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Machines take me by surprise with great frequency.


Hello Creators!

I am so excited about this , my ability to create visually what is in my consciousness is growing by every day now.  This is my first high-definition animation so allot more detail rendered, plus the music combines for a truly fun little journey in COSMOS TWO.

Get ready for a journey aboard starship COSMOS TWO.  This second generation star-ship transverse the universe on multiple dimensions as needed.  Observe the view from the front view port in the third dimensional section of this star-ship.  Yes, this starship, like us exist as one in all there is and ever was as well.  You are seeing the life/light of the ship unfold at the level of spirit transmuting into light into matter.

Please leave me a comment after view letting me know how you experienced this animation.  Great, Pass, So-So, I am continually striving to incorporate more than my vision into my artwork.



Ships of the Line (Star Trek)