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~ Re-minders from Home ~

From Steve Rother:

This month the group had a message about the Earth and the magnetic
fields that we
all live within. They explained how it would affect humans in general
and how we could
prepare. They said the magnetic field has lost more than 10% in the last
100 years. The group talked about the cycle of the Earth shifting
magnetic poles about every 500,000 years and how we are now overdue.
They did say the Earth will not shift poles as we
have already changed that, yet there is still a lot of work to do and
the Earth will go through magnetic fluctuations which may cause strange
phenomenon and be felt emotionally by sensitive humans. Oh, how fun!

They said that this decrease in magnetism is a contributing factor to
the overall human enlightenment now taking place, and that there was
something special about the three years before and the three years after
the final dip which will be in the year 2012.


Big hugs. Have a great month!

Greetings from Home

The Re-wire of Humanity

This day we share with you much that is going on. Your physical
bodies are changing every day in order to carry more of your own light.
The physical re-wire you are going through as individuals is now
starting to spread throughout every part of the entire planet as you
have reached a collective, critical mass. We have mentioned a bit of the
re-wire process and told you about some of the physical properties that
will be changing and some of the things that will be taking place with
every one of you as this goes forward. You will see a huge increase of
sexual energy, life-force energy on this planet, in a lot of different
ways. Over time, you will begin having conscious control over certain
sets of muscles that you have not had conscious control over before. You
will find that you can be conscious breathers instead of unconscious
breathers. You will find that you will have more ability to tap into not
only into your own telepathy, but on conscious levels you will be able
to tap in through each other quite clearly and very easily. In order to
get to this process, there are many physical changes that your bodies
must go through. It is an evolutionary step and does not actually happen
overnight, but when you look back at it 100 years down the road it will
look as if it happened overnight. Let us tell you about the process so
you can see what is taking place, because much of your preparation is
happening on a time schedule that will put you at the right place at the
right time. You are not the only one that is changing. The Earth
herself is changing as well.

We have mentioned before that you are literally going through a
re-wire process so that your energetics can hold more of your own spirit
than the physical body has ever been able to hold before. When you
first took the body, there was a huge portion of yourself that would not
fit into the physical body. You left that portion behind in the other
dimension you call Home. You actually connect to Home through this part
of yourself, which you have called your Higher Self. It is that part of
you which lives outside of your physical body. More of that part of you
is now going to be in the physical body. The children being born every
day are bringing these attributes in. Their eyes are getting brighter
and you are starting to see more energy coming from them, and more
capabilities. You will also see them communicating telepathically in
ways that you have never done before. But yet, you are evolving into
that exact process.

New Human Templates

The children being born now do not have to go through that same
evolutionary process, for they are being placed well above the curve.
The rest of you here are the ones of you evolving to catch up. This was
always limited on planet Earth. The template that you have chosen to
house your spirit during this incarnation is a limited template. The
illustration we give you is that it only holds a portion of your soul.
In the beginning there were 500 of these templates and you chose one. It
was probably the same one you chose the last and the same one
you chose before that, for you have a tendency to be creatures of habit
even as . You choose the same type of template because you get
comfortable with it. You choose male or female. You ask, “How am I going
to work this incarnation? How am I going to do my magic this time? Is
it going to be easier for me to learn my lessons as a female, or is it
going to be easier for me to learn my lessons as a male?” Most of the
time as creatures of habit you choose the one you have become
comfortable with and stay with it for many, many incarnations until
there is a reason to change.

Creating Home Here on Earth

The Earth herself is adapting. If you look at your physical body as
you re-wire and you consider what we are telling you in that much of
your energetic system is now going to house much more of your spirit,
the exact same thing is true of planet Earth. She is re-wiring as we
speak and has been for some time in order to hold more of the
energetics, in order to hold more of spirit from Home on planet Earth.
If you were going to create heaven on Earth, you are going to need
Earth’s cooperation. That is what is happening. She is starting to
evolve faster than you ever thought possible.

Watch the Pacific Ocean

We have mentioned many times that the Earth is not sick. She is
pregnant and moving through a birthing process, and you are starting to
see the labor pains begin. We made a prediction several years ago and we
repeat it again today because it is on the verge of unfolding. Watch
the Pacific Ocean, for that is where the energetic openings will first
happen on planet Earth. It may very well be in the form of seismic or
volcanic activity, but watch the Pacific Ocean and the Ring of Fire
which was actually the birthplace of planet Earth. Watch the evolution
as the Earth starts going through her own birthing cycles. It will
become more intense; it will be more difficult. There will be times when
huge portions of the population will leave. You have seen this in
recent weeks, and you will see it again. It is not that anyone is doing
anything right or wrong. It is not that those people who left were not
of high enough vibration to stay here. In fact, many of them were of
such high vibration they could not stay much longer and they simply took
that opportunity for a way out. There will be a balancing on planet
Earth of energetics in many different ways. All of those people who are
leaving in order to make this happen are coming back as Children
with some incredible attributes. They are coming back because for them
to take that route is easier than raising their vibration consciously,
which is the route you are taking right now. Yet none of this would be
possible if you here were not making strides to do that. That is the
piece that will help every person on planet Earth when you evolve
yourself to where you gain your own spiritual confidence.

Overstretched Templates

The Keeper has mentioned about you finding your voice and discovering
that place that is the voice of your Higher Self. That is you on
purpose and what really resonates as throughout every part of your
being. Connect and share that piece whenever possible, for that is the
one piece that you brought from Home and you now have more capability of
giving than ever before. Each one of you has chosen one of 500
templates available to this planet. It is the reason that you sometimes
see someone who looks like or even acts like someone you know. They came
from the same template. The good news is that there are only 499 people
that you have to learn to get along with. But here you are no longer
limited by the 500 templates, for that is part of your evolutionary
change and the physical re-wire that is happening to your bodies right
now. You are outgrowing the templates that originally housed your
physical bodies and your energetics during this lifetime. Now they have
the capabilities of new attributes, new properties, and new energetics
in the same physical body you were born with. This is the opportunity
for you to go through an evolutionary step and be re-born without going
Home. That is exactly what has been predicted by many on this planet for
a very long time. Why would you doubt it? Of course, now it is
happening to you and that is the beautiful part because now what takes
place is that you are being birthed to a New Earth.

The Earth is going to continue to go through some changes. The Ring
of Fire surrounding the Pacific Ocean will see more movement in the
years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 than ever before on this planet. You
will see different anomalies take place. You will see the shifting of
energy and all of it can be lessened and controlled—none of it needs to
be negative, none of it needs to be catastrophic. It can all be an
evolutionary step forward. The way you do it is simple: you feel you.
Yes, you can feel the sadness and you can feel the trauma. Anytime there
is trauma on planet Earth, it sets up a wave of energy that is felt by
every single human being. It is easy for you to get wrapped up in a
trauma and in the drama around it. It is easy for you to say, “What a
shame! How horrible!” You feel your heart sink and then walk around all
day in that half-lit mode. That is actually harmful to your physical
bodies and serves no purpose whatsoever. The idea of what we wish you to
do is to celebrate these changes of planet Earth. Look at this in one
simple perspective: you had a tragedy in this place you call Haiti, but
look how the world responded as one. Everyone wanted to do
something—whatever they could do to try to ease the pain, to connect.
That lesson in humanity was worth more than all the lives that were
given in order to make that happen.

Wake Up Call

You now have the capability to connect on very deep levels with heart
energy right from the beginning. These are pieces that each and every
one of you must learn because you are not born in bodies that were
capable of this. You are now adapting to new possibilities and new
energies, which will also bring a new relationship to everything around
you. During that time, know that many times you will be in this higher
position where you can help to bring other people up. That is why you
are there. Please do not lower your position, do not feel sadness, and
do not feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. Instead, feel the
opportunity to help. Feel the opportunity to be on purpose and to
spring into action in some way, because that is the piece you came here
for. It would be a shame if you spent all these years on planet Earth
waiting for this opportunity and then sleep right through it. The
wake-up call is now. The alarm clock is ringing and you have a choice.
You can reach over shut it off and pretend it didn’t ring, or you can
hit the snooze button and pretend to , or you can jump into action.

It will happen to every human on planet Earth. Every one of you is
going to go through this evolutionary change that will be difficult,
because humans perceive change as difficult. However, you can change
your perception before it happens and when you see activity in the
Pacific Ocean, the lungs of planet Earth. When you see activity around
the Ring of Fire, know that her lungs are stretching and new pieces are
being built. This is not about the destruction of planet Earth any
longer, instead it is about building a new environment for empowered
humans. The Earth is doing her job. What are you doing? That is the
question that she is asking you now for you are a part of each other.
She needs your help. The connection between humans and Earth is much
stronger than anyone ever thought possible but it is here, now. The
effects of these shifts do not need to be negative. You can wipe these
things out with your thought patterns and especially if you add one to
the other.

The Power of Light

The way you count on planet Earth is to add 1 to 2, to 3, to 4, to 5,
increasing by one the entire time, but that is not the universal
constant when it comes to connecting energetic fields. When you connect
energetic fields, it becomes exponential: 1 to 2 to 4, to 8, 16, 32 and
so forth very quickly to the point at which it begins growing at
incredible rates. Those are the harmonics of your vibration, because
harmonics can be combined on top of other harmonics and can bring things
into harmony on this Earth that has never existed before. You are
creating it now and the opportunities are here in front of you.

Dear ones, this shift is not going to be easy. You are already seeing
part of the challenges, and yet it can be the most joyous, beautiful
shift that has ever happened throughout the universe. We ask you to take
your part. Hold your energy, hold your highest hopes and dreams of
everything you want in your life, every piece you deserve and are
thankful for. Create the new world with your thoughts right now and
watch your body evolve into it. It is an amazing process and never
before has this happened on planet Earth. You are setting history with
every breath you take. Do it well. Do it on purpose. Do it with the
full consciousness that you are a spirit pretending to be a human and
that you have something of value. You will find your purpose on planet
Earth. You will be the highest you can be and we are so incredibly proud
of you. It is not easy being a human; it is not easy for us to watch
you being a human. There are times when you cannot find yourself. You
look in the mirror and you have tears because sometimes you feel so
alone, and yet you do not understand that we are right behind you. We
hold you sometimes when you sleep. We see that you are having a bad
dream and softly touch the corners of your cheeks to help you smile, so
we can help change your reality a little bit because you have given us
permission to do so. Now, you take that and do it for yourselves and
each other. Touch each other the way that the angels touch you. Empower
every person you see around you. You no longer have anything to fear
from this, for it is not a race to see who gets there first. Nobody gets
there until the last person .

We are in this together and know that we are here waiting for you.
The moment you wipe the sleep from your eyes, we are there to remind you
of who you really are. We are so honored to be in your presence, for
you are masters of the Gameboard and we are honored to be here. We know
the pain you have experienced and we honor you for that pain; you will
see this pain quite differently when you arrive Home. We know it is very
difficult for you, but no one else can do it. It took the bravest of
the angels to take off your wings to come down and play, yet here you
are. Welcome Home. Know that we are with you every second of every day
if you so choose. Also know that you are doing a fantastic job and we
are incredibly proud of you.

It is with the greatest of honor that we leave you this day with
three little reminders. Nurture one another every chance you get. Treat
each other with the greatest respect. Play well together.


The group