a message from Kelly M. Beard

Tuesday, 30 March, 2010

I prefer to be true to myself,
even at the hazard of incurring the ridicule of others,
rather than to be false,
and to incur my own abhorrence.

~ Frederick Douglass ~
Venus (values/priorities) and Mercury (thoughts/ideas/concepts) both
dive in to Aries prior to the Sun, getting your *Heart* (Venus) and
*Mind* (Mercury) in alignment so that a renewed *Identity* (Sun) can
shine forth. As the Sun enters Aries ~ *Spring* Equinox Initiates a
new Solar/astrological year. This is a *Universal* RE-Set Button.
Clean Slate. New Beginning. It is *Initiation/Integration* for my
Aries/Libra babies and *Growth/Development* for my Cancer/Capricorn

However, everyone has Aries ruling some area of life and this
is the area of life that gets activated at this time every year. Do
you know your rhythm for this? How do you feel every Spring? Aries
energy activates the instinctual draw toward change and new beginnings.
Old ways no longer work and you must get out of your comfort zone and
experiment with new modes of operating. It’s time to *move* again,
shake off the sleepiness of Winter. It’s an annual Re-Birth that
reminds you to honor both the Shadow and the Light, the visible work,
done in the Light and often with others … and … the invisible work,
done in the Shadow, behind the scenes, alone and hidden from view.
How would you like to do things differently this year? What aspect of
your life, being or environment could use some conscious focus and
Mars Aries and defines your desire nature. It represents how you
*DO* in the world, what motivates you to action and gets you fired up.
Aries is the lesson of independence and courage, knowing who you are,
what you want and embodying THAT! This is a Divine opportunity to
discover what you’re really capable of when you match passion with
vision, align your heart/mind connection and never hesitate to take
heart-centered action. It is time to embody the energy that is both
wild and , always alert and ready for the next the adventure.
Obstacles ~ that’s a detail! Delays ~ better watch out! Challenges ~
bring it on! Aries is single-minded, determined and completely focused
on present moment so it particularly adept at improvising with
whatever is available in the here and now. (We could all use some
practice there!) It’s the fire that fuels the desire driving that
moment in time.
Imbalanced Aries, demonstrates negative Libra: indecision,
people-pleasing, other-directed. It is best for Aries energy to remain
central and first priority. When Aries is balanced, it embodies
courage and pure, instinctive drive ~ it gets things moving and it’s
exciting to behold. In its most noble expression, Aries energy brings
out a protective warrior who defends the weak and infirm. It’s very
passionate (for the moment) and draws many challenges to their
independence and courage to test the purity of the motivations and
desires. It’s time for you to be more independent and self-sufficient,
using what you’ve got (internally and externally) and acting in present
moment with faith and conviction. As you re-connect with your
instinctual Self (Aries), your interactions with other life (Libra)
around you will be more harmonious because you are initiating from the
purest center. When you are self-sufficient, others want to support
you ~ when you’re passionate and clearly connected to your instincts
(guiding your *now*), people want to bask in the warmth of your fire.
It sparks your creativity and ignites others’ and something *NEW* is
Aries’ animal spirit is that of the Ram, fearless, agile and
determined. It’s time to find a cause or purpose larger than your
small individual life otherwise, this same energy can be extremely
selfish and one-dimensional. This energy is great for starting things,
but you should also have other people or entities in place to support
future growth and development. This is the energy of *Initiation* ~
getting things started ~ getting things moving in a *new* direction.
Develop your own independent nature, cultivate a strong instinctual
connection, improvise often, channel rage (paralyzing) into outrage
(mobilizing), rise to the challenges as they are presented with heart
and courage and gain the wisdom that is *YOU*! We are born on this
planet with all that we need, desire and deserve coded in to our DNA.
life has attempted to disconnect our instinctual connection to
Mother Earth, however, that is impossible. We need only be still and
re-member ~ re-connect with our Source – from which we come and to whom
all return ~ in to the cycles, honor them with your dedication
and bountiful blessings for all will be the result.
Happy New Year!

Kelly M Beard www.KarmicTools.com