Channeler: Lynette Leckie-Clark

Saturday, 6 March, 2010

I greet you once more on the great matrix of Light, of love, of all
creation. This matrix which extends around your planet, around your
universe and out further to the outer universes yet undiscovered by your
scientists. I have described the matrix of Light as a web. Not a
spider’s web as you may suppose, no, a web of squares, moving in great
waves, ever moving. This web is the foundation of your development. The
web assists in weaving the Light particles into your atmosphere, your
DNA strands, your super consciousness, and your higher heart, to then
flow through to your physical body and your conscious mind, softening
the emotional energies held within the heart. This assists you greatly
in moving forward with love and forgiveness and a refined greater

You step forward now into the Chinese and Tibetan New year with
elements and focus. These elements have been studied over thousands of
your years. Many eagerly look to see what element will be prevalent and
how it may or may not affect you. You think of your hopes, dreams, plans
you already have in your minds for the current year, and revise and
sometimes change the path to reach your desired outcome. The desired
outcome still remains, it is simply the way, by the perceived
obstacles from the elements which need to looked out for.

So it is for every aspect of your life. This year is a small part in the
bigger picture of your life time. The planned goal may become a
stepping stone for future plans, so therefore may require great solidity
and strength to allow future goals to be built on of this current
goal. Smaller goals will not require such strength, yet may also hold
accomplishment and joy. So you build your dreams and personal world
around you. At times you may need to change a little of your plan, yet
your focus remains on the end goal, on what it is you wish to achieve or

I ask you today to be still, to hold that material goal, and to focus on
another inner goal for yourself this year. To ask yourself, “ how would
I really like to be?”

An interesting question is it not? It is a great question I ask of you.
It requires you to be still, to sit quietly, to look closely at your
intent, your thought patterns, your behavior, your actions. A great
question indeed. To ask if you are happy with yourself. If indeed you
are happy, that is to be celebrated.

If you are not, then celebrate that also. “Why,” you ask? Because today
in this great year of change on all levels, you understand, you see a
new you, a better you. Today you see the beginnings of a new goal for
yourself. You see what behavior or habit you wish to change within
yourself. This is a wonderful decision, so we celebrate this turning
point on your path of growth. Just as you have planned how other goals
will come to fruition, you begin to plan your new path also. The year
still lies before you with numerous possibilities. You must now plan
each step required to reach your new vision of you. Focus will be
required. Particularly when rocks appear on your path. Patience may be
needed while you navigate your way over and around these difficulties to
reach a smooth path once more. Yet all the while you learn, you gain
new understanding, new strength. Step by step you grow toward your new
vision, always you keep moving forward.

It may surprise you to understand that your focus is on yourself. That
is how it must be to truly move forward in Light, in expansiveness.

I tell you there will be those who seek to pull you back, who criticize
and gossip. It is these ones who need the Light and your understanding
most of all, for they do not see what they are doing. Their higher self
does, but they feel threatened. The higher self sees how they can be in
higher awareness also, but the mind closes this off and resides in fear
without fully understanding. The ego self then takes over with jealousy
and negative behavior, trying to pull you down and make you feel
inadequate. They do not understand, yet you with your higher
understanding do see. You have the knowledge and higher awareness. Look
at those ones, and dismiss their negative words of fear. They do not
understand you see. I ask you to remember my words when faced with a
situation as I describe here. Remember they do not understand, they are
in darkness and fear. Move away. This is the action of compassion.

The focus this year must be on the inner self. When you are functioning
with love, and are at peace within, the outer world cannot harm you. The
outer world will come and go, move and change. It is what is within you
that matters greatly. It is what is within, how you think, how you
feel, your actions towards others, this is what you over with you –
lifetime, after lifetime. It is not what you have gained or posses in
the material realm, no. It s what you nourish and hold within you. The
outer world will fall away. It cannot be sustained after this life time.
What is held within you can. “How,” you ask? Because as you grow in
awareness and higher understanding you connect to your soul and the
matrix of Light. So the Light you hold within you expands. I call this
your Light quotient and I have spoken of this before. You build this in
two ways. One, by drawing the Light into your entire being, and two, by
your thoughts and actions.

You are aware that darkness cannot penetrate Light. It cannot. It may
seek to pull Light down, to destroy the Light through words of darkness,
but these cannot penetrate, no. Remember my friend, the Light within
you is the same as the Light I speak of.

There is however, one great difference. You have a choice. You must
choose when faced with any form of darkness or opposition. You must
choose if you will allow the darkness to affect you. If it affects you,
it is because you have allowed it to. Rather, understand some others
know no better and move away. For if they did know better, if they had a
greater awareness, then the darkness would cease to exist.

I can tell you that darkness does have a purpose on your planet. The
dark provides learning, and growth of soul. Also experience to know and
understand Light from dark. It provides a comparison for you. Each of
you has come from a place of darkness. Now it is for you to experience
Light, to grow into Light and experience new joy and peace. Some do not
see this can be because they know only various forms of darkness. They
hold onto the past and strive to shut off their soul awareness. They
cannot. It will merely take them longer to understand a new way forward.

Peace to you


Copyright © 2003 Rev, Lynette Leckie-Clark – All rights reserved.