Channeler: Kris-Won

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

We have been observing with surprise the worry of many of the
inhabitants of Earth due to their uncertainty in regards to what is
going to happen in 2012 as it was predicted by the Mayans. The Mayans
are direct descendants of the Atlanteans, and have always had a very
special connection with some civilizations from outer space, especially
the Pleiadians and the Swans. From them, they obtained a great deal of
information about the division of time in months and days, the origin of
the human beings on this planet, or the different cycles that repeat
themselves in a circular fashion for the different that inhabit
planet Earth. Likewise, they were also in the art of predicting
the future, and they came to achieve this predicting of all the events
that have happened up until now with great precision.

One of their predictions, perhaps the most known and difficult for
terrestrial humans at this time because of the importance of this event
is the change at a planetary level that all living beings of Gaia will
live through, which will occur, according to their predictions, on
December 21, 2012. This event has provoked anxiety in many people, even
panic, because they think that on this date it could be the end of the
world, the Biblical Apocalypse revealed by Jesus’ apostle, dear John.

Dear brethren of planet Earth, it will not be like that. Let go of
those fears and apprehensions, because man and woman are not going to
disappear from the face of the Earth, and neither will their little
brothers and sisters, the animals, the plants, the minerals, the water,
or the breathable atmosphere. Film makers love to make movies about
catastrophes or what happens after catastrophes, where they show the
public a world destroyed by a nuclear holocaust, by the agents of nature
lashing against the continental shores, by a rain of blazing
meteorites, or by the collision of Earth with a vagabond asteroid!

Nothing like this is going to occur! The world will not be
annihilated, nor will its inhabitants. What will indeed happen is there
will be a change of paradigm, a mutation of a situation the human being
and the animal has suffered since inmemorial times, simply because this
cannot go on any more. Gaia cannot keep on suffering the mistreatment
and deterioration of Her Body caused by the human being, who has not
reflected on or has had second thoughts each time he pollutes and spoils
his atmosphere or his oceans and rivers, just to satisfy his selfish
interests and promote economic benefits for only a few.

The human of this planet has also incurred a grave mistake against
his Mother Earth (increasing his negative karma, which he must
in some way) mistreating and killing the animals, which are his ‘little
brothers and sisters’ of the animal kingdom. Despite being superior on
the evolution scale, man has used his intelligence each time to invent
new forms of committing massacres and to torture the noble animal
kingdom who, in its poor innocence, is not capable to compete against
the intelligence of its older brother.

An organization for the defense of animals has a slogan that says:
"If the walls of the slaughterhouses were transparent, all men would be
vegetarians." The cruelty of some supposedly "intelligent" beings
towards animals is inconceivable for a thinking being. It cannot be
explained how can they remain impassive in the face of the suffering
they inflict daily on those poor animals, like the chickens, rabbits,
geese, pigs, horses and cows who are sometimes kept in spaces so small
that they cannot even move, being forced to eat until they are stuffed
and can eat no more, or they are kept in places with artificial light so
that they cannot tell the difference between day and night and thus,
keeping them disoriented and fooled.

And all this for what? To satisfy the palate, the desire of millions
of people to eat meat, to whom medical science has made believe that if
they do not eat animal meat they will lack the necessary nutrients to
survive. What a lie! How many people in the world have raised their
consciousness and compassion for animals and continue living very
healthily, ingesting fruits, vegetables, legumes, dried fruits, etc. And
they have very healthy bodies, without gastric or artery problems
caused by the ingestion of dead animal meat! The mind of vegetarians is
also kept sharper and more alert when they reach a mature age; their
conscience is more awake and in communication with their intellect, and
their intellect has a better connection with their mind, thus,
facilitating the connection with their Higher Self.

You who have awakened or are awakening, we request that you do not
follow the game of the meat companies, the fur companies or the
laboratories where they use the poor animals to experiment on them!
Demonstrate that you have awakened to compassion and love for the animal
kingdom, and you will thus contribute to the diminishing of the
negative karma of humanity on this planet. Besides, on an individual
level, you will contribute to the improvement of your physical and
mental health, prolonging the life cycle of your mortal body, as it will
not be exposed to the decomposition or decay process inside your
physical body, and when you do not ingest the adrenaline that they
release when they feel terror knowing they are going to be slaughtered.

May God bless your innocence and your love and compassion towards
your little brothers and sisters, the animals, who are not here to be
your food and sustenance but to carry on with their own work of
evolution on this planet.

Love and peace

Source: Commander Sohin, Alpha Spaceship
Channeler: Kris-Won
: Gloria, Steve.