Channeler: DL Zeta

Many who have been following their spiritual path for years are now
being called to serve as spiritual channels to help usher in the
on Planet .

By the time the idea has arrived for you to become a spiritual
channel,this possibility is a seed already planted in your
by your higher self. All this seed needs to grow and become a part of
your physical reality is your intention for this to happen and your
willingness to do what it takes to energize this reality into your
physical world.

The first step to manifest this reality is to adopt the identity and
timeline of a spiritual channel. When you set the intention to shift
your identity to embrace the vision of yourself as a channel, you will
be presented with several tests. These tests are rites of passage to
bring a new version of yourself into the world. This initially comes in
the form of people and circumstances that reflect your own uncertainties
and doubts. Even if you don’t speak about your decision to become a
spiritual channel, you will telepathically broadcast your decision to
the . It is through this broadcast that you draw to you
circumstances that help you examine and confront your own doubts and

For example, if you have concerns that this path will lead you to
seemingly lose control of your life, you will manifest circumstances in
your life that allow you to examine your concerns about losing control.
It is your identity self that will the concern
about this decision, as it will soon be abdicating its position in the
driver’s seat to the new identity self. An existing identity self only
holds the power you give it. If you are over-identified with your
present identity — with your physical reality, in other words — you
will likely be challenged in this area.

The best way to work through such challenges is to see that “you” in
the infinite sense are not your identity selves though each identity you
hold and any aspect of your consciousness that represents that identity
is intricately a part of who you are. Thank your current identity self
for all it has done for you. Ask it to work with the new identity self
you are developing to help you explore your identity as a channel. In
this way, you are able to complete with your present reality before
shifting to a new one.

As you examine any fears and concerns you have around channeling, you
will be more at peace with this new part of yourself. You’re not
turning your consciousness over to other entities. Rather, you’re
a wise and expanded part of your own consciousness to speak to
you and offer guidance and answers.

Once you make peace with past and current focus selves, you will
begin receiving visions and guidance on how to align further with your
new identity and timeline as a spiritual channel.

Excerpt from Channeling into the Next Dimension: A Handbook for
Opening Your Psychic Senses by DL Zeta & Peter Phalam
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