I’ve just finished teaching our San Francisco Movers
and Shakers
program and was inspired to send the following
newsletter after witnessing a powerful moment between and a
workshop participant. One woman came up to the microphone for some
coaching and started with the following: "I am a terrible
procrastinator." No sooner were the words out of her mouth, when Louise
stood up and said: "That’s an affirmation!" In the spirit of that
important message, please use the following story and message to change
your life.

Last week I was enjoying some time to myself at a local
park when I overheard a conversation between two women who were talking
about how frustrated they were with their jobs. They were sitting
by and, after a half hour of trying to mind my own business, I
decided to head home. As I drove away, I thought about how much time
and energy they were investing in the problem by repeating the details
of their situations over and over again. And, I thought about how I’ve
done the same thing in my own life — energized the very thing I didn’t
want to continue by repeatedly complaining about it.

When you
consider the notion that our thoughts have creative power, complaining
about something without doing anything to change it, takes on a whole
new meaning. While talking about our problems is a normal (and
important) way of working through the difficulties in life, fixating on
them can end up magnetizing the very thing we most want to avoid. When
we complain, ruminate, whine, moan or gossip about what isn’t working in
our lives, we may find that the problem persists or even shows up in a
whole new form.

That said, there’s gold to be found in the act of
complaining and worrying about our problems. Just think about the
strategy behind what you do. For example, if you’re worried about money
(and who isn’t nowadays), you might:

* Continuously think about
what you don’t have, your debt, or upcoming bills.

* Talk with
others about how bad the economy is or how it’s going to get worse.

Write about your fears in a journal.

* Go to sleep at night
imagining worse-case scenarios in your mind.

* Pray about the

Again, these are all useful to process the
challenges we face in life, but when we get stuck on these behaviors
alone without adding positive actions, we contribute to the problem.
Now, imagine what might happen if you used these same strategies to your
advantage. To bring more abundance into your life, you could:

Continuously think about what you do have by noticing the little things
that make you happy right now.

* Start looking for and sharing the
stories of abundance that show up in your life.

* Begin each day
by writing down fifteen things you feel grateful for.

* Go to
sleep at night imagining yourself living debt free or enjoying a new,
higher-paying job.

* Pray for the discipline and strength to focus
on the good in your life and the ability to receive the abundance
that’s coming your way.

These examples represent the fundamental
steps of attraction. You think about it, talk about it, write about it,
meditate on it, pray about it, or imagine best-case scenarios. I’ve
been practicing the idea of attraction in one form or another for the
last twenty-five years and these are the things that I do (along with
making treasure maps :). As you begin to use these
steps to turn things around, please keep in mind three important things
I’ve learned over time:

1. Simply thinking about
something you want to bring into your life isn’t enough. You need to
combine thought with action and be willing to do the work.

Making the shift from "me" to "we" is where the law of attraction
really becomes powerful. My greatest joy (and success) comes in sharing
my good fortune with others.

3. We must
surrender to the reality that there is a power greater than our
humanness at work in the world and we can’t always get what we want.
Some things just aren’t meant to be.

So, when you think about your
life and what you’re energizing every day, does it make you smile or is
it time to make a shift?

Take Action Challenge

Choose one
thing you’ve been worried about (or complaining about) and put those
remarkable practical strategies to good use. Turn it around by focusing
your energy on the possibilities of what could be instead of the
reality of what is right now. Whether or not you believe it can work
doesn’t matter. Isn’t that great? 

This week’s video was sent to
me by my assistant, Chris. Fifteen million people have seen it, but I
hadn’t ☺. While I don’t recommend you try this at home, it’s an awesome
example of mastery. Thanks, Chris!


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