Inevitably, you are led back to your own inner sources.  The
conscious mind creates and discovers useful systems for understanding
much of life.  Yet when asked to speak to what came before all of this,
or in any way the origins of things, you are all, inevitably,
led back to your own inner sources.  Why not begin there?  Where all
knowing exists and align yourselves?  This is the call of the Spring
Equinox: alignment and balancing of energies.  How do you do this?  By
entering as fully and as frequently as you can into the flow of life and
enjoying the ride.

My dear ones I call you home.  In casting
forth my song upon your hearts, I conjure for you an experience of
spaciousness; lit by the radiance of your own shimmery awareness.  Your
light amplified as you release the heavier thought-forms, release the
cellular structure that forms in alignment with these limited beliefs or
inculcated ideas…sense the possibilities for your continually growing
radiance and speed!  Attune yourself to this light-filled
space— as light flowing, arching, darting, exploding, dividing,
combining—this is a familiar and all absorbing space!  When you are in
the flow of your being you move this way and know this way of being, and
it occupies you entirely, your focus is not divided or elsewhere.  You
are not thinking of before or after—you are in play: beyond space and
time.  If you attune again you will notice that you do not even have
form.  You are simply energy in play, moving and creating and although
you have consciousness and perception, you don’t even feel a body, yet
you sense all that is happening.  How can this be?  You are playing in a
dimension beyond space and time.  There is unfolding and yet there is
no sense of time passing, it is much more like a dance, is it not?  A
dance in which you don’t know the song, but the music is so inspiring! 
It thrills you and you move in perfect, inspired synchronicity with

{Sigh.  How beautiful! }

This is your natural
way of being.  One of your natural ways of being.  Layered within your
entire experience, perhaps less a dynamic of focus than others, but
nonetheless, SO NATURAL to you!  So easy and fun.  You could enjoy this
endlessly…!  Oh where did the time go????? {Smile}

I am here to
sing, orienting you and reminding you of this space in which you are so
beautifully active and so generally not aware!  I bring this
vibration into your heart and as you read this message, allow yourself
to feel the pull to sway your physical body; this familiar and inner
desire to move with total grace and ease, lyrically creating the
structure and the vectors of energy which map out the movement of
energies as you draw, literally, with your focus, the blueprints of your
creation, immediately they take shape and are!  Your sense,
the inspired movement of energy which you direct—creating and
collaborating, refining and amplifying—as you do your powerful, Creator
Dance~!  Again—where did the time go???

Awaken you Titans.  I
herald the convergence of energies which are drawing us all forward into
a new Omniverse; one of form unified in connectivity and knowing
all of this!
   Oh the blissed-out energies that are juicy
and lined up for your physical and non-physical consumption in
All-That-Is knowing its new version of YOU.

Slowly the trails of
the Angels are leading you home.  Excuse me, but your soul is waiting! 
And the unknown reality which holds what for “years” (in form) you have
wanted to get done—and remains undone—is on the horizon, like the Great
Eastern Sun, and you already know what to do.  The map and all
the doorways lie within, if you but ask yourself and most of all:

Naturally speaking, the garden designed for your pleasure,
your version of paradise, exists already; you only need to draw the
energy into your heart and then go about your life, knowing it and you
will soon meet!

You create with infallibility.  Creating is
immediate.  Energy responds to you.  Yet in your physical vessel, you
often experience an additional creation: a gap of time!  How creative of
you!!  😉  We wink because you don’t do this consciously and you would
most likely be happier without this additional magic playing itself out
in your experience.  Time gaps are created by the illusion in your
experience not being remembered, and therefore played as illusion.  So
you experience things as being separate—this moment separate from
another.  Not remembering that all is one and time or the illusion of
time unfolding—simply a construct of your current vessel’s way of
“reading” energy and experiencing in form.  So you create, then you
start to look, “Where is it?”  Noticing it is NOT there, you create a
gap of time.  If one does not think about something and then it appears
there is no time gap! 

When you no longer perceive a time/space
element, you are able to move through time/space without delay. 
Essentially time is created in the mind. 

Lightworkers, the time
is here to live from an expanded perspective, if you so choose and I
invite you to claim your inner source of knowledge.  You and your earth
are perfectly aligned and in communication, you receive highly nuanced
information about All-That-Is continually; for you ARE All-That-Is!  As
such, and especially if it is bothering you, I encourage you to forget
!  Go with the flow of nature and your inner urgings and
you will simply forget there is a time element involved in the flow. 
You have all awoken “on time” or shown up somewhere “on time” with no
watch or clock or cell phone to assist you—you are fully experienced and
capable of attuning to things already. 

As such, this is an
invitation to trust in the perfect balance that exists in your
experience and is available to you.  The equinox energies are expanding
your ability to access this multidimensional perspective and over the
next few months, these energies will shift the unified field and all
aspects of the Earth plane.  Prepare for this shift by realizing that
with each influx of solar flares, with each opening of your crown
chakra, with each clarified connection to your inner knowing, you are
liberating your soul from the hold of personality, preparing for the
full liberation of your essence in form: the emergence of the New
Human.  A full liberated soul, shining through and dancing in a physical
radiant vessel—all in perfect alignment with the planet on which you
live, attuned to the multiple focuses which share your dimensional
space.  Enjoying the expansion of one another, “vertically” oriented,
yet “horizontally” aware and appreciative!

Dimensional Ascension
is underway.

Grow your trust in your connection to All-That-Is and
take a chance to play with the nature of your experience beyond what
you typically see and understand: take off your watch.  Set your
intentions for what alignment you seek and then let go.  Lightworkers,
as you move out of this time/space mindset you become an example to
others.  As you trust your intuition, as you move to that intuitive
voice at all times, you will be in that space of no-time; for time is
just a perception.  You begin to create through being the experience of
the New Earth.  Do not assume that the “pace” or flow will be similar to
what you know of the past, allow yourself to discover the feel of this
emergent dimensional space; layered and blended dimensions, increasingly
in your consciousness and available.

As you raise your vibration
and continue to understand your nature as multi-dimensional, you will no
longer perceive yourself as being separate.  Again–your physical body
will no longer control the essence of your entire being!  You will
instead, be soul using the physical vessel to express yourself in form. 

physical body completely blends and aligns with All-That-Is every
moment that you let go of thinking you need to decide or control how to
use “it” and instead simply respond to the moment with presence and
awareness, attuned to your inner senses and at peace, knowing all is
well and trusting yourself!

This is home: the peaceful, all
playful, all knowing, powerfully creative perspective we invite you to
try on and explore.  You will find your physical body soars with delight
when you let the wisdom of its pervasive and informed connection to the
Omniverse and your inner senses, ALL SYNC UP and you just respond to
that wonderful question of “What feels good next?”

So my beautiful
ones.  I am here to remind you of your gloriousness.  Your enormous
POWER, and your essentially curious, passionate, excited and joyous
essence.  From a larger perspective you embody these qualities already. 
You have simply limited your identification with them in your current
experience.  I invite you to change this. 

I AM Ashira, and I have
come forth at this time to herald the emergence of the New Human; to
invite you to embrace your divine and innately creative nature with no
holds barred.  I am forever singing a song of praise, lauding your love
filled journey toward home and simultaneously, knowing you are already

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