From: Miles
Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 10:38 PM
Subject: Hello Dre, received a tip about your website at a
conference in San Francisco
It is amazing how The Universe works at connecting-the-dots,
I was at Hay House’s Movers and Shakers conference this past
weekend with
my wife who is a so we could learn how to better distribute our
to those who are searching.  We have come a long way, but we know this
is a long
path and are always working on getting better.
At this event we met an Irish woman who currently lives in Canada
and has
the voice of angels.  Her name is Denise Hagan (
and I had the
pleasure of not only hearing her sing in person, but also getting to

with her a couple of times.  After the 3 day conference was over, she
me with a piece of paper that said "
~Dre"  And both my
wife and I have been devouring the content on your site ever since!
My wife is very familiar with a couple of the other channels that
posting content on your site from Lightworkers.  Her profile is
and we have been working dilligently on her site which is  We are
actually in
beta with a more dynamic theme right now and hope to launch the new
theme late
this week, so we can better manage the volume of content she is
With all that being said, I hope you have a chance to connect with
some of
her informaiton and that it brings love and joy into your heart!  We
hold a free
weekly channeled call on Wednesday evenings (in the US) at 7:00 pm pst. 
information about the call can be found here and
we hope to be broadcasting both via telephone here in the US as well as
having a
webcast option within a month.  We have been guided that the more people
we can
connect with in this call, the more light and energy we can bring in for

Earth and Humanity.  Our conference call system can hold up to 1000
people, and
we have tons of room for growth… If you know anyone who may be
interested in
joining us on a free channeled call, we’d appreciate it if you passed
along the
I was so inspired to communicate with you Dre, and I hope to have
pleasure of meeting you sometime soon!  I love the messages you are
and am very thankful for your to lead by example! 

Much love an light to you and all you come in contact with!