluto was very close together from November until now,
and it is only moving apart for a little while this spring. The current
T-square involving five planets (Mercury/Sun/Uranus/Saturn/Pluto) locks
in the influence of Saturn-square-Pluto all the way through the spring
season. Saturn in Libra (October 2009-October 2012) pushes Pluto in
Capricorn’s struggle to transform economic and societal structures into a
balancing mode. Regardless of Saturn’s struggle for harmony, the Sun in
0 Aries demands we just get the job done. This Equinox is going to be
characterized by a resounding scream for action, deep change, and new
pathways, a shift that already started when Mars went direct on March
10. This process actually began when Pluto went into Capricorn in 2008,
and then it deepened during the first Saturn/Pluto square in November
2009. Systems that have been tottering are going to crash, such as the
Catholic Church under the pressure of clerical sexual scandals, and the
many countries that are threatened with economic collapses. Mercury in
Aries ahead of the Equinox Sun suggests that many people know exactly
what is going on, and they are fostering these collapses because they
seek new ways to create what they want in our world. Uranus in late
Pisces just before the Aries Sun means that the spiritual awakening of
Uranus in Pisces (2003-2011) is culminating this spring. Just imagine
how new spiritual pathways will open when Uranus goes into Aries during
Spring Equinox 2011!

This great T-square heralds a great crisis in that can
shake up dysfunctional systems. The Galactic Underworld time
acceleration (1999-2011) has been exposing many of the abusive systems
that have been used to manipulate people, such as medicine-for-profit.
The Roman Catholic Church has manipulated people for two thousand years,
but now the priestly sexual-abuse scandals are penetrating the Vatican
and rocking the Petrine throne. Clerical sexual-abuse scandals and huge
payments to the victims have been weakening the American Catholic Church
for more than twenty years. In the last few years, Ireland has been
rocked by 15,000 abuse complaints. In Germany, the Vatican has been on
the defensive since 170 former students of Catholic schools came forward
with abuse claims in Church-run orphanages and schools.

Bishop Giuseppi Versaldi of the Pontifical Gregorian University in
Rome announced that the Pope has been "a vigilant shepherd of his flock
decisively denouncing the filth in the priesthood." Strangely, on March
13, just after Mars went direct, the Munich archdiocese reported that
when he was the Cardinal Archbishop of Munich, Joseph Ratzinger (now
called Benedict) had approved therapy for a priest known to be an abuser
in the 1980s. Then Ratzinger transferred the pedophile to Upper
Bavaria, where he was soon convicted for abusing minors. Ratzinger knew
this priest was an abuser, yet he allowed him to continue in his
ministry. Some writers, such as John Clooney, are already saying that
Ratzinger’s position as Supreme Pontif could become untenable. These
transits are tearing up institutions that have been controlling human
access to divine consciousness for too long.

The Equinox Moon gives us a reading for the condition of the public
mind. The Moon in 26 Taurus is in a tight square to Chiron/Neptune.
Stolid Moon in Taurus tells us that our spiritual healing crisis,
inspired by the long-lasting Chiron/Neptune conjunctions in Aquarius, is
coming to a head this spring. The great wise bull has the depth and
patience to cry "Enough!" The public is not going to be patient with
platitudes and procrastinations now; they will demand that heads will
roll. The Moon in Taurus trining Saturn in Libra means that our feelings
will be strong and confident this spring. Simply put, the public is
going to be demanding and irate, and they are going to throw off their

Newly-direct Mars in Leo is the real key to the spring because it
aspects so many other planets, like a musician playing all the octaves.
Mars closely trines the Sun going into Aries, a very benefic influence
this spring. As each one of us strives to do things in new ways, Mars
trining the Equinox Sun will give us strength and will power, a clear
sense of direction, and the ability to just put ourselves into first
gear. Saturn in Libra closely sextiles Mars in Leo, so we will have
harmonic structural support when we use our will power to get what we
want. Mars in Leo also sextiles the Moon in Taurus, which means we will
be emotionally stable while undertaking difficult things. Pluto in
Capricorn is quincunx to Mars in Leo during the Equinox. This firey and
earthy quincunx is exact in mid-April, and then Pluto goes retrograde
until mid-September, right before the Fall Equinox. While we consider
the deep structural changes inspired by Pluto, Mars in Leo will nudge
and push us to get involved in these processes. People will tend to just
charge forward in spite of any obstacles because retrograde Pluto in
early Capricorn will be constantly reminding them it is time to change.

When Mars went direct on March 10, all kinds of blocked processes
began releasing, such as the Arab/Israeli stalemate. Just when Vice
President Joe Biden completed talks with the Palestinian President
Mahmoud Abbas, Israel announced they were building 1600 more homes for
Jews in East Jerusalem on Palestinian land. This was a slap in the face
to official American policy, as well as an act of utter rudeness. Biden
responded to this insulting behavior by arriving at a state dinner with
Premier Netanyahu ninety minutes late, a radical way to show displeasure
in the Middle East. As I write this file, Hillary Clinton is being very
vocal about this insult to America, while the media calls it the "New
Chill". Well, if the United States changes its policy toward the
Israelis, it would influence all policy in the Middle East; this Spring
Equinox chart predicts such great changes.

Perhaps women like Hillary Clinton will be able to cause change this
spring. Venus in 16 Aries squares the lunar North Node in 18 Capricorn
and the South Node in 18 Cancer. When the nodes are in Capricorn/Cancer
(August 2009 through March 2011), we are inspired to construct new
structures and systems that work for us by letting go of old security
and nurturance. We are in the middle of this process, and Venus in Aries
squaring the lunar nodes suggests a karmic crisis this spring over the
role of women and power in society. As we come to the end of the Mayan
Calendar and as the National and Planetary structures are falling, the
patriarchy that created them also must go, yet many men just don’t know
how to change. Women need to assume more power this spring to function
as guides while these structures fall away.

Jupiter in Pisces is not aspected during the Spring Equinox, which
means its spiritual and tectonic force is weak this spring. Perhaps, and
I am only speculating, religious tension will calm this spring, and
certainly the tectonic factor needs calming. I wrote a lot about the
high level of earthquakes in the Pisces New Moon reading, and the quakes
are continuing with a 6.6 quake in Japan on March 13. I am very
concerned about these quakes, and I am sure you are too. So, I’d like to
end this reading with a very funny commentary on my favorite subject,

A report on sex and aging from the British Medical Journal was
released on March 10, just when Mars went direct, so the information in
this report is very relevant. I want to report on it here because the
global-elite-run media will probably be directed to not discuss it. It
contains some very damaging information about the use of recreational
sex drugs, such as Viagra and Cialis. It caught my eye because there has
been almost no discussion about what is really going on with these
drugs since they were introduced in 1998 (Galactic Underworld
stimulants!). Yet, these drugs are widely advertised in seductive ways,
causing doctors to hand them out like candy, yet there are no public
studies of how they affect health.

The researchers found that men tend to be sexually active until they
hit 70 and women until they are 66. For those women who were sexually
active at age 75-85, only half reported their sex lives were "good", yet
men had more favorable reports. There are obviously many ways to
interpret these findings, but several things really stand out for me.
First of all, many women end up being single after they are 60 because
they lose their partners to death or younger women. Meanwhile, many men
want to keep themselves sexually active, especially if they have younger
partners. Erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs have really changed the
playing field since 1998 by creating a sexual renaissance during the
Galactic Underworld. Yippie!

But, there is a side to all this fun between the sheets-heart
attacks for older men, not to mention trips to the chiropractor! In
Switzerland, a country that tends to take responsibility for its
citizens, brothels are being required to train their prostitutes to use
defibrillators to help prevent clients from dying in the throes of
passion! Well, here is my issue: Practitioners of alternative medicine
are forbidden to prescribe many substances and to use alternative
techniques because somebody might get hurt. Yet, the truth about the
real dangers of ED drugs is suppressed. How many men are having heart
attacks while using these drugs? Since this is often embarrassing for
families, the old guy just gets sent quietly off to the undertaker. Big
Pharma doesn’t want to lose profits and maybe some elderly old men just
want to blow themselves away in bed? The problem is, men and women who
might benefit from ED drugs have no way to evaluate their safety, and
should not use them until the truth is told. Maybe nobody is paying
attention, since they are the only legal way to commit suicide right
now? With that happy thought, let me wish you a happy spring!