a message from

Thursday, 25
March, 2010 


As more and more demands are placed upon us
we seem to have little time to sit fully in our light and do what our
hearts desire. We miss us.  we lie stretched out to the limits. So many
strings tie us down emotionally and financially as we struggle to keep
our heads above the incoming tide.  We miss our connection with the
Universe/God as we see less and less of who we are and more and more of
who we are not.  A great void buffers our energies as we try so hard to
be seen thru the soupy fog. Everything shouts a different demand Our
senses are muddled as if we were sailing thru the on a
ship of hematite.

The hours of the day seem
to plot against us as we seek to spend some time with the person we
believe ourselves to be.  Demands have stretched our capabilities to a
point of almost breaking.  Thinking one has a choice seems to be of
little value as the choices change their address daily. Life herself is
demanding, and louder than ever. You are pulled
kicking and screaming into other’s worlds and dramas.  You shout ‘this
is not my karma, my drama, my creation or my responsibility.’ The
shouts fall upon deaf ears as the black hole of change pulls you into
another universe pushing you past any previous limited thinking. 

You look at your life as time unravels dimensionally
showing you all of its ebb and flow. Your inner beat yearns to be
heard but the band plays on without you. Your light that was once so
big has condensed into pinpoint precision. Within that pinpoint
precision time does not exist. 

You are
learning how to exist in several layers of yourself simultaneously. The
break between time experiences in human form has quickened and there
is no parking space in-between. You are being asked to allow this
to unfold into its own potential. All is happening at once and
there is no longer a dividing line. Instead of being beat up by these
energies learn to surf them and ride these time waves of change into a
new Destination.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – PO box 217 – Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217 –