Channeler: Pablo

As we settle our energies together the purpose grows clearer.

The ideas become dim less and the motion is set forward in time.

As we get ready to the question about the soul’ purpose and
how to find it, we gather the manifestation of many wanting to have a
clearer perception of this.

“How do I know what’s my passion?” You asked.

It should be so clear! But the way your society has been
makes it hard to grasp.

Since you were born you become conditioned to the fact that there are
things that you can and cannot do. An order needs to be maintained, and
so schools what really do is prepare people to maintain that status
quo. Yes, some of you get creative, but you do it, nevertheless, within
the rules of what can be accepted as new and what goes into craziness.

You are taught that is what happens to you and not that you have
the power to steer life, so when you hear things like the Law of
Attraction you wonder: “why it does not work for me? This must be
something that is not true.”

Yet the of you who have actually been able to use it, because
you have already found your passion, your thriving point, your vortex,
know how easy it is to use it!

So the main topic here remains the fact of how can I recognize what I
really want? Because, you know I want so many things, and I can be such
a multitasker.

So the first step is to ask you, have you really been in touch with
your true self? Has there been a time when you could really see it?
Perhaps when you where a child before all the mental programming and
life imitation from your parents begun to sink in?

Others might have had an “a-ha!” moment somewhere in their lives, but
did not really pursue what the intuition told you and kept their curse
instead of breaking away.

If you cannot get it right now, do not worry, the idea is to see and
get a grasp of what the real connection with your soul, your spirit is,
beyond your mind and your heart, untied from the mental activity and the

Did you know you can get addicted to both?

Anyway, try to focus on the most joyous moment of your life and see
if you can recognize that connection, take a deep breath and let it sink
back to you, and open the door for the intuition to again.

This is the pureness of the moment, there is no past nor future, just
now, and this is what you need to be able to tune into to hook into the
connection with your true self.

Bear with yourself for a while as you read this and the ideas start
to the mind, and the connection begins to grow.

It is the moment to start compartmentalizing your life in a way that
you can see how your body, mind, emotions and spirit work together so
you can process the world that you create and your existence in a way
that allows you to find your life purpose, by listening to part
of you that knows it for sure with its true , and not the parts
that think they know what you want.

Life is about empowerment and we smiles at the idea of the beings
that thrive beyond their human form as they walk on .

This is the second part of the series, and they should be
complemented by work from the channeller as he will be able to teach
this in a form that will better fit the establishment of communications.

For now, we say goodbye.

We are jakob.