Hi Dre’,

Last Tuesday, March 3, I got the following info in meditation
and was told to share it with your website. Not sure how to do

In love, light and laughter,


I know this is going to sound bizarre, but I am feeling
called to share what came to me in my meditation this morning (Tuesday March 3,)
and invite those interested in joining me in supporting the Divine Masculine for
the next forty days.

This morning in my meditation the first thing I saw was Jesus
and he was all white. With him was a being that was all . Jesus told me that
the dark being was his twin brother and his struggle with him in the desert
represented a struggle that had been going on within men through the ages. I was
shown a variety of stories that played this out from Michael and Lucifer, Osiris
and Set, Horus and Set, Cain and Abel. The twins of the Mayan creation stories.
The twins of the Hindu tales and over and over. I was then told that this
struggle was going on right now in our world and in the collective. I know this
sounds dramatic, but I was told it was the battle between dark and light
foretold in the bible. I get the sense it is battle that is raging within men
right now and is a battle that is going on in the archetypal realms as well and
is being played out on the world stage.

The next thing that happened was that one of my guides showed
up. She told me that I was to start a 40 day vigil to fast and pray for the
Divine Masculine. I was told that this was a very important part of my healing
and that by being in a strong spiritual space I would better be able to hold the
energy for what the masculine energy was struggling with right now. I questioned
her because I don’t fast. I can do cleanses, but fasting? She told me to trust
her and so I am. I don’t know if I have to fast for forty days, all I know is
that I am fasting today to begin the vigil.

She told me that over the 40 days I was to look at my
relationship to the Divine Masculine. I was to look at my about the
Divine Masculine and how my beliefs about the Divine Masculine limited me and
the men in my life.

She told me that what I was doing  had been done by people
through the ages when Men were struggling within themselves. I was told that
while Jesus was in the Desert The Marys held a similar vigil.

I was also told that I was to invite both Men and Women to
me in this vigil. I was told that each person who chooses to hold the space
for the Divine Masculine will go through their vigil in their own unique way
supporting the Divine Masculine while it goes through this challenge. I am not
an astrologer or a numerologist but according to my calculations today March 3,
2010 is  3/3/3. This is a master number and to me
feels powerful. Today the moon is in Libra and when the vigil is over for
me it will be a new moon in Aries. This also seems important as

Feel Free to pass this on to anyone and everyone you feel
called to.

If you want to share with others your experiences or
insights please feel free to email me @ info@rocksandthingsmetaphysical.com 

In love, light and laughter,