Channeler: Jen Eramith MA

What and experiences can we expect in
March of 2010?

The theme for the month is strength and stability.  During the course of
2010 all of you are being asked to, and eventually are forced to, face
the truths in your lives that you have resisted seeing.  Your denial has
been holding you back.  Most of you, by this time of the year, have
already encountered some of those truths.  For those of you who were
unaware of those truths or unwilling to see them before, you have
probably been through some difficult times in the last few months. 

By the time you come to March of 2010, you are likely to have found a
deeper source of strength within you and a wider sense of support
around you.  Many of you have now figured out which relationships will
fail you and which relationships will support you in your lives.  This
month it is important to turn toward those relationships that will
support you.  Let the relationships that are failing you fall away.  If
they need to come back later, if you need to reconnect with that person
in the future, you will.  Your higher self and the higher self of that
person will lead you together again.  For now, be willing to let go of
those relationships and all of those external factors in your life that
do not support you.

The month of March is a time for support.  It is a time for you to
tune into and bolster everything that gives you strength.  There is a
great deal of strength available this month and that strength is carried
by each one of you.  The strength that you have cultivated in your
heart and in your life, in your body and in your spirit, that strength
is currently being emitted and being made available to those around

It is vitally important this month that you reach out to support one
another and help each other even as you continually turn toward that
which builds your own strength.  What you are doing collectively this
month is weaving a in the human family, creating stronger,
deeper connections with those you love and finding that the strength
within you is inherently connected to the strength that you share with

March 2010 promises to be a productive month.  For some of you the
productivity will come in the form of external tasks being done.  But
for most of you the productivity will come in terms of your self
knowledge, your self awareness, your ability to understand why you do
what you do or to understand why you have reacted to things in certain
ways and to choose to react to them in new, more flexible ways.  In
April you will be making a lot more of these choices about how to do
things more differently in a way that is more enlightened.  For March,
simply be as productive and as efficient as you can in paying attention
to yourself, acknowledging why you are as you are and taking note of how
you would like to change.  This is a great month for self-knowledge,
self-awareness and self-care.

How can we best use the energy this month?

The first and most important thing you can do with the energy this month
is to develop a practice that helps foster strength in your life.  Some
of you will benefit from creating more strength in your physical
bodies; you might consider taking a self defense course or beginning a
weight-lifting regime.  Anything that will bring you more physical
strength that eventually leads you to a stronger sense of strength
within yourself. 

Others will find that the most important place for you to develop
strength is in your communication in relationships, particularly in your
ability to say no.  Do not be afraid to let others down or allow them
to feel disappointed.  You must draw boundaries that protect you and
keep you centered if you are to further your personal evolution.  A
large number of you will be developing the skill of strength in
relationships or strengths in your communication with others.  There are
many other forms of strength too.  Those two will be the most common,
but whatever you feel is the part of your life where you are most
lacking in strength is the place where you should be paying attention
this month and begin to foster more strength within yourself. 

The most important thing you can do this month is to identify and
move toward those elements of your life that bring you strength, that
bring you to a strong sense of yourself.  Cultivating a stronger sense
of who you are and why you are here.  Make a list of the things that are
most valuable to you.  What are the values that you wish to live your
life by?  Any exercises that bring you to a deeper sense of
self-realization will be useful this month.  This is an excellent month
to work with a , or coach to help you understand
yourself better.  To develop and build upon further what you have
already built in your life so far. 

The second thing to do, from that place of self-recognition, is to
reach out and find ways to support others.  To be more mindful of whom
you spend your time with and how you spend your time with others. 
Making sure that your actions and the way you live in your relationships
are in alignment with your core values.  The first thing to do is to
foster strength within your self this month.  The second thing to do is
to foster stronger connections with the support system of people in your
life.  Those are the two most important things for you to do during the
month of March 2010. 

Are there any power days this month?

March 6 packs a punch.  This is a day when anything that is happening
will be amplified — a day that you might consider to be a portal.  This
is a day when things can become more clear if you are already on a path
toward clarity or more foggy if you are in a path of denial.  This is a
day when illuminating events will occur, but you likely will not see
what has been illumined on this day.  You will reflect back on this day
later in the month and realize what you learned.  On the day of March 6,
pay attention to what occurs.  Do not take anything for granted. 
Assume that there are no random coincidences.  If you have a dream,
write down the dream.  If you have a conversation with a friend, take
note of who said what.  Simply just pay attention on this day. 

The next day is March 12.  March 12 comes like a blessing especially
for those who have been building their sense of strength.  You are going
to find yourself feeling really blessed on this day.  If you have not
yet turned your focus toward those things that build your own sense of
strength within yourself and within your life, then this day is going to
bring you a challenge that draws your attention toward that strength. 

March 17 and 18 look like the metaphor of an apple.  There is
something very nourishing and fruitful about these days and it may not
appear to be so at the beginning.  There is sort of a sense, like an
apple has a skin and then a softer center, there is a sense on these
days that you may a little bit out of sorts when in fact, you are simply
leading yourself to a deeper level of your own experience, a deeper
layer of your own self growth.  Have patience with yourself and ask
questions that lead you to a deeper understanding.  If you find yourself
out of sorts, do not just rush through your day feeling that way. 
Stop, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself the questions, " I
feeling?  What emotion am I feeling?  What sensation in my body am I
feeling?  What does this remind me of?  What have I not been paying
attention to?"  Just ask yourselves the questions that lead you to
understand rather than rushing through the day feeling out of sorts. 

Do the Keepers have any final messages about
March 2010?

The message that the Keepers have is a reminder that the whole reason
you came into your life at this time on Planet Earth is to do the work
that is occurring now.  All of you are already in the energy of 2012. 
There is nothing that you are waiting for.  The work that you are doing
in your life, the challenges that have come up and the new truths that
are emerging for you are divine.  These are precisely the things that
your soul and the souls of others have been stuck with for millennia. 
Now, today, this month in your very own life, as you bravely encounter
the challenges that you face, you are helping to unravel and enlighten
patterns and energies that have been stuck in humanity for generations. 

Do not imagine that you are waiting for something.  There is no one
and nothing to wait for.  You are here to do this work and there is no
event coming in the future that will resolve this work for you.  There
is no leader or public figure who will come and resolve this work for
you.  Whatever you have facing you in your personal life now holds the
truth and therefore the keys to your own enlightenment.  Bravely step
forward into the things that are yours to resolve in your personal
life.  Trust in that as you resolve those things, as you come to face
your own personal truths and take full accountability for your own
sphere of influence in the world, that you are helping to weave together
the fabric for the entire human race!

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