“The fire that is our essence comes from the stars
to the stars our essences will return.
The Earth is our Mother
who gave us our bodies.
After our Earth walk, our bodies
will return to the Earth.

Our spirits are
from the wind, as is our breath.
Our words are our breath, therefore

Jamie Sams

“I beseech
the Star Elders, my essence self; the Earth Mother, our mother; and
Tate, the Great Wind of the Lakota…

to assist me in this
community where I reside…to assist lightworkers everywhere to fulfill
their missions.”

Once upon a moon, when I was a much younger
woman, Spirit guided me to undertake a pilgrimage from the States,
where I was residing, to Belize, the land of my birth.  During that life
altering journey and travel, I was led to settle on a small island off
the coast of mainland Belize, named Caye Caulker.  This beautiful island
inhabited by approximately 1800, mostly traditional, Catholic, Mestizo,
people held absolutely no light in the mass consciousness of the
villagers.  I came to slowly understood, though, that Spirit’s will was
for me to remain in this particular community as the “holder” and
“bringer”of the light.  I have done Spirit’s will, with my immediate
family (all of whom are angelic ) for over 14 years of our lives. 
It has never been easy.

In fact, here is a typical example of
my life onthe island… One year I decided to teach in the newly founded
high school to create some goodwill in the community.  One of the
classes I was yoga for physical education.  I had been branded a
witch many times in Caye Caulker.  Teaching yoga only seemed to
reinforce the local viewpoint that I was indeed practicing witchcraft. 
Thank goodness, my boss and the high school principal my class
100%  and backed our position with FACTS.  Together we overcame the
local beliefs and by the end of the year, the students were teaching
their parents stress reducing poses.

I have continually and
painstakingly engaged with the community’s extreme superstitions, obeah (
a form of black magic used to bring harm to another), and all other low
level forms of energetic interactions (alcoholism, domestic violence,
drug addiction, machismo behaviours and emotional & sexual abuses)
over the years, while at the same time attempting to create and maintain
my own piece of heaven.  I cannot emphasize enough- it has been a
daunting task.  Nonetheless, it was my purpose, a clear directive from
the Ancestors and the Star Elders, so I undertook my role with due
diligence and compassion.  Arriving in full force to assist me in this
community were the magical elementals, the standing people (the trees
and plants), and the cool blues and turquoises of Yemeya’s salty
Caribbean Sea, who have been my friends, my allies and my protectors in
this place which holds such extremes of darkness and light.

understand that many lightworkers have been guided to various geographic
areas to do Spirit’s work in these auspicious times on Earth.  I also
understand that we can no longer maintain and sustain our realities
without a seriously strong support network.  The Gods have encouraged me
to create “Celestun”, a heavenly place of light
A place where lightworkers, healers, and conscious individuals can
retreat and rejuvenate.  It is my intention to expand my current island
business, www.cocoplum.typepad.com, to create
this much needed place and vision.  I can no longer be one of the few
people in this part of the Caribbean holding the light.  I need
assistance.  I send out a request to any interested individual(s) to
please join me in co-creating Celestun if they feel so compelled.  I
invite any of my readers to visit my little english speaking island in
the region of  Central America on the Caribbean Sea in the country of
Belize.  Enough said.


Allow me to return to discussing
this eminent Earth birth which was the topic of my last post,
“Surrender”.  In the latter part of a woman’s pregnancy, early
contractions called Braxton-Hicks, will begin to occur.  These
contractions prepare a woman’s body for the actual birth and it allows
her body to understand, in mild form, what the real contractions will
feel like once they commence to start.  The Earth has begun her
Braxton-Hicks and on one of the latest contractions (Chile Earthquake)
her axis tipped and time sped up.  Wow!  We are definitely about to move
and groove in this pregnancy, hence the Turkey earthquake.  On the
night preceding this movement, I ’t sleep a wink.  All the dogs in
my neighborhood felt the same as they howled and moaned the night
away.  It was another huge release of energy for the earth.  Yes, the
Earth herself is cracking open!  Be aware and prepared,
all those who live on the fault lines, your time is drawing near.  
Everytime I go into meditation, I feel the low rumbles of the  Earth
quaking.  At fist, I feel fear, and then, I surrender to the force of
the earth, and lastly, I breathe calm into the land.  If you can
this serenity inside your body, you can actually transmit it through
your feet into the ground.  If enough people are sending a peaceful
message to the land, then a community can control their surroundings and
their contractions.

The earthquakes are not our only
concern/movements these days.  If you listen to the world news it is
simply overwhelming, between the natural disasters (another large
glacier broke off, denying oxygen to the seas and their creatures) and
the manmade violence (the babies and toddlers slaughtered in Nigeria in
the name of religious intolerance), I simply sit back and wait on the
forceful volcanic eruptions sure to follow (notice Celia Fenn discusses
her friends in Chile and the oozing volcanic lava in her March earthlog)… sigh, cry…do not
become immune to the information
many souls have agreed to depart or suffer in these times so as to
assure that all others will keep their hearts wide open.

death of the old reality is so obvious.  We will never return to a
reality that hoards possessions.  We will never return to a reality that
enslaves another.  At present though, the oligarchy assumes the same
viewpoint it has had for the last 10,000 years:  population control of
the enslaved masses, while they wield and control the resources of the
Earth. The oligarchy will have to fall into one of those large cracks
the earth creates to make room for the compassionate souls and new
leaders who wish to create our harmonious Earth.

Lately, I am
constantly receiving a vision of teepees (I conjure up my friends
gorgeous Earth Ship home in Taos, New Mexico).  The teepee has many
symbolic meanings.   Firstly, Spirit is asking everyone once again to
simplify.  Just as a woman will prepare her house for a new baby, we are
being guided to prepare our teepees to be uncluttered, beautiful home
dwellings that are fulfilling and life-giving.  Create an energetically
clean space that is  ready to welcome a new-born baby.  Secondly,  a
teepee for the Native Americans was transportable.  If the tribe felt
danger or uncertainty, they could pack up their teepees and relocate. 
Life itself is very fragile.  A natural disaster can wipe out your
entire existence, your home and all your possessions without much
notice, so over- to anything is simply not healthy.  I
reiterate Aluna Joy and the Star Elders message, “you can’t take
anything with you but your love and your truth”.  Live lightly! 
Thirdly, a teepee represents the material and our ability to manifest. 
It is the Lakota symbol for wealth and well-being.    If you are
currently hoarding possessions or carrying too heavy of a material load;
let it go.  Get to your teepee!

Practice, even if it is just
once in your life, the great give-away.  In the early 1900’s, the US
government outlawed the Native American pot-latch ceremony (the
give-away), as they could not understand how such “poor’ people would
give away all their possessions.  It was disconcerting for the
white-Eurocentric mind who believes in collecting/hoarding/saving
possessions, so they made it illegal.  The give-away teaches us to
release, without attachment, our greatest possessions and it teaches us
above all else, that the earth is eternally fertile and all our needs
will be provided for again and again through the community.  Whenever
one feels lack, of anything, Spirit counsels giving away a valued
possession.  Are you in need of health?  Give-away!  Are you in need of
love?  Give-away!  Are you in need of money?  Give-away!  Through the
eternal spiritual laws of energy and return, all ones needs will be met.

Take a look at the community around you?  What can you give-away to
help ease the burden of another?  Do you have a community that will
support you?  A group of like-minded individuals that care about your
well-being?  Do you have your own personal Celestun, heavenly
place of light?
If not, it is crucial at this
moment to form some sort of network.  Be it on the internet, a sacred
moon circle or your collective neighborhood.  We have heard over and
over again that we must come together in conscious community.  Now, more
than ever.  Presently, Carl Calleman is calling for a Conscious
Convergence (July 17-18, 2010) of lightworkers to prepare for the last
stages of our pregnancy.    The old ship is going down , the S.O.S. has
been fired.  We are approaching the ninth and final wave of the Mayan
Calendar Evolutionary Theory- the cosmic unity consciousness.
The only survivors, the true thrivers of the New World, will be the ones
who have learned to share and care, the ones who have learned to live
in unity.

Lightworkers, take heart, the morning star is shining


wishes to thank her online spiritual
community, her readers, ” you have been my life raft as I continue to
live and breathe light into this Caribbean community”

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