Channeler: DL Zeta

As you energize and align with fifth-dimension energies,
opportunities will arise to join with others to incubate the dream of
the New Earth.

Building a Bridging Identity

of building this dream is creating a bridging identity able to
“walk in two worlds,” so to speak. This dual self will to carry
out the tasks associated with living in the reality where you are
currently focused while at the same , planting seeds in the new
with your focus, intention and desire. This bridging identity will be
able to walk daily in both worlds, one manifest, the other unseen except
in your inner world.

This bridging identity will allow you to merge more fully with
energies of the new time. This identity will derive from a future self.
To the degree that your resonance allows you to forge a union, this
future self will be able to lend its energy and guidance. As you direct
your intention and consciousness toward this future “you”, locating this
self in the timeframe where it exists, you are able to blend with its
thoughts and feelings.

Cultivating Skills of Blending and Harmonizing

In the future, "blending" is a technique that is common. You already
do this to an extent. When you spend time with another, you harmonize
your energies and blend with them. Often you will find you know things
about this person that they haven’t told you. You may begin to develop
new skills based on their knowledge and understandings. This is an equal
sharing as they draw on your knowledge and experience as well.

Intuitive counseling works in much the same way. For a short time,
you step inside an intuitive’s consciousness and see yourself through
the eyes of spirit. Healing can take place as you view
yourself with complete love and compassion. It is in this moment that
you see your gifts and your woundedness side by side as well as the
threads connecting them. As you receive the message of your sacred
wound, you effectively step off the karmic wheel.

The Nature of the Sacred Wound

Early in each lifetime, a sacred wound is "stamped" on the
consciousness, usually through a set of circumstances, though it can be a
single incident. Sacred wounds can be created through illness,
accidents, family turmoil, and seemingly insurmountable challenges. At
the root, a sacred wound is a karmic lesson carried over from past
lifetimes. Throughout the , each person begins the quest to gain the
understanding that will satisfy their karmic lessons this time around.
Once this lesson is satisfied, one is able to effectively achieve
emotional freedom and step off the karmic wheel. Once free of enslaving
emotions and impulses, the conscious mind is free to join in partnership
with the higher self to rewrite the plan for the rest of the life on
Earth. This plan usually involves creating a way to use one’s
talents,earthly knowledge and spiritual wisdom to assist others with
their own process of
awakening. Once a person’s consciousness awakens, they experience a
natural desire to assist others in awakening.

Awakened Consciousness is the New Time

Imagine you "wake up" in a darkened room and see others sleeping
around you. Upon closer examination, you see the room is filled with
dust and cobwebs and the air is stale. Your first impulse is to throw
open the doors and windows to let in fresh air and sunlight, then begin
nudging the others awake.

When one person awakens and begins nudging others to awaken them, all
the universe cheers. Much guidance and assistance is downloaded to the
one who throws open the doors and windows of their consciousness to be
the eyes and ears and hands and feet of spirit on Earth. This awakening
allows you to become spirit incarnate on Earth. This is possible by
embracing your sacred wound, opening to its message and using this
wisdom to heal yourself throughout time. Once this is done, you’re able
to still step off the karmic wheel and unite Heaven and Earth.

Many souls chose to incarnate at this time when the elevated energies
on the Earth plane would facilitate the awakening process. Many
advanced souls were chosen to anchor the light at this time. Others came
to represent other points along the energetic spectrum. This is a
critical time when all of time is held in a microcosm where dark and
light join hands in a way that allows human consciousness to take a
great leap forward.

Excerpt from The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing
Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta
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