With no other material handy, I figure Paul Helyer’s ‘confession’ must remain the headline news for this . Thanks Guest, for alerting me to it in the Lightbox. I hold this revelation to be absolutely truthful, if only for the fact of those corny jokes at the : Clearly, Paul was trying to relax himself enough to be able to the message in a truthful . It’s not every day you have to that ‘some of us’ have been instrumental in regarding aliens as threats, worthy of a ‘defense’ effort that dwarfs the in Afghanistan and Irak.

I’m seriously wondering if this will be the start of the snowball running down the snowed slope, and if my novel will be up-to- enough by the time it is ready to come out. But then again, if it is, won’t the world be far better than I figured it is going to be?

Love to live in these exciting times!