It is hard to belive that it is that time of year again! The
Easter week-end is approaching. Here in South Africa it is a four day
holiday when everyone "takes off" for the coast for a last celebration
of relaxation in the sun before the cold weather sets in for Winter.
Last year, at this time, I was in Brazil, and so much seems to have
happened to me in the last year. We are certainly changing and
transforming at high speed!

But, back to Easter. In the
traditional Christian community, it is the celebration of the Death and
Resurrection of Jesus. But, in reality, it is a reworking of the ancient
archetypal story of the death of the masculine principle and its
miraculous rebirth and resurrection through the Feminine principle. This
story is as ancient as the Sumerians, where the Goddess Innana descends
into the underworld to rescue her mortal husband and return him to
life, or the Egyptians where the Goddess Isis finds the scattered limbs
of her murdered husband, Osiris and conceives a miraculous child called
Horus who rebirths the masculine spiritual warrior principle.

how did this ancient story become a central part of the celebrations of
the Christian year? In the case of the Christian story, there was indeed
a masculine and a feminine principle incarnated in Yeshua and Mary
Magdalene. They came to the Earth as Avatars to bring the seeds of the
New Consciousness, that which we call the Christ Consciousness, to the
western world. This was done through the work and teachings of both of
them in Israel, and later by Mary Magdalene in France. The Seeds of the
Christ Light that are flowering now were laid down two years

So, how did Easter and eggs and rabbits get mixed up with the
coming of the Christ Light. Well, Easter is a form of the name of the
Goddess, Astarte, another form of the name of Innana, and she was
celebrated as the Goddess of Fertility and Creation. The eggs and the
rabbits are obvious symbols of procreation, and these were grafted on to
the story by the Catholic Church, as it took over Pagan Europe in the
name of Christianity. The Catholic principal was to merge the Pagan
iconography and symbols with the new teachings. And so the ancient
fertility celebrations were connected into the story of the death of
Christ and the process of Ascension.

Ascension is the ability to
move beyond the duality of the Third Dimension and into the Miraculous
flow of Love and Miracles at the Higher Consciousness of the Fifth
Dimension. This was taught by the Christ Avatars with their focus on the
Heart, Unconditional Love and the Oneness of All Things. But, it also
seems fitting that the ancient teachings of the redemption of the
Warrior by the Goddess should become part of the Ascension story and
that it should be brought into consiousness now. Everything has a
purpose and a reason!

In the case of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene,
after the death of Yeshua in the Holy Land, it was Mary Magdalene as the
Feminine principal who carried the Seeds of Light to France and
nurtured the Christ Consciousness in the western world, until the time
was ready for the "second coming" or the "Ascension" of Humanity to the
level of the Fifth Dimension or the Christ Consciousness. The "Child"
that was born of their Sacred partnership was a symbolic child, the New
Earth Consciousness that would lift Humanity into the Fifth Dimension
after a period of darkness.

So, for me, this time of Easter is
always a time to give gratitude for the life of Yeshua as the Masculine
Christ energy that brought the Seeds of Light. But it is also a time to
celebrate the life of Mary Magdalene as the Feminine Christ energy, who
took those Seeds to Europe where they were nurtured by those who carried
the Light in their DNA and ensured that at the right time the "Child of
Light" would be born in the Hearts of Humanity, and that the powerful
energies of the "end time" cycles would ensure that the "Child" of the
New Consciousness would be birthed as a New Consciousness of Love and

The of this Easter time, and the story of the
Christ energy, seems to me to also be summed up in the Native American
term "Right " or what I would call "Sacred ".
This is where the energies flow in perfect Harmony and Balance with
Divine Will, so Divine Harmony and Joy. As I wrote in an
earlier Log, in our lives on this Earth, everything is a matter of
Relationship and Partnership! Our lives and our creativity are connected
with our ability to co-create with others. To fully enter into the
Fifth Dimension means to bring those Relationships into Right Balance
and create Sacred Relationship.

In this period from now until
2012, the focus will definitely be on this aspect of our Spiritual
Growth and Evolution, finding Harmony, Balance and Right Relationship.
This will especially be part of the way in which we create relationships
that embody the interaction of the Masculine and Feminine principles.

the past I have done much work with the Twin Flame energy, which is
another way of describing the power of Sacred Relationship or Union
between Soul Partners who embody the Masculine and Feminine principals
within themselves and their partnership. I found that there was much
misunderstanding and distortion in the way people perceived these
partnerships. Firstly, many people seemed to think that a Twin Flame
relationship was a Romantic relationship that ended in marriage and
parenting and happy ever after in the surburban nuclear family image of
pop culture. That is probably because our culture is so grounded in the
nuclear family economic model that people find it difficult to conceive
of a relationship that might go beyond these parameters. The whole idea
of the "family" is a matter for the "parenting contract" between those
who seek to have children and the souls that desire to through
them, and it is not part of the Twin Flame or Sacred Union. The purpose
of Sacred Union is to incarnate the Masculine and Feminine principals
as a direct mirror of the Union of the Divine Energies in the Source.
This creates a tremendous field of creative power that expresses the
Love of the Divine and can bring people into the Awakened state of
Higher Consciousness very rapidly. It is a gift from the Divine and
should be treated with deep respect and great honor.

Of course,
when you enter into a romantic relationship, or a parenting/family
contract, these contracts need to also be honored and treated withy deep
respect for the gifts within them, and being in Sacred Relationshiop
extends to all levels of our lives.

Now, to return to the Twin
Flame or Sacred Union Relationship. After people realized that the Twin
Flame aspect of Sacred Union was primarily a merging of Soul Energy,
there developed also an unfortunate tendency among awakening beings to
get "high" on the soul merging energy and to desire to repeat this
energy "merging" with as many people as possible. This is, of course,
all in divine order. Awakened Beings enjoy merging their soul energies
and experiencing the bliss of communion on the deeper levels, but this
is also not Sacred Union. It is just a kind of Sacred Family Hug.

Union is when two Conscious Beings merge their energies at the Heart
Center and then extend that energy into the Soul Sphere and Ground it
into the Earth Sphere, so that they represent the merging of Divine
Love, the Masculine and Feminine principles expressed as Divine,
Unconditional Love. The "Flame" that is created, which is called the
"Golden Rose Flame", is in the High Heart of each individual and in
the Joint "Heart of Hearts" that is created when the two energies
become One with the Divine Heart and create a Sacred Union Light Body
that is an expression of the Merging of Heaven and Earth within their

Yes, this is a wonderful experience! Yes it is
becoming available to more and more Conscious Beings at this time of
Change and Transformation. But, yes, it also requires commitment and
focus and courage. It requires the courage to develop a deep intimacy
with one person, and to forgo the "highs" of moving from one person to
the next in a series of "non attached" energy mergings that are
considered to be Sacred Union, but are empty of the depth and intimacy
and grace of true Sacred Union when it is in Right Relationship.

is not so much a matter of finding the "right" person, but a matter of
having the courage and strength to surrender to the Process of Love as
it finds you. Love is always seeking for you and asking for you to allow
the deep surrender into Sacred Union. It is not something that is
difficult and that can only be found by the fortunate. It is a natural
process, like breathing, but breathing very deeply so that you expand
and grow!

When we forgo the Hollywood/Bollywood formulas for the
expression of love through Sex and youthful Beauty and Procreation, we
will enter a new level of consciousness where we will flow into the
Expression of Love as a Sacred Gift that merges Heaven and Earth in many
ways and according to Sacred Contract. For those wishing to experience
Divine Sacred Union, it is not a matter of searching for the right
partner, but of being willing to "die" in the Will (the masculine
principle within) so that you may be reborn through Love (the feminine
principle within).

When the Will comes into Balance with Love as
expressed through the Soul and Spirit, then you can be reborn to Higher
Consciousnes and experience Love on the Higher Octave of the merging of
Heaven and Earth. You can ascend into Harmony with the Divine Will and
express the Divine Love through Balance and Partnership.

is to Easter…. that time of the year when Sacred Love, Rebirth and
our Ascension into Divine Will and Harmony can be Celebrated!

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