Channeler: Maureen

Dearest Hearts,

As always I pray you are well. Typically I don’t write mid-month
newsletters, however after witnessing in tangible ways this week, the
shift in action, new energies being downloaded into many, the obvious
resurgence of the Divine Feminine, and the ‘seemingly’ impossible made
possible, I couldn’t help myself. (Plus I wanted to extend the
invitation you will find below.)

There was an amazing opportunity this past week for millions to
witness that anything is possible, when the 2010 Academy Award for best
director and best movie (The Hurt Locker), went to a woman for the very
first time, for a movie whose theme was no more war!

Most expected (as humanity tends to), that the one with the most
money, the most power, the most influence and the most popularity would
these awards of recognition. No he didn’t. She did. She, Kathryn
Bigelow, was the portrait of a humble fully conscious feminine goddess
accepting a powerful and meaningful award. I wish I had a picture of the
looks of shock and awe on hundreds of faces as it happened. I wish I
could have captured the split second moment when I noticed an energy
that was overlaying the audience, that I know shifted perception in a
fraction of a second.

The moment it occurred I had chills throughout my whole body and I
heard, "anything is possible, and don’t you forget it!"

Adding to that, one of my dear friends, really a sister, was in a
with an eighteen-wheel truck. She was in her
little Honda when the driver of the huge truck changed lanes without
looking, clipping her car so hard that it spun and crashed against the
rig repeatedly until it rested inches from the massive grill, glass
shattered all over her.

calm the entire time, she and her Guardian Angel stepped
out of her demolished car, and she was taken to the hospital and several
hours later released with a few scratches. It was the wide-eyed trauma
nurse that drove her home. No kidding. This was the kind of collision
that could have easily killed anyone, or at the very least put them in a
coma with a litany of broken bones.

Kris shared with me that she clearly heard Spirit tell her to prepare
for the new energies that had been deposited inside of her. Her entire
internal grid had been replaced. Her life, she was told, would never be
the same. Anything is possible.

For two weeks, my meditations have frequently held the same theme,
that anything is possible. There are no limitations, no former contracts
that bind, no karmic debts. Everything is possible when created at soul
level, not personality level. Everything and anything that we so
desire, that we hold the unwavering intention of love and appreciation
toward and are in full alignment with, is possible, now, in the new
dimensions we are living in.

During one meditation earlier this week I was asked, “Are you ready
to go beyond your own limitations and your former logic that hypnotized
you into attracting experiences that you truly did not desire? Are you
really ready to step into a new dimension of experience that has no
relationship to your third dimensional logic? Are you ready to fully
connect with who you really are, all ego aside?” “Of course I am, I
replied, “I’ve already been doing that. (Apparently there was more to
do, or deeper to go, or I wouldn’t have been asked the question.)
Spontaneously I then stated, with conviction, the following:

I Am no longer bound to logic, born of third dimensional
I unplug right now from all former logic.
I will not succumb to the power of suggestion that comes from my mind.
I call forth my Higher Self to be in charge at all times.
I have no limits. No limits!
Anything and everything is possible and I let it be so.
I Am God in form. I know who I Am and will act and Be in accordance to
that Truth.
I commit to being a clear and channel daily.
I consciously accept these Truths and I ask for activation now.

I sat for minutes breathing those words into my heart, basking in
their power knowing they would necessitate my full devotion and
unwavering commitment.

At that point energy started pouring into my crown chakra. I felt as
though I was being lifted up, and I was. I was told that my former
energetic configuration was being re-directed to return me to a state of
right order and flow, however it would be my choices and actions that
would anchor this configuration in. , via my higher heart, was my
key. I simply sat and bathed in the energies claiming and re-claiming
my deep appreciation and commitment.

Beloveds, it is so clear that we are truly engaged in a new realm of
consciousness that is fully supported by higher energies. This is a
blessing for each of us, a blessing that asks for our co-operation in
order for it to be able to expand evermore, leading us into higher
frequencies, home frequencies that at long last feel right.

In this realm of consciousness we are still responsible for
to deprogram the lower consciousness whenever it appears. We
do this sacred act out of pure Love for Who We Really Are. My friend Jim
Self continues to say "we must release all of who we are not, in order
to be all of who we are." It is so.

The veils of deception, limitation and separation have dropped. Your
reach is vast, your capabilities epic in both scope and purpose, though
you must consciously confine the mind and ego along with beliefs and
assumptions that keep you plugged into third dimensional constrictions.
No need to live beneath yourself anymore!

The 12th dimensional energies that house Original Thought, along with
the 11th dimensional energies that house Original Feeling are open to
us now to tap into and play with. In symmetry thought plus
feeling equals manifestation. In perfect symmetry anything is possible,
so why play small? Let’s play together in a big way.
Let’s be big Gods in form. It’s time to have fun and go far beyond every
single limitation we have ever believed in.

The energies are on our side and beings of magnificent Light are
waiting to serve us once we sync up with them. They know anything is
possible, now we must come to know it in our hearts and experience it in
our realities. And so be it!

Maureen Moss, 2010. I welcome your passing this forward while keeping
my name and websites in tact as this is part of a larger body of work.