“You must dissolve the
borders of your perceptions that more and more of what IS can come into
your conscious …” IRSHA

I am a channel, though perhaps an unlikely candidate to fulfill a
role as mysterious as many seem to perceive it to be. For more than
twenty years, I had a successful business career in sales and field
management, including a number of years as Vice President with an
international research firm (very left brain.) In addition to my
business career, I played the roles of wife, mother, grandmother and
single parent. In order to raise my three sons – now grown – I have, at
different times, worked as a writer, seminar and conference leader,
professional singer and fashion model. I have also appeared on radio and

Six years ago, Beings of very powerful energy began to broadcast
through my body for verbal communication into the dimension of human
life experience. It was explained to me to be a mutual agreement made
many lifetimes ago in preparation for this most important this NOW –
for human kind. The purpose was described as a necessary
re-interpretation of ageless wisdom for contemporary understanding and
application. New models, new myths, and new metaphors have been
transmitted to provide ways to apprehend the unknowable, the unnameable.

From a basis of to sense and comprehend realities not
experienced through the filter of our five senses, the choice can be
made by each to release attachments to things, places, beliefs and
people which inhibit the evolution of conciousness. Introduction:
Elmarilla’s Story

My creed for many years has been: GOD/ GODDESS is – therefore I am –
and all that is! Spirit is REAL, vital and at work in the Universe and
in us. Life has meaning and each of us has purpose. My purpose is to
fully realize/actualize my Self and to make my contribution. I cannot
fully realize my Self without making my contribution, and I cannot make
my true contribution without realizing my Self. I am responsible for my
Self – not my parents, my upbringing, the environment, the government,
or what I had for breakfast. In suffering the pain of my own mistakes
and in forgiving myself for me, I can learn to love my Self and others
unconditionally, and to grow, and to serve.

It is my choice to be actively involved in this process until the day
of my death/, and beyond. This process I see as my odyssey.

My odyssey is very personal (as it is for each of us) and is
travelled inwardly before the changes in direction in the outward
journey manifest. In fact, the signposts – symbols – of the inner
journey indicate those directions for my outward way.

I feel somewhat ill at ease in sharing some of them, since I am
basically a private person, but chose a number of years ago to plunge
into the “sea of life” and run the risk of drowning, rather than watch
in safety from the shore. I had a powerful and beautiful dream about
that very figure of speech. It is still vivid in my mind and gives me
the courage to risk to be open – letting myself out and allowing others

My journey started in the Midwest – lowa – on a farm. My childhood
could be perceived as mostly idyllic: climbing trees, jumping into the
hay from the rafters in the hayloft, riding ponies, swimming in a creek,
picking wildflowers in the woods. Various life traumas occurred: the
usual childhood diseases, including rheumatic fever at age 12; our home
burned with all possessions lost at ~ 3; suffered through adolescence;
experienced my first loss of a loved one – my very dear Grandfather;
accumulated the of life that happen to us all and got sidetracked
for a while onto the “conform; do your duty; don’t feel too much; play
it safe” track. Now and then my Self would pop out as when in the
seventh grade Methodist Sunday School class, the teacher passed out
W.C.T.U. commitment cards for us to sign, stating that we would never
“touch a drop.” I refused to sign on the grounds that although I didn’t
drink then, I might want to try it some day. I was not popular in the
class after that.

I went to college – studied art, music, psychology, teacher
education; got married; gave birth to three fine sons and did everything
that of my generation were “supposed to do.” I never became angry
– I did have stomach problems and heart palpitations. I was very very
“nice” the perfect daughter, perfect mother, perfect wife, perfect
ministers wife. My ex husband had gone to graduate school and then to
seminary after we married. We were on the staff of various Methodist
churches in Arkansas, New Orleans, Louisiana and Minneapolis, MN. for a
number of years. I (my Sell] gradually began to emerge again and to
question and to form my own beliefs about life in the Spirit and life in

My experience of the organized church was stifling. Operating within a
structure which preached love but generated guilt and fear of failure
to conform to the “shoulds” and “oughts” did not make sense to me. I
could not comprehend a relationship between this kind of “Love” and the
unconditional Love that it seemed to me was spoken of and demonstrated
by Jesus and the other Masters.

Finally, after 19 years, my husband, the church and I parted company.
It was a bitter experience which took some time to recover from. The
shock and sorrow of suicide ended a brief second marriage with a mate
who turned out to have a severe illness. I still love both men dearly
and realize that I magnetized these situations into my life as necessary
experiences for my preparation.

Irsha has given that, “… Grief has a sharpness to it like a wound
from the thrust of a knife; sadness is personal with hard edges; but
sorrow is attuned to the collective of human kind, so therefore is vast
with soft borders and has within it the core of compassion and
unconditional love.”

In the meantime, I raised my sons (all three today are genuinely
caring, authentic, contributing human beings), I formed relationships
(some brief – lives just touching in passing, but significantly so – and
some lasting) with other honest, searching persons who accepted my
eccentricities without judgment.

I embarked full steam upon a career in the business world that
eventually led to a position as a vice president with a research firm in
New York City. I took up the cause of women without becoming a flaming
feminist by mentoring others and by example. In addition to my business
career, I also worked at various times as a writer, seminar leader,
professional singer and fashion model.

You may wonder how a so-called “career woman” involved with
statistics and research suddenly became a channel for cosmic mind. My
extra-curricular interests have expressed in the realm of
spiritual/metaphysical studies for at least 20 years. However, the
channeling started spontaneously six years ago with very little warning.
I was ,guided to turn on my tape recorder and meditate. My
consciousness stilled and upon coming to sometime later, discovered a
lengthy teaching had been recorded. Since then, profound change has been
my experience in life. I was directed to leave my career and my home –
all that meant security to me, and for a Capricorn, that’s a “biggie” –
and allow myself to be used as a channel for the reception and
transmission of information and energy by unseen beings from another
dimension. Those of you who come to experience or read about this kind
of “unusual” event always bring a host of questions, especially if this
is new for you. These are the ones most often asked:

Why do you do this?

Who is IRSHA, and where do they come from? How does it work?

How does it feel?

When did it begin? Where do you go? Could we be channels? How does
this fit with Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, etc.?

Are you possessed, Crazy?

How do you know the information is true? How do we know the
information is true? What is your background for this?

Here are the answers, and I hope that the reading of them will remove
the mystique usually associated with channels and channelled

I do this because it gives me a sense of fulfillment of my purpose.

The process is relatively simple when it is understood that all that
exists is of energy and that the human is an energy field living in an
assortment of slowly moving molecules called a body. The energy field
(Spirit) is part of All that Is. Our human consciousness doesn’t
remember this, so we think ourselves separate. A leap of faith
reestablishes the connection in conscious awareness – then it’s just a
process of allowing oneself to be used. It’s literally becoming as a
radio receiver and transmitter for other dimensional frequencies. The
more refined and powerful the vibrational frequeny, the higher the
consciousness being transmitted.

The Irsha energy flows into my body (circuits) at the back of my head
through the occipital lobes into the pineal gland and then through my
body like an electric current, but pulsating like radio waves. The
frequencies are translated into words and broadcast through my

It is a feeling of ecstacy – unconditional love – and very powerful.
When channeling, it flows through my hands and into the room and is
reported as being experienced similarly by those in the audience.

As channeling is occurring, my consciousness could best be described
as in a timeless, spaceless condition. I do not usually have a sense of
what is being said, so I always tape record for later listening.

If you are alive and here on Earth, you are channeling. Your body is a
channel for your own life energy. It has been given that all who are
opening will channel higher frequendes in this new time, each expressing
according to his/her agreed upon life purpose (whether it be as
teacher, healer, musician, artist, gardener, animal husband man, food
preparer, poet, storyteller, and so forth) for your greater joy and the
enhancement of your service.

How does this fit with the organized religions? The information given
includes all – excludes none. Presently, our many different
systems divide mankind rather than unite. Irsha’s teachings do not
conflict with any except those notions in each that are divisive.
Rather, Irsha reveals the thread of unity in the diverse and colorful
tapestry of creation.

Am I possessed, Crazy? If so, it is with commitment and zeal; crazy
about the beauty, wisdom and energy of Irsha. It rewards me continually.

How do I know it is true? Most of it has been, and continues to be,
validated by events and circumstances in my own life and the lives of
others, and it just “rings true” for me.

How do you know the information is true? You don’t, until in your
experience it is supported by your own discoveries, or the teachings
resonate with your own deepest knowing. Irsha says, “Don’t let your
brains go soft – become your own Guru. Truth is truth and knowing of it
is within each. If what we say is truth, it is that which you already
know and the hearing of it simply calls it up into your own

What is my background for this? In my odyssey you discovered that my
background is much like yours – adventurers in the unfolding drama of
human life.

© 1993 by Elmarilla Bailey    http://irsha.com/