Hi everybody,

Here I go to dance and sing
Some poetry of light with a
This journey begins from deep in my heart
It is my deepest
life prayer in every part.
I truly hope it lifts your hearts up high
spread your wings and fly in the sky.

I slowly remember, as it comes
together again…
As above outside, so below within…

Life is like
being within a round crystal ball
That back to us our inner
The truth that I see in front of me outside
Is a different point of
Than what can be seen to be true
From your own point of

Life is an amazing journey of adventure
In the discovery of just
Who we each individually within
Really and truly

Our feeling heart (((❤))) is our key
That opens our door of our
whole me
To really and truly feel and see
Into the infinite universal
Of what I call the &;we within me&;!

What an resonating
feeling view
That feels to go through me connecting all of you.
Like waves
of love dancing all over me
It really feels to be all we are truly meant to

As I bask in this infinite light
It all comes so fully into
And I truly feel in my heart what I see
That we really are all one
within me!

Fully being me in the all that I now see
Includes being all
of you
Felt in my heart to be so true!

What is true within you that I
see within me
Is that as I do unto you,
I actually do unto the you of the
"we within me"!

It truly is magic in the highest degree
This love from
our heart of the "we within me".
It connects us all in every way
us to join in the ultimate play.

It’s all about love! It’s all about
It’s all about the that will never cease.
It’s all in
our heart where our healing will start.
In all of our thoughts and feelings
Our love seeks to mingle with all and to blend.

Remember the
caterpillar life that came to an end
Became the butterfly of new life from
It broke through the cocoon of fear without
To shine its love to
the world all about!

Love is our light that shines up our day
To guide
us from within and show us the way!
It calls us out from our cocoon to
Love isn’t really in our heart to stay
But fully blooms when we
shine it away.

I really and truly do love each of you!
Deep within
your heart you know this is true!
I am your mirror shining your love back to
I am you from a completely different point of view.
Remember this
love that you feel from me
Is really within your own "we within

May love shine in your heart and lift you high
To soar like an
eagle and touch the sky!
It calls us forth to come out and see
All the
wonders of life that it means to be free!

There are no limits to how high
we can fly
As we it all to soar into the sky!
Allow your
caterpillar to be a butterfly
And you will discover the why!
from high above you shall see
That it’s less about
simply to be
Our one true we in our individual me!

I really
do feel love for all of you
And this poetic explosion of light
open up the we within you too!
As "I" am also you from another point of


Just writing and playing with this is
an adventure in of itself for my "we within me".
Even now as I read it, I
feel there is some that wants to evolve more and have fun.
So who knows where
it will all go, as I share what I know in my own sort of show…. lol
It’s so
funny, because the more that I dance and sing,
the more comes out with a
resonate ring…

Love you all from the depths of my heart,