Hello Andre’
I am sure you already know about Drunvalo, but in case you hadn’t, here is
his information. 
He has worked with all the indigenous peoples around the world for 25 years and
the Mayans are out with their own ..that will uplift about
the cycle we have already entered, it is an incredible future we have, based
on science that is 26,000 years old, that Germany is releasing soon. Please view
the underlined website above.    It is about ten minutes.   And if you like that

The Maya Of Eternal Time Drunvalo Melchizedek July 29
2009 ( 1
of 14)  It will come on after the 1st video.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wy9TGbE2F-8 
We need to from our heart like you do.  We need to feel our heart
and feel our heart connecting to Gaia’s heart.  IT is the most important
at this time.  Gaia knows who loves her and will protect us.   Drunvalo
has a
wonderful mediation on that.  It is all free on line.   The Mayan’s  own
movie….The shift of the ages.  That will be uplifting for humanity.

love and light,   Susan