13 March 2010 – 5:28pm

Channeler: Karen



interesting hodgepodge of manifestations have been of late,
but with the unprecedented times we have been , we may
wonder on any given day what will happen next and how things will

I have
been away for the past week visiting family, so a small bit of
backtracking is in order. The Chile earthquake created some interesting
things, as it was quite substantial. Occurring very deep within the
earth, it created some massive shifting. The earth is preparing and
aligning for the new energies, and this earthquake was the first
manifestation of this process.

it was so substantial and purpose driven, it could be felt in some
strange and interesting ways. Basically, it shook up the energies and
moved things at deep and higher levels. Much was moved here and there.
For me, I experienced a house full of non-physical energies arriving in
my space. Soul energies from friends and acquaintances past, along with
souls whom I had yet to meet, were all there at one big party. Everyone
got pushed into the same space, no matter what dimensional reality they
were residing in. We may have come together with others in our dream
state while sleeping, connecting with those who have passed over, and
may have even connected with those whom we had left behind.

the energies push so very hard and are so very intense (as they were
during the separation of the worlds in September and for a time after),
everything gets thrown this way and that way, and we connect with souls
whom we may eventually depart from down the road when the dimensional
hierarchies become much more intact. The Chile earthquake created this
as well. So in this way, we may have felt others in our space for
no apparent reason.

many of us have been feeling, there is a chain reaction of earthquakes
at hand. A restructuring must take place within the earth in order to
hold the new reality and new world. The Chile earthquake, and the
subsequent quakes in that area, moved the energies, and we could feel
this in different ways. We may have felt unusually busy for no apparent
reason after such a long of stillness. We may have found
ourselves completing things as if preparing, or perhaps just getting
things in order to sustain ourselves for a while. We may have felt the
energies supporting us in hunkering down or in creating a good space to
be in. We may have felt ourselves moving into a new energetic space with
no apparent definition. And we may have felt yet another new sense of
grounding, connectedness, and new power within ourselves.

As the
earth makes these step-by-step changes within her structure, we then
have more to connect to, and thus, may feel more ourselves, more at
ease, more at home, and more peaceful and joyful as we connect more
fully to the new earth. Our manifesting abilities may increase as well.
With each subsequent earth change or alignment, we will continue to feel
more empowered and more connected.

earthquakes, or restructuring , occur at specific intervals. They
occur, we align along with the earth, we adjust and settle, and when
this process is complete for each event, we then experience the next
one. We will not experience a new earth change until the one has
completed what it came to create.

At the
same time, feeling spacey and out of it for the past few weeks was also
the norm. Getting “lost,” feeling not “with it,” not organized, not all
here, or even as if we were simply the shell of our normal selves was
quite the norm. We may have felt as though no one was at home or
“minding the store.” Were we losing our minds or perhaps ourselves? Did
we forget who we were? Did we wonder where we were? Is
being absent-minded part of this on-going and strange process of
arriving in a new reality? “Who am I now?” we may wonder and “Where have
I gone? Does anyone see me? I feel like an empty

there is not yet much to connect to, we are always left hanging “in
between.” This always creates of vulnerability. And as we are
really basically soul energy now, we can find our soul energy floating
around outside of our bodies during times of transition. This can cause
the emptiness feeling, the spaciness, and feelings of “falling” into our
bodies upon awakening or meditating, along with a “falling” feeling as
we fall asleep as well…almost as if we are falling into a very deep pit
and may never return. We are being removed from the old earth reality as
it continues with its massive restructuring process so that we do not
become distressed or too traumatized.

addition, and on a different note, the more we evolve, the more our
spelling and grammar simply goes out the window, along with a near
complete inability to remember words or meanings of things. We can look
at something, or be in a conversation, and completely go blank. In my
earlier years, I thrived on spelling bees and loved knowing the ins and
outs of grammar…I loved it. Now, I frequently receive letters from
readers correcting my spelling and grammar! Some days I can barely
figure out how to put a sentence together! But along with this inability
to communicate in the ways we did in times past, and not remembering
the meaning of things, comes a strange apathy as well. Our old ways of
communication are now too cumbersome, heavy, time consuming, and dense.
We are ever so slowly moving into ways of telepathy and pure energy.
This is why sound and emotion affect us so deeply now, along with the
energies of the heart.

sequestered in order to be removed from the restructuring of the earth,
whether it be in to land masses or simply our society in general,
comes with some great pluses as well. Being in our very own space can
create wonderful states of joy and peace. Our new sacred spaces are
awesome indeed, and now that we are in higher vibrating energies, we can
very easily tap into our very own reality if we choose. We are creating
the new reality beginning with small spaces, and eventually expanding
outward. In this way, we can be relatively unaffected by what is
occurring with the rest of the planet if we choose to detach ourselves
in some ways. While visiting my daughter and grandchildren for the past
week, we had no television or internet. We were in our very own world
and had no idea what was occurring elsewhere. We were in our own little
world, and I experience the same in my own home.

of preparing for the new reality involves preparing ourselves as well.
If we are going to create our heart’s desires and our soul’s passions,
we need to feel comfortable doing just that. In this way, we may
experience imbalances with our egos that will now attempt to balance
themselves. Feeling as if we have no business or right to do what we
know we want to do, only derives from too much surrendering to Source
energy, or even staying stuck in the old ascension role where we were
seemingly not in charge. Too little ego is not much different from too
much ego. We have evolved so much over the past ten years that we can
now feel quite all right taking charge ourselves, of only we choose this
path. There is always that fine line, it seems, between being too much
of ourselves or not enough. But as we learn to navigate in these new
waters of the new reality, everything becomes much clearer. We may feel
empty and not all here right now in some ways, but when we begin to plug
in more and more, we will slowly begin to embody a very new power and a
much higher connection to our true and authentic selves.

As we
stay fairly removed from the old reality, we can see it changing. Many
are now “asking” who have never asked before. Many are making sudden and
massive changes within themselves, and becoming new people in leaps and
bounds. Many are noticing that something is at hand. This is the way it
was intended before the separation of the worlds occurred. What we had
hoped would occur through the ascension years of Phase I, is happening
now as we are now a very new Earth Two, where things will now unfold in
magnificent and higher vibrating ways.

are happening for many very quickly and in unexplainable ways. These
are the energies we are now residing within. We are making amazing
progress in reaching the places we had only dreamed about in months
past. Things are progressing and unfolding like never before if we only
choose to see that this is so.

As the
planet moves forward with its restructuring process, so will we, and so
will the rest of the cosmos.

With much love and gratitude,