30 March 2010 – 10:35pm
Channeler: Karen Murphy

The energy this month can be described as “Anticipation of Change.” We have described in the past the sensation many people feel of late, that things in their lives are changing, moving, perhaps in ways that feel a little outside their control. This anticipation of change will be following many of you this month as you stand on a precipice, wondering what it would feel like to jump.We have used this analogy before, when we spoke about the overall energy
of this year. This month, then, April, brings with it a heightened
sense of what is yet to come. But now, some time has passed since you
first thought of 2010. You have dug down, gone within, and come up again
for air with a new sense of perception of yourself and the world around
you. You have a greater sense of what is yet to come, of the direction
you wish to take in the eight months remaining to the year. Time is
passing! Yet each moment brings you new discoveries, new pathways, new
Personal Anticipation of Change
On a personal level, you may expect to experience some of the following:

Sense of purpose
New connections to people
Wistfulness or nostalgia for what remains in the past
Anger or frustration about where you are vs. where you wish to be
Childhood emotions playing out in new ways
Sense of “rightness” with the world
Feelings of injustice
A call to action
Feeling connected to guidance in ways that are new for you

As you can see, you could be all over the metaphysical map this month,
so expect and lows as you proceed. Remembering that nothing
remains the same, even the feelings you wish would last forever, will be
useful this month. Everything changes. Impermanence. Darker emotions
and childhood emotional patterns may come up for you, yes, but on other
days this month you’ll feel inspired and connected, filled with joy in
the simple act of breathing.
How to make this month’s energy of Anticipation of Change work for you
on a personal level:
We’ve designed a simple practice you can engage in this month to keep
you feeling grounded and anchored while leaving you open to the
possibilities that you create in each moment.

Sit or lie down comfortably and take a few deep breaths. After a moment,
as you release each breath, allow yourself to make an audible sound.
Ahhh. Breathe in again and release, again with an audible sigh. Ahhh. As
you sigh, feel the vibration in your throat. Feel this vibration move
down from your throat into your chest, your heart, your solar plexus.
Feel the sigh fill your body.

Keep breathing and releasing audible sighs, moving the sense of
vibration down your charkas as far as you can. Can you reach the soles
of your feet? Try this now, releasing a breath and allowing the
vibration from your audible sigh to move slowly down each and out
through the soles of your feet.
Now breathe in through your nose, still releasing each breath audibly.
Feel now the echoes of the audible breaths being released all over the
world. Connect your vibration to those and feel the song you sing

Now breathe in through your crown chakra as you pull in air through your
nose, moving the breath now through your 3rd eye before it reaches your
throat and down. Imagine now that you are breathing as part of a great
spinning circle, that the breath moving out through the soles of your
feet and the breath coming in through your crown chakra are connected,
one enormous circle, and your breath and audible sighs are making the
circle spin faster.

You can speed the circle up or slow it down. You are in control of this
enormous circle. Play with the speed of its spin until you feel
comfortable. Set your intention that this circle keeps spinning at the
same rate even without your perceptible attention. You may change the
rate of spin at any time.
Now, even when you feel ungrounded or not in synch with your life and
your internal guidance, you have a way to reconnect and set things to
your liking again. Try this practice on a daily basis for a while and
notice what changes for you as a result.
Global Anticipation of Change
On a global level, things are boiling just under the surface. We’ve
talked before about increased volcanic and seismic activity throughout
the coming year, and while we are not expecting any major
events this month, with the increased below the surface of the
earth there will certainly be a major and perhaps catastrophic event
occurring in a populated area within the next few months. Italy and the
area surrounding the Adriatic Sea are at potential risk in this time, as
are Malaysia and the Phillipines.
The below-the-surface boil continues on in other ways. A major American
political reversal is on the horizon, as is the potential of an
assassination of a world leader. Overall tensions remain at a strong
point, suggesting that events that create a sense of resolution to the
constant under-surface tension is close at hand, though likely not this
To put global anticipation of change in perspective, understand that the
tension of expected change is magnified when on a large-scale or global
level. It is one thing to feel for yourself that things are moving. You
can explain away your discomfort with the level of lack of control that
you feel about personal change.  Larger entities like countries,
kingdoms, and corporations have no such luxury, however. When tensions
increase to a certain point, something must be done to relieve the
pressure. You cannot suggest that France, for instance, begin a
meditation program in order to better deal with political and
tensions that bubble just under the surface of everyday life. France, as
an entity, is an amalgamation of many things including individual
people, their expectations, past patterns, and a sense of propriety for
maintaining a particular image that others have come to associate with
France. Every country, kingdom, and corporation is much the same, and as
such is affected differently by under-surface tensions. Things tend to
erupt, then, in often surprising ways with these larger entities.
Possible global symptoms include:
Systemic starvation
Corporate failure, buyouts, mergers
Religious terrorism
Political “spin”

Sound bleak? Not really. These things are present all the time; most
people are either unaware of them or choose a low level of awareness of
such activities.
Assisting Change on a Global Level
While you may be feeling unempowered about helping to create change or
to support the sense of anticipation of change on a global level, we can
assure you that you do indeed have the ability to effect assistance on
this global level. You only need to do one simple thing.

Engage your personal creativity.

That’s right: paint, dance, sing, sew, write. Whatever creative pursuit
makes you feel balanced, whole, and happy. This is an especially
fruitful time for creativity, so make use of it! And you’ll be assisting
the global community as well.
How? Because all this anticipation of change is built upon a great deal
of energy accumulation. By tapping into and creating movement with this
energy, you create a cumulative effect of movement in all this “excess”
energy, and help create a platform upon which the energy can begin
moving in a large-scale way.
Take charge of your personal precipice, then, and jump with your eyes
wide open.
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