I hear it every day…where has all the time went…I have lost the
last fifteen years. When looking back over all the years that have
passed you by …all the years that you have already …all the years
that have gone and shall never be back again…Think of all that you
gained from those years…Time is not lost to you…you have just started to
find that which makes time stand still……

When we look back
onto our lives it is the measures you have made in that time. What have
you accomplished and what did you learn? Was it not to do the same thing
over and over again or was it to give you the comfort to keep moving

When I look back I see a world of with
every step I
took, sure there were times that I made one mistake or another. But
those mistakes took me on a journey to find who I am. And that I would
not give up for anything in the world.

You know being able to see
those in the spiritual worlds that live around us each moment of our
lives is not what everyone wants. I was always considered weird or
individuals would feel uncomfortable….well..that has not changed much
(smile) but it also had me at one point trying to be just like those who
I was choosing to be around. Once when I figured out that they are no
better than me, it was all in their own mind in how they needed to be
liked by everyone. I learned that it is perfectly normal to be me and if
there was not anyone who liked me because of what I could do… then…It
did not matter. Because I liked me and I liked that I could be a part
of what no one else could.

But those were also the days that so
much pressure is placed upon someone, so much to be liked or not liked,
so much to be a part of what was going on in the neighborhood or area in
which we lived.

I also found that the mistake I might have made,
gave me a look at why it was a mistake and by whose opinion. You know
what I found? I found that a mistake that another individual makes is
judge by whom and what society says is a mistake. The shame that is
placed upon an individual by those whose views say it is a mistake …is
the mistake.

You see how can we judge another individual in their
learning growth and development on this planet of Mother Earth? When
one understands about Soul then one can clearly see the life
learning lessons that each individuals is here to learn for the Soul’s
growth. As the soul evolves in this learning phase then you have
contracts that are finished as long as the individual then learns the
lesson and moves on to not re-do that lesson again. Evolving at a rate
in time that right now is going to push you to look back and examine all
that you have lived. This is why so many have that question….Where
did my life go? Where did all those years go?…Well…. they went to
evolving your beautiful soul to the level to recognize this. To grow in
your light of love with humanity, to look at all that has ever been
placed upon you from so long ago and truly, truly start to live.

journey back in time to see your own growth and development is a plus,
do not knock yourself down before you pull yourself up.

right now the energies are pulling everyone up… up… and up…That is why
you are feeling this and feeling as if you have someplace to be, but
where that is you do not know or understand…It is to let go of that
which is behind you and move forward to that which you.

Let go of your own self judgments. Why is it that so many are judging
others? I have to add this as it keeps coming up time and time again,
from so many who write to me. Many do not want to look at their own
self, they believe they have all that there is and they are doing it all
in the light. And so many cannot see pass the light that they say they
walk in, to see they too, are being judgmental of others for not being
the way they expect them to be Wow…what a statement, I know. You see
when we look at others in their journey, their struggles and comment on
them to get over it…well, is that not their journey to walk? that is
their time to work through that which is in front of them, why is it so
hard for you to say you live compassionately but have no compassion for
another to work through their own stuff? So when you are trying to tell
them to get over it, you are also placing yourself in a protective net
of not seeing that you may have the same issue and you may need to work
on it so you too can get over it. That which is reflected in our own
surroundings may too be that which we need to look at see within our own

Dear Ones do not be hard on yourself as these energies
are lifting to show you once again the beauty that is within you and
which lies before you in your journey. We have all been in this energy
for some time that each has grabbed a hold of and claimed as their own.
As this energy is lifting away, it will be like a blanket that is being
pulled away from you, the more you tug it back the more you are saying
that you do not want to let go of something that was not yours from the
beginning. DO not lay claim to that which is holding you back…Allow your
fingers to let go and walk into this energy that is before us. It will
surround you with so much more accomplishments and love than ever

As we are in the middle of March the energy is here to
lift you up, keep your eyes on the sky as there will be an illumination
soon which you cannot ignore and will be that which brings much light to
many and a few heartaches to some. Keep your arms open wide and embrace
those with Love all around you. As there is no time to waste as it has
been said before, watch the happenings at the Vatican and all the
religious and political organizations that are around us. As each day
new doors are opening for you to see the light that is shining through
as it grows stronger and stronger. New discoveries are being reported
each day…these my friends are the Akashic doors which have been opening
little by little for each time we make a discovery to bring us closer to
the answers of humanity , the Akashic is exposed brighter and brighter.
But Just as these doors are opening so too, is that which is given to
each of us to then be the bearers of illumination. The responsibilities
lie upon our shoulders, so do not look for when the discoveries will be
made…Know they are being made each moment of our existence.

your days be filled with wonder, may you always see for what it truly is
and may you find peace in your heart to accept those around you with
the love you have for self…

Time has not lost you …you have found
that which makes time stand still……you hold it in your hands each
day…you hold it in your heart every second…you hold it in your mind to
recognize….now it freely to where it needs to go…………..

laughter & Light, Adele
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