I returned home from vacation on Thursday morning of last week
and that evening we had a rainstorm with hurricane force winds that left
our town a mess. We’ve been without power, phones, heat, and water for
three days (a minor problem when you consider what the people of Chile
are going through). So, rather than write a newsletter this week, I’ll
be doing laundry and cleaning out the fridge ☺.

I did want to
share a message from a community member who wrote to me in response to a
past newsletter about finding peace during times. It was an
old horoscope and it’s come in quite handy this week. Thanks, Lee!

hoping it’s a reminder for you, too…

"If you are on a
train, will you reach your destination quicker by running up and down
the corridors? Some processes just need to take as long as they need to
take. That’s not easy when you feel a burning desire to get them over
with as quickly as possible. Yet that’s actually all the more reason to
make sure that you don’t waste your energy. Even if it means incurring
the disapproval of people who do not understand, you need to pull back a
little and pace yourself this month. Focus on what can be done, and
become less agitated about whatever, for now, cannot be altered."

Action Challenge

If the above passage resonates with you, you
might want to print it out and keep it nearby. Taking a few moments to
read it when you feel impatient or frustrated may be just the remedy you
need to return to center.

This week’s video is funny and comes
from my friend, Deirdre. Thanks, Deirdre!

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